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  • Co-Active Coaching Toolkit

Co-Active Coaching Toolkit

The Co-Active Coaching Toolkit is a free database of resources available for you for download and use with your coaching clients. You are welcome to use these tools in their current form… or better, modify them to reflect your personal style and approach to coaching.


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Within the Coaching Toolkit, you will find an ever-growing database of coaching tools, strategic planning tools, forms and checklists, exercises, audio demos and other tools for you to use with your clients. Here is a list of the tools available.

Coaching Tools

Within this toolkit, you will find templates, audio scripts and sample audios to support the coaching work you are doing. More specifically, you will gain access to resources such as: powerful questions, homework inquiries, Wheel of Life exercises, blank Wheel of Life template, values clarification exercise, ethical standards, life purpose exercises, saboteur clarification, client profile template, House of You visualization script and the House of You visualization audio.

You will also get access to a number of strategic and planning tools to help you set up goals and accountability for your coaching engagements. You will have access to a strategic planning checklist, action and planning log, goals and commitments, daily habits, daily habits tracking log, structures, and a first meeting checklist.

Additionally, you’ll find an individual client discovery checklist, sample coaching agreement, personal information fact sheet, individual client interview, primary focus template, coaching preparation form, and completion log.

Executive Coaching Tools

The toolkit also contains some executive coaching PDF tools including corporate client discovery checklist, corporate client profile, job performance wheel, and professional assessment wheel.

For those who are coaching in organizations, you will have access to eight audio executive coaching demos illustrating topics such as setting the agenda, use of metaphor, powerful questions, articulating, acknowledgement, intuition and accountability.

Wheel of Life Coaching Tools

We have a number of Wheel of Life coaching tools for both individual 1:1 coaching sessions as well as executive coaching sessions. The segments in the wheel of life are customized to type of engagement.

Business Coaching Tools

We also have included in the toolkit a number of coaching exercises and business coaching resources to support coaches and business clients in their effort to set goals and track accountabilities.

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