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Faculty - A through L

Ashley Abbott, CPCC, PCC

Ashley dares you to bring out the strength in yourself, while edging you rigorously towards what is possible in business and life by leveraging your humanity. He draws from a wide range of interests that includes a love of travel, languages, literature, ancient history sites and rooftop soirees. His business foundation was formed by leading teams in technology and services companies, ranging from entrepreneurial start-ups to global corporations. He believes that health, physical fitness and the quality of one’s relationships are the keys to personal success.

Chuck Allen, CPCC, PCC

Chuck is the creator of a training program for leaders that uses storytelling as a platform for personal, professional and organizational transformation and co-founder of a consulting firm that provides coaching and training in persuasive communication, leadership and conflict management. Chuck serves as an Executive Coach for the Executive MBA Program of Loyola Marymount University. For fourteen years, Chuck has coached and trained leaders in sectors ranging from non-profit to aerospace, medicine, technology and the federal government. Prior to his coaching career Chuck worked in such diverse fields as information technology, public relations, public health, technical writing, journalism, event planning and child development.

Almudena Amores, MBA, CPCC, PCC

Almudena is a life and executive coach. Before following her intuition and committing to the profession of coaching and leadership development, she worked for more than 16 years on strategic consultancy projects in multinationals and public institutions all over the world.  Her life purpose is to wholeheartedly drive forward the lives and dreams of people, helping them to consciously and authentically realize their full potential. Almudena lives each project like an adventure and puts all her passion, generosity and creativity at the service of developing leaders. She currently lives in Barcelona, Spain.

Maria Arredondo, CPCC, PCC

Maria is a fervent advocate of freedom and conscious living. She believes in the power of choice and the endless possibilities that everyone has. After 10 years in the corporate world, she decided to reinvent her life. She now provides training and business coaching to coaches and entrepreneurs who are meant to make a difference in the world. She enjoys being a citizen of the world, speaks English, French and Spanish fluently and has lived in five countries. Dancing tango is one of the passions that she cherishes.

Carey Baker, CPCC, PCC

A self-described spiritual gangster, entrepreneur, Co-Active coach and soul-seeker, Carey is obsessed with helping people find what makes them feel truly alive. Carey believes people are capable of much bigger leadership than they ever suspect and her trademark is inspiring others to claim who they are in all their glorious, messy humanity. In her provocative, fun-seeking, intense presence, people open to the truth in full vulnerability and thrive in their authentic selves. With an extensive background as a sales and marketing executive, Carey has experienced some “dead” workplaces, making her fiercely committed to helping organizations and their people come alive.

Tony Barton, CPCC, PCC

After a successful 20-year career in marketing, Tony left his ‘velvet rut’ and discovered some really interesting products to market through coaching – like aliveness, joy and courage. He is an authorized Team Diagnostic Facilitator and an MBTI assessor. As a coach and front-of-the-room leader, he is known for his great sense of play, fun and groundedness. In addition to his work with CTI, Tony runs his own ‘Simply Inspiring’ workshops and adventure holidays. Married with three grown children, Tony lives in the UK.

Yara Mizrahi Ben-Haim, CPCC, PCC

Yara’s previous career is in the fields of TV Journalism and political assistance in the Prime Minister office of Israel.  Over 10 years she was able to support and impact decision makers in these two major arenas. She crossed over to leadership coaching, understanding its deep transformation on leaders who impact communities, organizations and nations. Yara found CTI to be a real home for her personal growth and is a passionate advocate for the Co-Active coaching style. She has successfully coached anyone who wanted or considered being a leader in their own community: CEOs, political leaders, business owners and individuals who seek to own and embrace their self-leadership in their personal lives. She loves seeing her three children grow into amazing Co-Active individuals, witnessing the power that coaching grants into all aspects of life. Yara is fluent in Hebrew and English.

Kristen Bentley, OD, CPCC, PCC, CPDC

Kristen is a former Optometrist and business owner who jokes that she got the message in high school to work with vision and after taking that figuratively for 16 years realized that it was actually the vision of one’s life that she was meant to support people in bringing clarity to. After being introduced to CTI and Co-Active principles, she has transformed her work, marriage and family, and is driven to inspire others to do the same through her boutique Coaching and Leadership Development company - Whole-Life Leadership. Kristen is a gentle Leader and Coach with surprising strength, tenacity and compassionate insight. She creates energizing conversation to push the limits of what people, families and organizations think they know. She believes in challenging the status quo, honouring integrity and courageous conversation all for the sake of humanizing our world.

