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2021 So Far: Looking Back and Looking Forward

Posted on September 14, 2021
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As we head into the end of the third quarter, we want to let you see into what CTI has been focusing on in the first half of 2021 and provide insight into how we are holding and delivering course experiences for the rest of the year. And as we all navigate this new territory of life and work, we think it is more important than ever to find ways to be in relationship. We crafted this message with that spirit in mind and hope it serves as a point of connection.

Our Commitment to Transformation 

The last year has been a dynamic and intense journey, but we continue to make intentional strides in evolving our business and the ways in which we offer transformative experiences. What has made that possible is our commitment to transformation, which has been informed by our stakeholders’ perspectives, shaped by external events, and fueled by cycles of learning and integration.

One of the things we are understanding and seeing is the obstacles getting in the way of scaling Co-Active work.

COVID-19 was a powerful teacher and forcing function for us to learn that we could deliver transformative experiential training and development in a virtual environment.

We are so grateful for our faculty teams who quickly pivoted the content and gracefully translated their in-room leader presence online. And we are overwhelmed with appreciation for all the new and existing customers who ventured into this environment with us. It has been a learning experience for all, but also one from which we have all benefited.  

And as we re-imagine and re-engineer how we deliver Co-Active work around the world, we are clear that we must integrate equity into CTI’s legacy and strategy. This means that the intentions of our legacy must be held to account.  

We must evolve to meet the human experience where it is now and understand that while our strategy exists in a capitalistic system, we get to choose how we participate in that system.  

We will use our leadership and positions of power in life-affirming ways.

In doing so, we get clear on the actions we can take to usher in a world that is more inclusive and diverse. Further, we do our part to dismantle systems of oppression and marginalization that exist on a global scale.

In every transformative experience there is integration and application. The past year has helped us metabolize many learnings that are informing how we will approach the next six months. Most of the insight we have gained is being applied to the areas of product delivery and equity as a core pillar of our business.

The Future of Delivering Training 

At CTI, we understand that for some, getting together in person is important—especially after being physically distant for such a long time. And while we have had success delivering our product online, we are actively committed to finding the best way to reintegrate in-person training. 

That said, in many places, the pandemic proves to be too volatile and unpredictable for us to safely run our courses in person. As a result, we have made the decision to continue online delivery while we assess what is needed to bring people back together in our direct markets. 

In addition to providing a higher degree of safety, delivering our training online is more sustainable and environmentally responsible. It’s also providing access to more people around the world without sacrificing the quality of learning. These are factors that we will continue to include in our considerations for the delivery of our product pathways in the future.

Equity, Inclusion, Diversity, and Wholeness 

At the start of this year, we embarked on a partnership with the Dignitas Agency to help create a strategic framework that aligns our company vision and purpose with equity and acts as a touchstone for prioritization and decision-making. The North American anti-Black-racism movement moved us into a deeper level of responsibility around equity, diversity, inclusion, and wholeness.  

Through our work with Dignitas, we have recognized and moved into understanding a broader frame of systemic marginalization and oppression on a global scale.  

Not only have we been weaving equity into our business strategically; we have begun taking the steps needed to integrate equity into our product experiences.   

We recently completed an in-depth external review of our curriculum through the lens of equity, diversity, and inclusion. Later this year, we will be applying a series of review-informed recommendations to both our curriculum design and the training and development of CTI’s faculty and staff. 

In the first half of this year, we also activated a partnership with Coaching For Everyone, designed to take cohorts of BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, and other people of color) individuals through Co-Active Coach Certification.  

We have also launched the CTI Scholarship Program, to create more opportunities for people to access Co-Active training.   

Transformation and True Nature 

For decades, one of the propositions of Co-Active work has been that while Co-Activity is transformative, it doesn’t change you into something different. Rather, it serves you in becoming more of who you truly are.  

To many, the CTI that is here today is unrecognizable to the organization that was here a year ago. However, it is not so much that it has changed away from what it was, but that it is in a process of becoming more of what it truly is.   

Thank you for witnessing us in our evolution and our commitments. We hope that wherever you are in the world, you are finding respite and strength amid all that life is presenting. 

With appreciation and in relationship,
Carey and Carlo, Co-CEOs

Written By

Carey & Carlo, Co-CEOs of CTI

Carey Baker and Carlo Bos are the Co-CEO’s of the Co-Active Training Institute (CTI). Together they are on a mission to transform the way the world relates through the philosophy, principles and practices of Co-Active. They believe that Co-Active leadership is for everyone, and that fostering deep, integral relationship with ourselves, each other and our systems creates a world alive with wholeness, responsibility and love.

Together, they write and talk about Co-Active relationship, partnership and wholeness, as well as the incredible leadership opportunities they see existing at the intersection of legacy, strategy and equity.

What People Are Saying

  1. This stance is deeply needed. I was hopwhen I began my CTI journey in 2019 to find a way to deepen my connection and belonging to this community. Beyond those I trained with, that was not an easy task. Now that the pandemic shaken things up, I am hopeful with your co-vision that I will find a way through the CTI walls to another door leading to a greater connection beyond just assisting with training. Thanks for the article.


  2. Thank you for this update and the transparency from the organization. This is exciting news! I look forward to learning how I can be more involved in supporting CTI as you more deeply ‘live into’ your vision and values. Kudos!


