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Transformation and Co-Active Coaching

Posted on May 29, 2019
Monarch emerging from chrysalis

I often think about the truly remarkable nature of Co-Active coaching. Even as I write this, Co-Active coaches from around the world are working in global corporations and small businesses, in education and legal fields, coaching people to reach for a greater expression of themselves and to live lives of authenticity, intimacy, and response-ability.

Co-Actively trained teachers are bringing unfettered curiosity into the classroom. Parents are listening deeply to their children, asking them powerful questions rather than telling them what to do all the time. Managers are designing their alliances with direct reports, and couples are creating a shared vision for the future.

Over the years it has become clear to me that we must stand firmly for the transformative nature of Co-Active coaching. Over and over again, I hear from others – those who employ coaches, those who teach coaches additional models and skills, those who use coaches – that Co-Active coaches generally stand out from the crowd.

What is it that makes Co-Active coaching so special?

  • Co-Active coaching is committed to creating change agents in human consciousness. Co-Active coaching focuses at the level of core identity–who people are and how they perceive and interact with their world. We believe that whatever their walk of life, people long to evolve as human beings and continually grow towards more expansive, aware and integrated ways of being in the world.
  • Co-Active coaching is committed to change that is transformative, rather than incremental. Co-Active coaching creates leaps in awareness that open up new possibilities in dramatic ways for people. We believe that when people are able to let go of restrictive ways of viewing themselves and the world, they discover more authentic, creative and resourceful ways of creating fulfilling lives and vibrant workplaces.
  • Co-Active coaches operate holistically, encompassing heart, mind, body and spirit in both themselves and their clients. We believe that human beings are much more than a collection of parts and when a person is able to move forward in an integrated way, all manner of solutions and opportunities arise that were not visible from the different parts.
  • Co-Active coaching puts interrelationship at the center of every interaction. It involves an understanding that coaching is a co-created process, and that results are always more rich when created together. We believe that interrelationship is at the center of all that we do as humans and when we open to the interrelationship that always exists, the range of creative opens as well.

CTI, and the Co-Active coaching model, is one of many bodies of work thriving in the world today. I love the feeling that we are not alone and I see CTI as a part of a large orchestra, playing together to empower human kind. Maybe CTI is the violin section or maybe we are the flutes. Whatever our part, may we play it with gusto, with passion, with commitment, with joy and above all, with gratitude.