Ozlem Kiyat Berber, CPCC, PCC

Özlem has been working as a strategic planner and client relationship expert in advertising and marketing communications for over 15 years. A blog writer and keynote speaker, she works as an executive and relationship systems coach and designs, delivers leadership workshops. Özlem loves horses! She believes that one can never pretend with horses and being with them is a great way to experience co-activity. Özlem loves to explore different cultures as diversity is a big value of hers. Spontaneous, easy going and energetic, she lives in Istanbul with her daughter and husband. Özlem speaks English and French in addition to her mother tongue, Turkish.

Eva Bonnevier, CPCC, PCC

Eva is passionate about human growth. She has been working in Leadership Development for more than 25 years and has experiences with a variety of industries. She coaches leaders/managers to grow into fully aware, grounded and engaged leaders, guides teams to work towards common results, and facilitates workshops for leaders/managers in how to use coaching as a management style. Her coaching goes to the heart of the matter with a style that is creative, provocative, filled with humour and always with a great respect for the individual. As an initiator to start CTI in Sweden/Denmark in 2003, Eva has had a big impact in increasing the quality of coaching in Sweden. Nature plays a big part in her life and she enjoys skiing, walking along the beach and gardening.

Michael S. Bornhorst, CPCC, LICSW, PCC

Mike lives his life with a clear and unique vision of what he wants to do and how to do it. Mike has a degree in Small Business Management from the University of Vermont, and spent his post-college years building a real estate business. However in his late 30's, a new desire arose within him to come along-side people and help them pursue what makes them come alive. He returned to school and became a licensed psychotherapist. He currently has a thriving psychotherapy and life coaching practice in Boston working primarily with men. While his practice is focused on men, Mike gets a balanced perspective on the home-front with his wife Rollyn and their three daughters.

Carlo Bos, M.Ed., CPCC, PCC

For the last 15 years, Carlo has been joyfully in the throw's of his life's work as a developer of leaders and an executive coach. He believes that a person’s greatest vitality is achieved at the intersection of compelling purpose, trust and bold action. He has been working in the human development field since the early 2000's, and is known for his sincerity and reverence as much as his lightness and joy. No stranger to bold moves himself, Carlo has recently stepped into the role of Co-President of CTI, where he and his co-leaders are committed to leading the company in a way that powerfully models and expands the work of the Co-Active. Prior to CTI, Carlo worked in a variety of fields, including finance, sales and professional services, and has coached and developed leaders on 4 continents and in upwards of 14 industries.

Annabel Bourgois, CPCC, PCC

Annabel is a coach, artist, a visionary leader and free spirit. She has a Masters Degree in languages and is fluent in Dutch, French, and English. She also speaks Italian and German. Annabel lives in Belgium and works internationally with people, from U.S., Europe, and Middle East, who are committed to playing BIG in life. Annabel has been active in personal development since 1995 and joined CTI Faculty in 2014 as a Supervisor and Certification Program Leader. She loves empowering coaches to be even more daring and impactful.

Randy Brenneman, CPCC, PCC

As a professional coach, trainer, and accomplished leader, Randy combines over 20 years of leadership expertise with more than 10 years of Co-Active coaching. He facilitates programs in coaching and communication skills, as well as provides one-on-one coaching to mid-level leaders and corporate executives. As a coach, Randy leverages his passion and aptitude to be a catalyst for creative and positive growth, development, and evolution in service to his clients. As an international course leader for CTI, he leads the core curriculum of Co-Active coaching skills for new coaches as well as corporate leaders. He is a Certified Professional Co-Active Coach, graduate of the Co-Active Leadership Program, and a Professional Certified Coach.

Marjoleine Byrne, MA, CPCC, PCC

Marjoleine is passionate about helping people thrive professionally and personally by connecting more deeply, living more fully and transforming the relationships that matter most in their lives. Marjoleine’s style is characterized by curiosity, empathy and a fierce commitment to personal transformation. She combines a grounded presence with a spirited tendency to “speak the unspeakable” in the service of learning and growth. She combines her passion for releasing the talent of those around her with practical, hands-on experience managing in large organizations. Her background includes roles in corporate banking, law and the non-profit sector. She has a Law degree and a post masters degree in International Relations. She has lived and worked in the U.S. and Europe and brings deep cultural awareness to all her work. She currently resides in the Netherlands with her husband and three young children. She coaches in Dutch as well as English.

Dori Ben-Chanoch, PCC, CPCC

Dori specializes in Executive Coaching, working closely in one-on-one settings with executives in order to hone their skills. Dori is a certified behavioral coach, who has worked in training and development for the last 15 years. He specializes in executive presence, interpersonal communication skills, and emotional intelligence using a model of open and honest communication. In the past, Dori served as a president of a successful financial services company, and has extensive experience as a top sales producer and sales manager.

