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3 Business Strategies to Make Your Life Easier… Today.

Posted on May 29, 2019

I stared at it in shock and it stared right back at me. A crinkly yellow paper in a smooth plastic cover to shield it from the rain.


Your court date for eviction has been scheduled. I looked at my boyfriend with both embarrassment and disbelief. He stretched out his arms to console me.

How does a woman who is managing and raising millions every year get evicted? How does a women with more than enough money in her bank account to pay her rent for the entire year get a notice like this ?!?!

Well I will tell you how.

It was the first year that I founded my school and overwhelmed was an understatement. I hadn’t looked at my bills or my life in over 12 months; and I actually believed that as long as my school was growing things were fine.

This day was my wakeup call that something had to change. I could not continue to do ‘everything,’ ALL of the time for my organization; and with a staff of 50, creating systems and delegating became more important than ever.

So I learned everything I could about outsourcing, automation and systems theory, to make sure that my organization could literally run without me. Within 4 years we became one of the top performing schools in the state, as I received an offer to train over 1700 leaders on how to assess systems, structures and performance in one of the largest sectors in the world.

Little did I know, that this skill of building automated systems and business structures would be one of the most important skills that I could have ever learned in living a life of freedom today in my heart driven coaching and consulting practice.

In fact just in the last 6 months I have been able to travel to the Bahamas, prepare a home cooked dinner consistently (we all know how long that can take) and volunteer for causes that light me up, all while helping my clients achieve awesome results and bringing income into my business every single day, with integrity and love.

Want some tips on how you can do it? Here are my top 3 strategies that you can implement in your business today to both bring you more time, and freedom, to support you in living life fully and doing exactly what you love – on your terms.

  1. Consider an email automation system. This will allow you to preschedule all of your emails and sequences so that as soon as you add a potential client to your email system, their onboarding experience becomes synonymous with everyone else on your email list. (Pretty cool – right?) This also makes it super easy for you to gather reliable data on the conversion rate of your list. Some possible systems are:
  1. Create shareable content. When you create free content that is really good– people cannot help but to share it. Encourage this by adding your call to action on the bottom of your free content – a reminder to share. This one little ‘share if you agree’ prompt has helped me to reach over 70,000 people on Facebook with my content. Free advertising, at its best.
  1. Release a free video series to be shared via email as a three part video course. Videos are a really strong way to consistently build your ‘know,’ ‘like,’ and ‘trust’ factors. Use this approach to your advantage by creating a trio of videos and releasing them as part of your ongoing ‘onboarding’ email sequence. When you couple this with asking people on your list to share the content, your marketing becomes both free + automatic.

These are just three of the hundreds of ways available to support you in creating more time and freedom in your life and business. You only live once, so continue to be present and live with integrity, passion, service, love, meaning, and fun!