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This course focuses on integrating coaching skills learned in previous courses and taking Co-Active Coaching® to a higher level of impact and professionalism. It provides polish, depth and courage to better respond to a wide range of clients and coaching situations with creativity, confidence, and power. Synergy coaching relies on intuition to create “in the moment” rather than applying staid techniques or rules.


  • Demonstrate the ability to coach your client using the principles of Fulfillment, Balance and Process
  • Create “in the moment” rather than from any preconceived rules
  • Incorporate your own creativity and ability with what you have learned in previous courses
  • Articulate the principles, contexts, cornerstones and skills of Co-Active Coaching®


Course 1: Co-Active Coaching Fundamentals

Course 2: Fulfillment

Course 3: Balance

Course 4: Process

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