Eileen Blumenthal, JD, MA, CPCC, PCC

JD, Hastings College of Law
MA, Education, Harvard University

Eileen founded a coaching and consulting firm in 1995 and works at the intersection of humor, insight and ease. She comes to coaching after careers in non-profit management, employment law, and higher education administration, always favoring work with individuals finding their way. In addition to serving on CTI’s faculty as an examiner and supervisor, Eileen provides coaching and consulting internationally, most recently with PEPFAR-funded agencies in Mozambique combating HIV/AIDS. She is the co-designer of, and lead trainer for, a public health leadership institute’s peer coaching program for emerging public health leaders. Eileen is a Bikram yoga enthusiast, and she and her partner are the humble guardians of a very smart cattle dog, Gracie.

Mary-Jeanne "MJ" Cabanel, MBA, CPCC, PCC

MJ is an executive coach, consultant and trainer living in Geneva, Switzerland. Her mission is Fulfillment at Work and she promotes this by partnering with multinational corporations, and organizations to create aligned teams and inspiring leaders. As an American and French dual national, MJ is passionate about helping people acclimate to new country and business cultures and her global clients hail from over 100 countries. Prior to becoming a coach, MJ worked for 20 years as a business development executive in the financial services, pharmaceutical, and corporate services industries. She holds an MBA from Thunderbird School of Global Management and a BA in the History of Art from Barnard College, Columbia University.

Sandra Cain, CPCC, PCC

Sandra coaches individuals, pairs and teams. Her background includes 15 years of experience in large organizations with a variety of leadership and personal development roles. Her stand for this work is that while we are here, we might as well be conscious and intentional about who we are, what we do and how we live. Sandra also has a strong belief that life is meant to be a fun adventure and that just about everything is funny, given enough time. When not coaching or training, she loves rollerblading, hot yoga and cruising in a vintage speedboat with her husband and their beagles.

Zeynep Cakiroglu, CPCC, ORSCC, PCC

Zeynep is passionate about maximizing human potential. She is currently working as an executive and relationship systems coach, facilitator and trainer. Zeynep leads talent management, leadership development and change management projects in corporate environment and creates experiential workshops. Her intuitive, compassionate and warm personality combined with decisive attitude makes a huge impact on her clients. As an expert in family constellations, Zeynep works with people who want to reveal hidden patterns in their family for healing coming generations. Zeynep believes that “with love you can move mountains”. She is married and lives in Istanbul with her daughter and son.

Susan Carlisle, MA, CPCC, PCC

Fifteen years ago Susan discovered Co-Active Coaching when it was a little known career.  She fell in love with the work and she created a successful second career as a Co-Active coach. The foundation of her work is in supporting people to have the courage and conviction to live a soulful and spirited live, to live a life of freedom and liberation.  She has worked with corporate executives, small business owners, coaches….people who want to live a life of meaning that honors what matters most to them. Susan’s many roles at CTI include leading classes, certification program leader, supervisor, and examiner.  In July 2010, she also became a Staff Leader at CTI.  Susan feels like she is a walking billboard for the joy of following your heart, doing what you love and living a fulfilling life.

Pat Carrington-House, CPCC, PCC

Pat is a coach, a leadership trainer, and an experiential and contextual workshop designer. He leads seminars and workshops throughout the world, training people to be effective coaches, better leaders, and agents of transformation. In 2002 he founded a coaching and leadership training company that works with teams, individuals, and organizations. For the better part of his life, Pat has maintained a strong connection to the natural world and earth-based cosmological systems. One of the systems he has spent much of the last decade studying is a pre-Mayan system called the Delicate Lodge Teachings. He weaves this wisdom into all of his endeavors. The idea of play is hugely important to his life, and working with Pat all but guarantees there will be as much deep laughter as there will be deep learning.

Ariane Cherbuliez, MBA, MEd, PCC, CPCC

Ariane takes a firm stance that compassion and a wacky sense of humor can go a long way toward unlocking blocks and creating momentum. Clients compare working with her to swinging from the monkey bars: just the right degree of challenge, new ways of looking at your situation, and a rubber mat of compassion creating safety beneath. Her clients credit her with helping them get unstuck, become more deeply connected to themselves, and find a flow of action to achieve both their personal goals and those of the organizations they work within. Ariane gets great joy from gardening, singing in a chorus, and taking part in adventures with her daughter and husband. She lives and grows in a cohousing community in Cambridge, MA.

