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Leading from Intuition to Innovation

Intuition and leadership

According to science humans have only five basic senses, but human experience suggests that we are working with many more senses and sensibilities. Our awareness of the world today is greater than  »  Read More

Discover the Power in Responsibility

When we lead from responsibility versus leading from reactivity, we create a space for putting theory in action.

The concept of responsibility has ethical and affirmational qualities, yet it also has an edge — a sharp one that can cause resistance. <span  »  Read More

Leading with Intuition

Nothing stays the same; it just changes faster. If there is one simple rule of leadership, it’s to learn to navigate the chaos, because there’s plenty of it about. But all is not lost. We have  »  Read More

The Audacity to Dream

When our elected leaders’ actions fail to inspire us, wherever we live in the world, it’s far easier to unconsciously cast a new vote against them by refusing to engage with life. We withdraw and  »  Read More

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