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Leading From Within in the Charity Sector

I trained to be a Co-Active coach four and a half years ago. Before that I worked with women who had survived domestic abuse. I worked in that capacity for four years, hearing stories, supporting and  »  Read More

Leaders Laugh Too

When was the last time you led through laughter? Whether your intent is to shift the tone in an intimate conversation with your partner or reignite an organizational vision in the boardroom, laughter  »  Read More

On Motivational Quotes and a Surprising Teacher

A few weeks ago, I had the privilege of spending several days with an extraordinarily wise teacher named Koan. This sage reminded me of lessons in leadership that I had forgotten. What’s unusual  »  Read More

Looking from the inside out

Karen and Henry Kimsey-House start their new book, Co-Active Leadership, with a chapter on “the leader within,” in my opinion, the most important and possibly uncomfortable element of  »  Read More