Leslie Clark, CPCC, PCC

As a professional coach since 1998 and hotelier for the 12 years prior, Leslie knows that leaders have an obligation to be thoughtful about the impact they have upon the organizations they choose to serve.  Leslie coaches, educates and inspires leaders to implement transformative personal practices and sustainable success strategies to increase their effectiveness.  Having these practices and strategies in place, brings more vitality and wellness to the leader and to their organization, positioning them for an enduring legacy.  Shifting leaders from a “play not to lose” to a “play to win” mindset is a theme that permeates her work.  Clients often acknowledge Leslie for the insightful, compassionate, direct, and committed way she shows up for them.

Veronica (Ronnie) Clifford, CPCC, MCC

Ronnie spent 20 years working in sales, marketing and commercial roles and 10 years working as a software engineer. She coaches corporate executives and coaches in training and a variety of people in between. Ronnie delivers leadership training and personal development coaching for IBM UK, working at all levels within the organization to maximize the human potential that is available. Ronnie splits her time in the UK between London and Devon. She is a keen traveler and loves to work with people. Ronnie is never happier than when she is with her close friends and family or singing in the choir.

Judith Cohen, MSW, CPCC, MCC

AMLS, University of Michigan
MSW, University of California, Berkeley

Judith was hired as the first CTI Certification examiner in 1996 and is still passionately committed to training coaches to be masterful while having fun in the process of learning. Judith is the head coach for the Effective Influence Conference of Cross Cultural Communications, Inc. as well as a T-Group facilitator at the Stanford University Graduate School of Business and the University of San Francisco Law School. After living in the Bay Area for 35 years, Judith decided to become bi-coastal and to live in New York City for several months a year.

Deborah Colman, MA Ed, CPCC, MCC

MA, Adult Education/Organizational Development, University of Toronto

Deborah loves to laugh and believes that when we cultivate joy in our lives we are better able to navigate the challenges in work and life with resilience and ease. Deborah is a highly skilled executive coach, trainer, and consultant who work with leaders and leadership teams to cultivate organizational cultures fueled by possibility, authenticity, and purpose. She provides major consulting and financial institutions across North America with teams of leadership coaches and leadership development programs which include rigorous evaluations systems. She is widely recognized by her clients, peers, and students alike as an inspiring and wise leader who consistently generates transformative learning and sustainable results. Prior to becoming a Leadership coach and trainer, she worked in the public healthcare industry as an organizational development consultant and physical therapist.

Nancy Conger, CPCC, PCC

Nancy is a spirited blend of fierceness and fun. She has run her own coaching practice since 1998, inspiring people to cultivate and express creativity in business and personal arenas. Nancy does plenty of creative stretching herself as an author, playwright, musician and budding visual artist. Before coaching, Nancy spent a decade in financial services management and Human Resources, and now enjoys bringing coaching skills into organizations to help individuals become more productive and alive.

Graham Coppin, CPCC, PCC

Graham was born and raised in Durban, South Africa and lives in Brooklyn, New York.  A trained mathematician, he was living a comfortable yet unfulfilling life as a software engineer when he quit his job to become a certified Bikram yoga teacher.  Still yearning for something more, he discovered coaching, became certified, attended CTI's life-changing Co-Active Leadership Program and embarked on a career as a Co-Active coach.  A published poet, he believes in the power of language and metaphor and brings this to all his coaching relationships.  His yoga background has instilled him the fervent belief that our bodies have information and our emotions are signposts to experiences we need to have in service of our transformation.  Graham has private clients all around the world and coaches in-house at several corporate clients in New York City.

Kevin Craig, CPCC, ORSC, PCC

After more than a decade as an employee in the corporate world with a commercial career spanning retail, telecommunications, and logistics, Kevin followed his heart to coaching. He specializes in working with senior executives and their teams around the world from his home in the Kingdom of Bahrain. Born in the UK, Kevin has lived much of his life in the Middle East, and is passionate about bringing the benefits of coaching to this part of the world. He embraces the cultural diversity and challenges the region offers and is affectionately known amongst his local friends as “Falcon” in Arabic. Kevin finds that his unique ability to culturally integrate is a gift that serves his clients well.

David Darst, CPCC, ORSCC, PCC

David believes that relationships develop people into their fullest potential and that what one will “BE” in their relationships is where the power lies. Knowing that shifting into and sustaining a new way of being is not always easy to do on one’s own, David coaches clients to bring consciousness and intentionality to their relationships and work in the world. Living what he describes is a life beyond his wildest dreams, David enjoys working with coaches-in-training as well as people who want to live a more productive and inspired life.

Cynthia Loy Darst, MFA, CPCC, ORSCC, MCC

Considered a passionate pioneer in the coaching industry, Cynthia is a playful and inspiring coach who works with all kinds of people to move them past limitations, and into action and fulfillment. She was one of the first course leaders for CTI and delights in traveling the world to train others in the skills of Co-Active Coaching. Cynthia became a Certified Professional Co-Active Coach in 1995, and was one of the first to receive the designation of Master Certified Coach from the International Coach Federation. She was instrumental in the selection, training, and development of leaders at CTI for many years, and is a past president of ACTO (Association of Coach Training Organizations).

