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Giving Voice to the Message

Posted on May 29, 2019

CTI Leadership program graduate Parisa Khosravi is no stranger to the power of language. Her distinguished career as a journalist and CNN executive is a testament to how words can transform our reality, both on a personal level and globally.

She faced a new reality, though, when her son was diagnosed with autism before age three. The power of language she had known for so long appeared to hold no bearing in connecting with her son, Payam.

Or so it seemed.

Parisa knew that somewhere deep within, Payam was still naturally creative, resourceful, and whole. And even though her experience and story often pointed to another reality, it was this dedication to her son’s ability and growth that ultimately revealed an access point to Payam’s seemingly inaccessible brilliance.

In this beautiful TED Talk, Parisa shares her years of leading from behind to uncover a tool to access Payam’s voice. Their shared journey ultimately embodies a discovery far more profound than what she could have ever imagined—the illumination of Payam’s own unique leadership.