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Co-Active Assistants & Volunteers

Co-Active course assistant volunteers are absolutely essential for the successful delivery of our courses. Honestly, CTI could not do this training without our talented assistants.

It’s because our assistants are 100% dedicated to the unfolding of the leadership journey in themselves and others. They thrive in the practice of observation and holding space for others, possess the self-authority and contextual awareness to take action, and are committed to creating safe and courageous environments for deep learning.

With so many opportunities in the world to give back, why do our assistants choose to volunteer their time to serve Co-Active?

The Co-Active Training Institute’s purpose is to create a world filled with wholeness, responsibility and love. One of the ways we fulfill this purpose and give back to the community is through our courses and the Co-Active philosophy that provides a framework for people to experience the infinite possibilities of life. We also offer a scholarship program to expand the range of people who can experience this personal transformation. Co-Active participants experience growth through conversation, actions, and awareness. Every time a cohort of participants complete a Co-Active training course we know we’ve served our purpose of spreading  more wholeness, responsibility and love in the world.

Course & Program Assistants

CTI assistants have a uniquely rewarding opportunity to deepen their leadership skills through total immersion in the Leader Behind dimension, supporting and holding space for learning while getting behind-the-scenes perspective on what it takes to deliver the magical Co-Active experience to our students around the world.

“There is perhaps nothing more important for any leader than the ability to HOLD….to hold the space for connection, learning and growth to happen. This crucial, though often overlooked skill, requires complete presence, responsibility and a commitment to the whole. It is often an unseen and therefore unacknowledged contribution to any group’s efforts.”
~Sam House

Benefits of becoming an assistant

  • Leadership development and and learning.
  • Being held and supported by a seasoned CTI Front of the Room Leader. 
  • Monthly orientation calls to ensure expectations and benefits are clear
  • Complimentary learning sessions that allow you to develop your skills as a Leader Behind.
  • Co-Active Assistant Community platform is a place where CTI program assistants can build relationships with fellow assistants, ask questions and share learnings from assisting the courses with other assistants.

What to expect

  • The assistant community is now being held and supported by a seasoned CTI Front of the Room Leader. 
  • All assistant positions are volunteer positions.
  • Approved applications will be good for two years. At the end of the two year cycle, you will be required to reapply.
  • If you elect to assist an online program, this is a virtual program in which you will need to be on Zoom and present for the duration of the course.
  • If you elect to assist an in-person program in a location that requires travel, you will be responsible for all travel costs.
  • If you are scheduled to assist, you may need to arrive early and/or stay after the course to align and debrief with the leaders. This could require additional time outside of the course hours. There may be additional tasks and/or preparation to complete prior to the course start.
  • Bring your full self and expect to demonstrate the full embodiment of Co-Active, including reading the space, taking contextually appropriate action without specific direction, and attending to the many details that go into running the program. And, have FUN! 


To qualify to be an assistant to a specific program, you must have completed that program. In addition, some programs have specific eligibility requirements:

Professional Coach Training Courses

To be eligible to assist at any of the five Co-Active coach training courses, you must have either (a) successfully completed the course in the last five years, or (b) have assisted at the course in the last five years. If you are not eligible at this time, you can become eligible by either retaking the course at a discounted rate or completing the Co-Active Leadership Experience course.

Co-Active Leadership Experience

You must have either (a) completed the Co-Active Leadership Experience course, or (b) completed the Co-Active Leadership Program. Priority will be given to those who have successfully completed the Co-Active Leadership Experience course.

Co-Active Leadership Program (10 Months)

Assisting in the Co-Active Leadership Program is by invitation only. It requires you to have successfully completed the Leadership Program and to have been recommended to CTI for an assistant position by your program leaders.

Spread Co-Active in Your Community

Learn about the Co-Active community: a movement of kindness, generosity & connection.

Learn about the Co-Active community: a movement of kindness, generosity & connection.