Marlena deCarion, CPCC, PCC

Marlena is committed to unleashing human potential; believing we can live as whole human beings—head, heart, body and spirit—at the workplace and in life. Marlena combines Co-Active and Mindfulness training to grow leaders, entrepreneurs and organizations from the “inside out.” In 1998, Marlena came to coaching after a successful career in outdoor leadership. Seeing what is possible when people go beyond their limiting beliefs, Marlena invites her clients to dream outside of the box yet apply practical wisdom to live a balanced, vital life. Along with training in somatic therapies, deep inquiry and being certified to teach Mindfulness, Marlena brings her passion for adventure and community to her personal and professional life.

Tina de Meeûs, CPCC, PCC

BA (Hons), European Business Administration

Tina is a passionate and highly experienced multilingual executive coach and program leader. Her belief in deep-rooted self-motivation and inspiration led her to coaching and leadership development. She focuses on working with international professionals who view their development and leadership as essential to success. Tina has coached and trained across cultures and countries, and is driven by curiosity, a love for diversity, and the quest for authenticity. She brings her strong communication skills and keen knowledge of cultural differences to bear on her work with complex and highly diverse teams. Tina lives in Brussels with her husband and young children. She enjoys yoga, outdoor sports and is a total bookworm.

Anne Eggen-Johansen, CPCC, PCC

With 10 years of experience offering executive coaching and corporate leadership programs in Norway and internationally, Anne has broad and profound experience in the field. She is known as an inspiring and intuitive coach, and has worked with CTI since 2005 in various leader roles. Prior to her coaching career, Anne worked in sales and project management for various companies in the technology industry.

Yossi Eilot, CPCC, MCC, MCIL

Yossi is passionate about building bridges in individual and international relationships. He is an avid believer in striving for peace through the Co-Active approach. As a Co-Active Coach and former partner at CTI-Israel, Yossi brings more than 30 years of experience in business and management in the corporate world and various cultures and organizations into his work. Yossi works with people who choose to be leaders in their lives. He specializes in executive, team, entrepreneurial, and relationship coaching, as well as leadership development. He is lovingly married to Haviva and is a proud father to their four children as well as a happy grandfather to five enchanting grandchildren.

Salma El-Shurafa, CPCC, PCC

Salma focuses on providing professional career and leadership development coaching. She has 10 years of extensive experience as a Human Resources professional, an entrepreneur and a Co-Active coach. A Palestinian-Canadian living in Dubai, she grew up in Germany, Palestine, Egypt, Canada, and gained her professional experience in Kuwait and UAE.  Salma’s coaching also draws on her experience working for one of the leading banks in the Gulf region, the world’s largest building materials supplier and cement producer, and being a partner at one of the top immigration consultancy companies in the Middle East. Salma applies her professional experience to energize emerging leaders in their journeys to self-discovery. She inspires individuals to discover their passions and pushes them to take the big leap of faith onto a new path as they discover their greatest potential.

Johann Entz-von Zerssen, CPCC, ORSCC, PCC

Johann passionately creates higher levels of trust within individuals and organizations in order for them to operate more smoothly and efficiently. Johann co-founded CTI Germany and partnered with CTI to bring the Co-Active Model into the German language. He worked for 15 years as a Manager and Executive in the transportation and logistics industry in various European countries and Canada and brings a wealth of intercultural experience to clients. Johann loves to be out and about on the water, paddling, rowing or sailing.

Jessie Feng, CPCC, PCC

Jessie has studied, lived and worked in Germany, Australia and the USA. She has a wealth of experience in cross cultural environments personally and professionally and specializes in providing cross cultural communication skills for joint-venture companies in China. Jessie has worked in the consulting and training industries for over 20 years and conducted successful training and coaching at multinational clients across all industries in China. She is passionate about helping people fulfill their potential in achieving real-world goals, and empowering them to become an authentic leaders in their personal and professional lives.

Cécile Randoing Francois, MSc, CPCC, PCC

Cécile brings 15 years of People Transformation Strategy with broad experience across sectors and corporate cultures. She is a Certified Professional Coach, ORSC, MBTI certified practitioner, Leadership facilitator, and Council Guide. 
She holds a Master of Science (MSc) from AgroParisTech engineering school, and is fluent in French, Spanish and English. Her know-how has led to a deep understanding of the importance of matching the requirements of organizations to the needs of individuals, in order to ensure their mutual success. Cécile’s approach is performance-driven, supporting leadership excellence, improved team relationships and enhanced self-awareness. Cécile brings to her clients a broad experience of multicultural and multi-functional backgrounds and a deep understanding of the dynamics of corporate life.

