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Authentic Leadership

The word “leadership” has become a common buzz word with people in companies and other organizations. Many people assess their current leaders without really looking behind the curtain. When most  »  Read More

What Is your Theme for 2017?

What is it about the New Year that fills us with hope and possibility? In reality, the start of a new calendar year is an arbitrary line in the sand that allows us to mark the passage of time in an  »  Read More

Leading From Within in the Charity Sector

I trained to be a Co-Active coach four and a half years ago. Before that I worked with women who had survived domestic abuse. I worked in that capacity for four years, hearing stories, supporting and  »  Read More

Impeccable Language and Leaders

Amid reports of the deteriorating Syrian peace talks and mounting tension in relations between the U.S. and Russia, my mind has turned increasingly toward a leader’s commitment to impeccable speech  »  Read More

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