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In this course, coaches learn to assist their clients in developing new perspectives and creating a plan of action grounded in commitment. Because people live in constant motion, it’s easy to forget that we have a choice in everything we do. Balance coaching is about guiding clients toward making powerful life choices and selecting the experiences they want most, rather than dashing about either at the mercy of circumstances or trying to “have it all.” Balance coaching results in action that is alive, effective and empowered.


  • Help your clients see many useful perspectives
  • Coach clients to plan from possibility rather than circumstances
  • Coach clients to create an exciting, life-affirming strategy for action that arises out of the perspective they’ve chosen and their resonant choice
  • Use new techniques to get clients into alive, sustainable, effective action
  • Use structures to keep the client in action


Course 1: Co-Active Coaching Fundamentals

Course 2: Fulfillment

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