Clark Friedrichs, CPCC, MCC

Clark Friedrichs is CTI’s Director of Leader Training and Development. Clark oversees the selection, management, and training of all Leaders who facilitate courses in CTI’s global operations. Clark is also responsible for curriculum updates and course design. With over 15 years of coaching experience, Clark’s clients range from managers and CEOs to students of CTI’s Certification program. He lives in Barcelona, Spain, where he is a self-confessed sun worshiper and lover of tapas and the sea.

Leonid Frolov, CPCC, PCC

Leonid has a diverse background and he is a voracious explorer and learner. He studied science and Geology in St Petersburg (Russia), participated in expeditions in Russian Far East and Pamir mountains and worked as a simultaneous interpreter for over 20 years. Being always at the crossroads of different cultures he continued exploring humanity and his own role and impact in this world. Leonid moved from Russia to the US and started a new life from scratch. He spent 10 years in aerospace where he indulged in an unusual combination of science and linguistics. Leonid’s extraordinary life experience and passion for humanity led him to becoming a coach. He loves working with coaches-in-training, people with different cultural and professional backgrounds, and those who courageously go for their wildest dreams.

Connie Fu, CPCC, PCC

Connie is the co-creator of a platform that assists organizations and leaders to manage change, enhance the impact and live fully with DAO (dream, authenticity and ownership) philosophies. Connie blends her past managerial experiences in Sales Marketing, Group Communications, Human Resources and General Management with powerful coaching to create transformation within leaders and executives. She commits wholeheartedly to each of her clients, knowing full well the values of balancing objectivity and empathy. Her insight and understanding of various cultures stems from over 15 years of experience in multinational companies both in China and overseas. Fully bilingual and with a passion to share, Connie brings a worldly wisdom and an energetic spirit to all she coaches and trains.

Alex Galofré, MA, CPCC, PCC

MA, Human Resources Management
MA, Internal Business Communication

As an executive coach and leadership trainer, Alex is passionate about his clients’ development and loves to combine curiosity, humor, playfulness, and rigor to empower meaningful lives for them. He designs development programs with a clear vision for transformation that stimulates excellence and inspires people to expand their perspectives. With a diverse background as a business lawyer, tourism expert, and actor, Alex also has 15 years of corporate experience at national and international organizations. He teaches coaching, communication, and leadership skills at several business schools and universities, and is a certified facilitator in many psychometric tools such as MBTI, Firo B, and Insights Discovery. Alex lives in Barcelona, speaks four languages, and adores travelling and scuba diving.

Ursula Glunk, PhD, CPCC, PCC

MSc, Psychology, Mannheim University, Germany
PhD, Organization Studies, Tilburg University, The Netherlands

Ursula is an expert in leadership development, team development, and coaching. She combines a strong academic grounding in organizational studies and psychology, with advanced knowledge in experiential learning and coaching. It is her passion to foster co-creation, wisdom, and engagement in organizations. Ursula enjoys variety and aliveness in her work. She reads widely and appreciates purposeful conversation combined with good food. She also loves playfulness and laughter just as much as silence and solitude.

Anne-Marie Gonçalves Desai, CPCC, PCC

MA in Communication and Linguistics, Lyon University, France
MA in International Relations, Free University of Brussels, Belgium

Anne-Marie is a multilingual executive, team coach and trainer. She runs workshops in leadership development with a strong focus on emotional intelligence and trains managers to use coaching as a management style. She is passionate about growing leaders and helping organizations to create sustainable relationships across cultures. Before coaching, Anne-Marie’s 15 year career in communications consultancy included team and project management. She has lived and worked in France, England, America and is currently based in Brussels where she is an accredited coach and trainer to the EU institutions.

Michelle Goss, CPCC, PCC

Michelle Goss is a Co-Active Coach™ and business owner. For more than 20 years she has helped others launch, grow, and lead successful, happy lives and businesses.  A self-proclaimed “personal growth geek”, Michelle purchased her first self-help book at the age of 12, setting the stage for a lifelong commitment to growth and spirituality. She has been called “magical”, “transformative”, and even “a life saver!”  A spiritual pioneer, Michelle helps people bridge the gap between “woo-woo” metaphysical concepts and practical, everyday living.

