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Self-Acceptance: Start Here to Find True Leadership

Posted on March 23, 2022
self-acceptance and growth, developing self-acceptance

Leadership starts from inside. A huge part of this is self-acceptance and growth — learning how to accept ourselves and the full range of our faults and magnificence is the bedrock of authentic presence, which allows us to lead from within.

The core belief that underpins the Co-Active philosophy and supports our leadership development is that everyone, without exception, is naturally creative, resourceful and whole. This is especially true of you — the person sitting in the seat reading this blog post.

Each of the four words is important.

Naturally. No need for artifice. We are born that way, just as we were born with the capacity to breathe and digest, to laugh and to cry.

Creative. Yes, every person is adaptive and adaptable and capable of creativity, self-acceptance and growth.

Resourceful. Yes, we have what we need to live the life we need, as long as we have the courage to recognize and use it.

Whole. And last but not least — we are whole. We are not a problem to be fixed; we are instead a life to be lived. At heart and at home, we know who we are, what we want, and how we need to be and to act in this world.

When we start from the principle of finding ourselves naturally creative, resourceful and whole, developing self-acceptance comes naturally. When we learn how to accept ourselves, including our mistakes and our frailty, as well as our joy and beauty, it becomes easier to be accepted by others and then, in turn, to point them to their own acceptance.

When we embrace this, we can start to influence the outside world from our core being.

People at ease with themselves find self-acceptance and growth helps them develop confidence within. They realize they have the authority to give permission and encouragement to others, to call them forth to be the best they can be in service of what they want to create in the world. Do this frequently and a chain-reaction of empowerment ensues.

So, leadership truly grows from the inside out. It begins with self-acceptance and growth, including acceptance of who we are as a naturally, creative, resourceful and whole human being. From there, our authority to influence the world around us emerges. We bring sureness and compassion to the world we work and live in, and we can lead with an open heart.

Indeed, with a dash of humor and a smidgeon of humility, developing self-acceptance of your own capabilities is much easier than you might think.

When we do this, the other dimensions of Co-Active leadership begin to open up effortlessly.

So start practicing self-acceptance today. Here are some self-acceptance exercises you can try:

Each time you notice yourself criticizing or judging your apparent shortcomings, pause for a moment, connect with your breath, and then affirm the positive qualities and skills you know you already possess. If you feel disconnected from them, you may wish to imagine embracing them — literally — and as you do so, observe which emotions or sensations are evoked and where in your body you feel them, to anchor your memory of these inner resources. This is just one small, yet significant, step in practicing self-acceptance and finding your leader within.

If you would like to learn more about Co-Active leadership and how we can help you embrace self-acceptance and growth, join us for a free webinar that takes you through our revolutionary five-dimensional approach that leverages the leadership ability that is present in every individual and throughout any organization.