  3. Such a great announcement. Thank you for connecting and providing this update. At some point I would love to hear what specifically you discovered needed changing for the sake of my own evaluation. I may be able to relate to the area of the program I went through that was not considered inclusive. I certainly would like to know of any of my own blindspots that may have been influenced by what you’ve discovered needs to be changed in the program. What was I subjected to in the program that others have reported to be something that needs to be changed? Is this something I may have adopted as being an ok practice as a coach? What I have learned through the coaching program is how to love unconditionally. It’s not that loving unconditionally is with ease yet my personal development through various ways of learning what loving unconditionally means has been tremendously impacted by the fundamentals of the coaching program and specifically by the co-active way. The program allowed me to be coached many times which brought me to my truths. This all encompassing co-active experience combined with my active pursuit of learning about who I am through researching scripture has undoubtedly been the way in which I am reflected back my blindspots exposing conditional love to self and others. I love how the Saboteur is exposed thus providing an awareness to yet another cover or facade that was adopted for the sake of hiding from what became of me rather than abiding in unconditional love.

    I am thankful for the attempts that everyone involved has contributed to creating such a beautiful place to learn and grow. I commend your leadership in recognizing areas of the program that need an evaluation and being open to hearing from participants in the program and examining how their input provides constructive co-creative refinement thus depicting the very essence of the co-active way.

    So beautiful to witness the refinement.

    Thank you for the wonderful experience of CTI. In anticipation of my personal vision, it is with great honor that I come to uphold the vision in which you anticipate and eagerly await to hear what specifically you’ve discovered from feedback for the sake of evaluating what may be something I adopted from participating in what has been found to be exclusive rather than inclusive.

    Thank you,

    Susan Husa
    Animate Life Coaching


    1. Dear Susan,

      Thank you for your sincere curiosity about CTI and our work, and for wanting to see yourself in this change as a Co-Active coach and leader. There are many themes that are emerging, and I’ll start with one for your consideration. Please hold this as a work in progress. I will also note that as a system (the staff and faculty of CTI), we are in the midst of learning, developing and conversing in several forums. We haven’t confirmed the specific changes to our Co-Active work at this time, and yet we’re actively in the dialogue and process of deciding how we live and apply our recent learnings across CTI and Co-Active.

      The theme I’ll speak to is about accounting for how social and cultural systems impact a life as much (or sometimes even more) as the degree of self-acceptance and self-authority a human being holds. The empowered, authentic self does “create our world,” as we learn in our Co-Active journey. And Co-Active also believes that our world creates and shapes us in equal measure. A type of system that shapes our life experience in a variety of ways is a system of power. Systems of power exist throughout our world. While unique, they’re a part of the social fabric in every culture. These systems typically grant more power (and choice) to some groups over others. The power structures can be built around dominant genders, religious beliefs, physical/mental abilities, race, political affiliation, financial means, sexual orientation, etc. Certain identities are granted more power implicitly and/or explicitly in these systems. There are many examples playing out around the world right now where we see dominant groups imposing laws or force on others of a different identity.

      What CTI is standing for is that we, as Co-Active coaches and leaders, need to account more fulsomely for the impact these systems of power have, particularly on those that are disadvantaged or marginalized by the systems themselves. The systems we live in do affect the choices our clients and colleagues face, the effort they may need to exert, and in some cases, the consequences of making those choices based on where they live. By better accounting for and acknowledging the systems-impact on a human life, Co-Active coaches see people more deeply and in a dynamic social context. This helps us stand with and for clients more powerfully, in an increasingly complex world. I will note from my own journey, this work can be challenging and even triggering when I don’t share the same lived experience as my client or colleague. When they raise concerns about how a power system affects them, I can unintentionally discount the system’s role and point them back to their own self-agency as the primary place to look. As we’ve learned and heard from those in a variety of marginalized identities, repeatedly pointing to the self in absence of acknowledging the system can feel limited at best, and harmful at worst.

      So, where we’d point you in your own journey Susan is to bring your already well-honed skills of curiosity, listening and acknowledgement to the systems aspects of your client’s journey. What are their lived experiences in the systems and cultures they call home, and how do you acknowledge and validate their experience even if it isn’t yours? What are you learning about these systems in your own life that can help you attune and account for the role systems play in creating a fulfilling life?

      Thank you again Susan for being open to this conversation, and for being curious about how Co-Active becomes more accessible and resonant around the world. Co-Active coaches and leaders are up to really great work in the world. And, we believe that this path and our commitment to creating a more equitable world will help us become even more exceptional in opening human consciousness and transforming the way the world relates.

      With appreciation, and in partnership,


      1. Carlo, I stand with you and CTI in the quest as you say to, opening human consciousness and transforming the way the world relates. However I may be useful in contributing to the conversation, I’d love to be considered. My perspective and inquiries may contribute to the clarity CTI is in pursuit of.

        Thank you for your leadership and for bringing this awareness to me about this specific topic. This is helpful to me in providing a conscious awareness in my practice.

        I was in the process of providing a reply on my iphone and it may have submitted without my editing so please get back to me if that is the case for I had not completed my thoughts before it may have sent. Thank you kindly.

        Happy Holidays!



        1. Thank you Susan. I’ll note your willingness to support the conversation with our team leading our Equity, Inclusion, Diversity and Wholeness efforts. We’ve been grateful to receive many offers for Co-Activists around the world. For periodic updates on the team’s work, please check out our EIDW page to learn more.

          Best of the season to you as well Susan.



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