Ayşen Özcanoğlu Gündüz, CPCC, PCC

Ayşen holds a psychology degree and has worked for 16 years as a corporate HR manager and consultant. Following her heart to fulfill her values of independence, contribution and connection, she dared to live up to her life purpose and left the corporate world to coach in 2007. Ayşen is fascinated by working with individuals, groups and teams to discover their full potential and free themselves from self-limiting beliefs. Accordingly she develops and leads workshops to increase self-awareness and to live with conscious and intentional choices. Ayşen lives in Istanbul, Turkey and is fluent in English besides her native language Turkish.

Wendy Gutin, CPCC, PCC

Wendy coaches those who are making transformational changes in their lives, whether creating a non-profit, starting a new business, becoming a parent, racing in a triathlon, or moving across the world. She loves to work with motivated people who want to expand their creativity, take more risks, and go for what they really want. She especially enjoys supporting new coaches as they go through their training, and also coaches executives, business owners, and companies on leadership and life. Wendy brings warmth, wisdom, a sense of humor, and a varied background that includes being a journalist, teacher, and mother of five amazing children.

Caroline MacNeill Hall, MA, CPCC, PCC

Caroline is an executive coach and author who works with individuals and organizations to build leadership grounded in respect and fascination, authenticity and authority. A sunny soul who believes that laughter lubricates leading, Caroline is as elegant and fierce as she is funny and friendly. Her great joy is to move, inspire and connect human beings as they embrace and develop their authentic selves and their creative power to lead change in the world. Before becoming a coach, she was a journalist and ghost author of 13 books, mostly for psychologists and is co-author of the book The Bigger Game.

Sookgi Han, MA, MBA, CPCC, PCC

Sookgi is passionate about holistic human growth and masterful in a process that furthers the behavioral, emotional, cognitive, and psychological integration of a leader’s development. As one of the most results-proven executive coaches in Korea, her mission is to bring Co-Active coaching into the corporate world. With an extensive background in human resources, Sookgi primarily works with high-level executives for one-on-one coaching and managerial level employees for group coaching. While at business school, she introduced experiential-based leadership development into the MBA context. Fascinated by the powerful intelligence of the body, she is also working on evoking creativity through movement, which inspires her doctoral research.

Helen House, CPCC, MCC

Helen is a fierce advocate for the notion that people are Naturally Creative, Resourceful and Whole. She brings this to her work as a coach, course leader, leader of Leadership Program, and curriculum designer for CTI. She has a passion for work that serves the disenfranchised such as bringing coaching to prisons and leadership development to non-profit leaders. Helen’s first career was in the arts where she ran a successful business as a glass blower/artist. A mother of two children, Helen makes her home near the historic capital of New York state.

Sam House, CPCC, MCC

Since he was an 11-year old captain of the Campus School crossing guards, Sam has actively engaged in guiding people across the street and beyond for many years. Sam provides customized, experiential-based leadership development programs and coaching to executives, managers, teams and individuals around the world. Sam has trained people in coaching skills on three continents, from such diverse settings as corporate boardrooms to federal prisons and everything in between. Formerly a psychotherapist and social worker, Sam has extensive experience in multiple settings, specializing in individual, family and couples therapy. When not engrossed in his work, Sam can be found enjoying his family, messing around in boats, biking the back roads or playing his guitar.

Erin Hutchins, CPCC, PCC

Erin is inspired by the opportunity to grow people - whether it’s through executive coaching, facilitation or having meaningful conversations.  Erin is passionate about heightening individual and organizational awareness to promote healthy and thriving environments.  Previously a Senior Manager in a consulting firm, Erin has contributed to successful wins of billion dollar federal government programs overseeing 30+ people. She has worked for PricewaterhouseCoopers in the United States and the United Kingdom working on various projects in organizational change, business development and continuous performance improvement. She has travelled and worked across various cultures in Europe and Asia.   Erin also spends her time reading the latest research on stress and wellness and linking the mind and body through moving meditations, yoga, and pilates.

Jeff Jacobson, CPCC, ACC

Jeff coaches and plays with people who yearn for bold, Technicolor lives. He has been involved in coaching and human growth work since 1994. Prior to coming to the world of coaching and leading for the Co-Active Leadership Program, Jeff worked in the field of language teaching and Chinese/English interpreting. His experience living in East and Southeast Asia ripped apart his world view and taught him to love things like seaweed, good directions and fine, fine storytelling. In addition to his own coaching practice, Jeff travels internationally for CTI leading coaching workshops.

