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Director of Event Operations

The Co-Active Training Institute is looking for a Director of Event Operations to lead the operational excellence of CTI’s course delivery reporting into the Executive Team..  This position will have a significant impact on the effectiveness of CTI’s ability to host training globally, and will be an active steward in fostering an internal climate of continuous improvement within the organization, with a keen eye towards the customer experience.

Position Overview 

The Director of Event Operations will be located in North America, with a preference for Eastern time zone and as a department lead is responsible for the operational delivery of Co-Active training events, both in-person and virtual, in CTI’s direct markets. The Director of Event Operations will lead a team who works both onsite and remote in North America and the United Kingdom, and manages a busy course event calendar across 15 international cities.

Primary Objectives

  • Contribute to the design of and execute on CTI’s strategic event delivery plan which aligns with company-wide strategic goals.
  • Effectively lead the event delivery team through CTI’s growing and evolving business environment. 
  • Control the event delivery budget and manage to cost-efficiency performance targets.

Responsibilities and Duties

  • Assume ultimate responsibility for the smooth running of CTI’s event delivery function. 
  • Provide effective leadership to a globally dispersed team, develop a high-performance culture by championing best practices and professional development.
  • Oversee operational process efficiency, identify problems and seize optimization opportunities,  and steer continuous improvement initiatives.
  • Assess critical risk areas and develop/maintain appropriate contingency plans.
  • Manage the department budget, responsible for OpEX and COGS, maintaining a regular cadence of performance reporting, and contribute to annual budget planning.
  • Maintain strong relationships across other departments, collaborating effectively on cross-functional projects, displaying strong ownership for the needs and responsibilities of the event delivery operation.

On a daily basis, the Director of Event Operations will always hold two primary focuses; the successful delivery of our weekly event calendar and steering ongoing continuous improvement efforts in operational effectiveness.  Working as part of a mostly remote workforce requires the regular use of telephone, Zoom web-video call, Slack and other digital tools for communicating. Throughout the week this position engages in all-hand team meetings, 1-1’s with the operational team, as well as collaborating with other departments. The Director of Event Operations also interfaces with a global network of faculty as needs arise.   Steering event performance will include; supporting the operational team during unexpected challenges, making and/or advising on best decisions in time sensitive situations, and conducting post event reviews and reporting. This position is consistently tracking performance data and trend signals, identifying areas for improvement and championing process efficiencies. 

Organizational Link

The Director of Event Operations reports to and works in close partnership with CTI’s Executive Team, aligning on impact, outcomes, strategy, and initiatives.  This position also works regularly with a director level management group who lead the day to day functions of each department at CTI.


  • 5+ years of experience managing operational delivery for a global organization
  • Exceptional Leadership Skills
  • Strong Organisational Skills
  • Outstanding Written and Verbal Communication.
  • Strong Collaboration Skills, Team-Oriented, Competent team coach
  • Project Management Experience – Agile scrum experience preferred
  • Strong orientation towards building and refining a high-quality customer experience.
  • Design-Thinking a bonus
  • Confident Decision Maker with sounds problem solving skills
  • Strategic planning, Results and Progress Oriented.
  • A higher than average competency in the use of digital technologies is essential, including Microsoft suite (i.e Excel).

To apply for this position, please provide a resume and letter of interest telling us:

  • Why you want to work for CTI
  • What you uniquely bring to the table, including your background in Director of Event Operations roles
  • What makes for the ideal company or job in your opinion
  • Salary expectations
  • How you found out about this job opportunity, and if you were referred by someone at CTI, then please mention who referred you in your cover letter.
Please send your resume and cover letter to and make the subject “Director of Event Operations ”.  Thank you for your interest in Co-Active Training Institute.CTI is committed to a policy of equal employment opportunity and will not discriminate based on a protected class or as otherwise prohibited by law.

About CTI, Co-Active Training Institute 

CTI was founded as a coach training organization 25 years ago and over the years, we have evolved to a leading edge, global leadership development company. Through our work, and our very intentional workplace, we strive to open human consciousness and transform the human experience. We believe that what people really want, more than anything else, is to live a life of meaning and fulfillment and to be able to contribute the best of what they are to their world. It is our intention to grow the leadership of everyone inside our organization. Within this context, CTI is creating the new language of leadership, striving to empower individuals and organizations to lead and, in the process, transforming individuals, teams, organizations, and culture. 

At CTI, we experience our work as our workshop. When you join the CTI team, you join a group of people who are committed to growing our leadership, using our Co-Active® methods and tools in a practical and authentic way.

CTI’s organizational clients span the globe and industries, ranging from humanitarian organizations to top-tier firms in technology, banking, retail, and many other industries. Privately owned, CTI is headquartered in San Rafael, CA, with subsidiary offices in the UK and Spain. Together, our direct offices support 6 countries, and our dedicated partners help us offer active courses in 14 countries around the world. We have a global workforce of 250 employees with faculty on nearly every continent. Our founders have published several seminal leadership and coaching books including Co-Active Leadership: Five Ways to Lead and Co-Active Coaching: Changing Business, Transforming Lives.