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Why? It’s a great question. And it’s having a revival here at CTI. In the early days of coaching, we tended to stay away from questions beginning with “why” because they tended to evoke  »  Read More

How Leaders Build Trust

Organizational leaders tend to believe that people will trust them more if they are always certain and clear with ready solutions for difficult problems. In reality, the opposite is true. When the  »  Read More

The Paradox of Resistance

Oh, how I love paradox. This wonderful insistence that things are not always “this OR that” — instead, they become “this AND that.” This opens us up to the simple truth and complex mystery  »  Read More

In Loving Memory of Art Shirk

My friend Art Shirk was a fierce champion for living life fully in each and every moment. His blog, appropriately titled “Comfort Is Overrated,” was a powerful message about and testament to what  »  Read More

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