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Re-Engage 2023: Creating Capacity to Lead in Complex Times

Posted on October 21, 2022
Re-Engage 2023 Webinar

Creating Capacity to Lead in Complex Times

Given the growing complexity of life and work, many people are now reaching a place where they find their leadership needs have grown beyond what they know. Despite their dedication to professional development through programs that expand their knowledge and skillsets, many are discovering that they are in a state of confusion, struggling to think creatively, inspire their teams, and lead.

How, then, can you grow your capacity to lead, when “skilling up” isn’t enough?

Join Carey Baker and Carlo Bos, Co-CEOs at the Co-Active Training Institute (CTI), on November 9 at 9 am Pacific Time, as they host a discussion around how to re-engage and create capacity to lead in these complex times.

In this webinar, they will explore:

  • How old dimensions of leadership do not meet our needs in a volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous (VUCA) world
  • How fear, a highly common experience in leadership these days, can be a powerful ally
  • How leaders who practice and develop self-awareness can successfully acknowledge and create from complexity
  • How Co-Active leadership cultivates resilience, clarity, creativity, and resolve to lead with strength and compassion in a VUCA world
  • This event will also provide you with practices to support your leader development.

And don’t worry if you can’t attend on the day; simply sign up to the event, and you will be sent a link to the recording and copy of the accompanying resources.

Together, let’s re-engage!

The webinar is over

Date & Time: Nov. 9, 2022 at 9AM PT • 12 PM ET

This webinar is over.
Thank you to everyone who joined us.
We will provide a link to the recording once it is available.


Carey Baker, CEO

Carey Baker Photo

Carey Baker is a co-CEO of Co-Active Training Institute (CTI), global faculty member, and Lead Curriculum/Transformation Designer.

Carey brings together her experience as a sales and marketing executive and as an executive coach and leadership development guide to serve the vision of Co-Active and CTI.  She believes that a new way of leadership that is rooted in relationship is what is required to meet the complexities and challenges of our time.  Carey sees strong business practices and devotion to personal development as two aspects of a whole and is fiercely committed to finding a way to have business exist to grow people as much as the people are there to grow the business. She believes when we do this, we achieve growth that is more sustainable, integral and purposeful.

In her co-leadership stewarding CTI, Carey and Carlo have led the organization through significant periods of transformation by holding the pillars of legacy, strategy and equity to ensure Co-Active operates with integrity.  Carey has also devoted time and energy to leverage Co-Active design as a system transformational tool, establish equity as an integrated frame on business and served the development of our cultural ethos to support our mission and vision.

Carlo Bos, CEO

Carlo Bos Photo

Carlo is the co-CEO of the Co-Active Training Institute (CTI) as well as a global faculty member. His purpose is to develop a world full of courageous and conscious leaders who fight for healthy, responsible relationships with self, others, and our planet. He has spent over two decades leading the charge to transform the experience of leadership through contextually based, experientially-driven training and development. He is passionate about transforming relationships in the workplace and bringing the human spirit back into the centre of the leadership conversation.

In his co-leadership role stewarding CTI, Carlo and Carey have led the organization through significant periods of transformation ensuring Co-Active’s Legacy informs CTI’s strategy so that the business operates with integrity.  Carlo has also dedicated considerable energy to furthering sustainable governance at CTI so that the business thrives for generations to come.

What People Are Saying

  1. Very much interested in the integrating complex systems thinking into individual and team coaching.


    1. Yes i like it


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  3. Curious on how I can coach my executive clients to move into the new dimensions of leadership – from reactive to creative and more into systems thinking.


    1. Am interested


  4. look forward to the webinar


  5. How can we foster connections people can lean into and count on across the deep lines of division that exist and are continually being fueled?


  6. I am based in China and look forward to receiving the recording. Thank you.


  7. We will need ASL Interpreter for me to access the information during the webinar. I can recommend ASL interpreters.


  8. Looking forward to this session.


  9. I need a class on the 16th, not the 9th.


  10. Good


  11. If I can’t watch webinar live, can I be sent the recording?


  12. I am looking forward to this. Thank you


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  14. I look forward to exploring new ways of being in expanding my capacity as a leader.


  15. I missed signing up for the webinar. Still would be very interested in the recording. Is is possible to share the link? Thank you!


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