Coach Training / Assisting


Get ready for an exciting opportunity to develop your leadership skills and immerse yourself in Co-Active like you never have before!

Let's pull back the curtain and welcome you as part of the leadership team. As an assistant in our programs, you will be co-creating a safe, courageous, Co-Active learning environment for all participants. You will get a behind-the-scenes look at what it takes to create these experiences, and you will be part of that magic!

While assisting is a wonderful way to deepen your own learning of the course material, it is foremost an opportunity to practice and sharpen your Leader Behind skills, one of the five Co-Active Leadership dimensions.

As an assistant, your primary role is Leader Behind.

Your job as Leader Behind will be to support and hold the space for the participants' learning. Specifically, we ask that you remain mindful throughout the entire course and be present at Levels 2 & 3. While we know you will learn a great deal from assisting, we ask that you commit to service -- being and doing whatever is needed in order for the course to have the most beneficial impact for the participants.

While there will be certain logistical duties for you as an assistant, the biggest part of your role is the "Co," or "being." You have the potential to have a huge impact on both the participants and the course leaders. How you conduct yourself has a great deal to do with the success of the course.

Thank you for your interest in assisting our programs. We simply cannot do it without you!


WHAT TO EXPECT: Prior to the beginning of the course, you will receive materials and instructions on both the "Co" and "Active" parts of your role. There will be many tasks to complete. Please refer to the checklist in order to stay organized and ensure all duties are attended to. Expect to arrive extra early on Day 1, when you will be preparing the course room; expect to stay extra late on Day 3, to ensure all materials are packed up and the course room is broken down. You will be responsible for organizing your lodging and travel.

ELIGIBILITY: You are eligible to assist any coach training course, that you: 1)  have successfully completed that course in the last five years; or 2) have assisted that course in the last five years.

If you are not eligible at this time, you can become eligible by either: 1) retaking the course as a participant at a discounted rate; or 2) attending the Co-Active Leadership Experience course as a participant.


WHAT TO EXPECT: There is high demand for assisting the Leadership Program, and assisting is by invitation only. It is not uncommon to receive over 100 applications each year, with only 20 spots available. The first step to assisting is to apply to assist. Once your application is approved, you will be placed on a list that is reviewed by faculty for the Leadership Program. Once invited to become an assistant, you will fill out a short online questionnaire and pick your top two choices of programs to assist. We commit to letting you know that you've been selected as soon as we know, and at least six weeks before the program begins. Food and accommodations are provided during the program; however, you will need to organize your own travel to and from the retreat center and any needed accommodations outside of the event dates.

ELIGIBILITY: Assisting in the Leadership Program requires you to have completed the Leadership Program yourself. While we simply will not be able to accommodate everyone who is interested, we do highly encourage you to apply.


WHAT TO EXPECT:  Assistants should be aware that the Co-Active Leadership Experience assisting experience is significantly different from assisting the Coach Training Program. In addition to the many duties you will have as an assistant, you will also need to have awareness of the Co-Active Dimensional Leadership Model and feel agile in moving through the dimensions of leadership.

ELIGIBILITY:  First priority for assisting the Co-Active Leadership Experience course will be given to those who have successfully completed the Co-Active Leadership Experience course as a participant. Second priority will be given to Leadership Program graduates on an exception basis.


WHAT TO EXPECT:  These 3-hour, free events are designed for individuals who are interested in learning more about our Co-Active methodology. They are for those who want to "try the work on" before making a decision to step into a particular pathway of training. As an assistant in these events, you are part of the Leadership team, co-creating a Co-Active event for the participants! Assisting requires a strong blend of the "co" and the "active", as there are many details that need to be attended to. It is a wonderful opportunity to grow your leadership and be part of a team that creates the Co-Active experience.

ELIGIBILITY:  To assist at an Introduction Event you must have completed the Co-Active Skills Pathway and/or Certification. Preference will be given to graduates of the CTI Leadership Program, and those who have also completed the Co-Active Leadership Experience (CLE) course. You will also need to be available for a 30-minute Zoom call the week of the event in order to cover team design and training. While we will not be able to accommodate everyone who is interested, we do highly encourage you to apply.


The first step to assist any CTI Program is to apply to assist.

Shortly after your application is received, one of our team members will contact you with a decision. After an application is approved, you will receive access to the Assistant Registration Portal, where you will be able to make your course and program choices.

Approved applications will be good for two years, at the end of the two year cycle, you will be encouraged to reapply.