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What Kind of Leader Are You?

Posted on May 29, 2019
What Kind of Leader Are You?

When you think of leadership, what images spring to mind?

Perhaps you see a bold visionary standing alone at the helm of the organization, brimming with charisma. Or perhaps it is someone more dictatorial — the boss barking out orders to subordinates. In either case, this form of leadership is one-dimensional, and in today’s fast-paced environment, the need for creative problem-solving far surpasses the capacity of the one-dimensional leader.

The old transactional model of doing business for monetary reward carries us only so far. We are moving to a new relational paradigm, where how we interact with ourselves, others and our environment is as important as what we produce.

From this comes a new multidimensional form of collaborative leadership that incorporates all aspects of who we are. In Co-Active Leadership, there are five key leadership styles, which we are continually moving in and out of throughout our life and our work.

The Five Key Leadership Styles

  1. Leader Within. Leader Within is the foundation upon which all other leadership styles are built. Leader Within holds both self-acceptance and self-authority, which is reflected by our capacity to act with integrity according to our personal values.
  1. Leader in Front. Leader in Front holds the grand vision and engages and inspires others. Unlike the traditional model of a leader, a Leader in Front does not need to have all the answers and instead captures the range of talent from those around them. By fostering leadership in others, the Leader in Front generates collaboration, involving and therefore engaging everyone in the direction and mission.
  1. Leader Behind. In essence, Leader Behind embodies coaching as a competency to evoke the leader in others. Leader Behind listens on all levels, including the space in between words, and connects individual pieces with the greater vision. This is where service is born, behind the scenes, bringing the vision to life.
  1. Leader Beside. Leaders Beside may be called to work in tandem with others, in an authentic partnership where the inner-play of leading and following intermingles. In this dimension, engaging conversation, dynamic disagreement and fluid spontaneity foster unexpected results.
  1. Leader in the Field. Leaders in the Field are open to the unknown, understanding that when they let go of what is defined and known, instinct will emerge to guide and direct action. Leaders in the Field set the highest standards by knowing when and how to act in any given situation.

With these five key styles, leadership become more agile and resourceful, accessing the greater range of our human capacity. In this multidimensional approach, leadership is no longer defined by role or status. Instead, “leading” becomes a part of who we are. When we take responsibility for how we show up not only for others but for ourselves as well, we become aware of the impact we are having and take ownership of it.

As organizations utilize new trends in innovation and technology to improve overall customer service needs, so too do those in leadership positions need to find new and agile ways to contribute across a wide range of ever-changing situations.

Where do you notice these five styles emerging within your organizational culture, and where is there opportunity to engage these principles further?

Written By

Karen Kimsey-House

Karen Kimsey-House, MFA, CPCC, is the Co-founder and CEO of The Coaches Training Institute (CTI), the oldest and largest in-person coach training school in the world, and the co-author of the best-selling Co-Active Coaching: Changing Business, Transforming Lives. Karen was one of four pioneers of the coaching profession, and in honor of its 20th birthday this year, she is sharing her insights about human transformation in a ten-part HuffPost series,"Disrupt Your Life in a Good Way".