Kelly Jones-Waller, CPCC, PCC

Kelly Jones-Waller is passionate about getting to the core of what matters most.  She believes that it is not until we know who we are that we can make our intended impact in the world.  As an executive leadership coach and strategist for individuals, teams, and organizations she uses her versatility to start the hard conversations that lead to personal fulfillment and professional achievement in a constantly evolving world.  Kelly combines twelve plus years of sales, marketing and strategic planning expertise with more than seventeen years of co-active® coaching to design and facilitate leadership development programs that evoke change.  Kelly leads the core curriculum for CTI and with agility translates co-activity into the organizational environment. Prior to her coaching career, Kelly held various positions in advertising, sales, merchandising and marketing management within the apparel industry for Levi Strauss & Co and Macy’s.

Janet Keller, CPCC, PCC

Janet Keller is an executive coach working with leaders and executive teams in the public benefit sector. In her work she focuses on increasing personal and organizational sustainability, creating visions with traction, and cultivating enjoyment. Since 1994 she has advised executive teams on organizational effectiveness, provided facilitation and mediation services, and designed and delivered curriculum on topics including peak performance, communication, and sustainable leadership. Currently, Janet is the Executive Director of Communities that Can!, a generative change approach supporting change leaders and engaged citizens to purposefully generate higher levels of health and well-being. A credentialed member of the ICF, Janet graduated Phi Beta Kappa from U.C. Berkeley. In her past life, Janet was an award-winning actress who performed professionally in the US and Europe. She lives with her partner and 15-year-old daughter in El Cerrito, CA.

Dorcas Kelley, MBA, CPCC, PCC, CMC

Master of Business Administration, University of California, Los Angeles

Dorcas has a driving passion to transform the world of coaching, one coach at a time, by helping each one discover their power and confidence as a leader in their coaching work, business and life. She balances a grounded presence with a wry sense of humor, playfully illuminating both our greatness and our humanity. In her roles of author, coach, trainer and consultant, she works with executives, business owners and entrepreneurs to reach the next level of success in their professional and personal lives. Her book, The Business of Coaching®, is now in its 4th edition. When she’s not consumed by her work or her writing, you’ll find her hiking with her dogs, digging in the garden, or volunteering at local non-profits.

Shannon Kelly, LICSW, CPCC, PCC

As an innovative coach and clinician and former non-profit leader, Shannon brings full-range authenticity to the circles of belonging she creates as a leader of transformational personal and professional growth seminars. She holds fast a fierce vision of a world where people are creatively and spiritually fulfilled. Her keen insight, wit, and compassionate heart combine to help clients and students live and work with integrity, joy, and purpose. Shannon received her Master's Degree in Social Work from Boston University.

Nick Kettles, MA, CPCC, PCC

As a coach and trainer Nick brings compassion and full permission in equal measure, inspiring change makers and executives to face up to our deepest challenge: to express our most authentic self, including those parts which we may have marginalised or found difficult to accept.  As a former journalist and published author, he also adds creative flair and guidance to help leaders give voice to their guiding purpose.  Nick has pursued a meditation practice in the Advaita Vedanta tradition for over 20 years, and today is committed to making the art of mindfulness and open presence accessible to the business world to help enhance engagement and productivity. When not redefining life at full-tilt, he finds retreat in the simple truths of everyday life near the French Pyrenees with his beloved partner and two warrior princess daughters.

Milne Kintner, CPCC, PCC

In her private coaching practice, Milne works with executives and managers at all levels of corporations, lawyers, physicians, symphonic conductors (people who are expected always to be right); poets and artists (who try to be true); scientists (who test for truth), and entrepreneurial people who purposely don't pay attention to “true” or “right”. Previous to coaching, her most compelling work was as a performance artist and mixed-media artist; in Mentoring, Intuition, and Leadership Development at the University of Minnesota in Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA; and as a parent to two daughters. She has always been interested in what it means (and takes) to live a life well, be grateful, and feel satisfaction.

Kat Kehres Knecht, CPCC, PCC

Kat is a writer, speaker, transformational entertainer, and a successful life and relationship coach. She is certified in several business and relationship coaching programs, and also offers business consulting. Kat specializes in working with leaders in love - those committed to making a difference in the world and who insist on having a fantastic personal life as well. She has created a powerful virtual women’s circle for female leaders who want to be in an enlightened community. Kat can be heard on the airwaves hosting her radio show, The Soul Mate Dating Game, and in print as a regular contributor to Choice, the magazine of professional coaching.

Davina Kobrin, CPCC, PCC

Davina’s believes that the world we create and the lives we lead are a personal expression of who we are fundamentally. The more congruent our Selves, our Businesses and Communities are; the easier life flows and the more we can achieve. Davina is an Executive Coach and Management Consultant working with high talent individuals, entrepreneurs and larger corporations to effect transitions and transformations. Davina’s reputation is for high-energy, robust relationships in which she cuts straight to the heartbeat of her clients, helping them tap into the engine of what makes them tick. Davina’s clients appreciate her ability to bridge right brain design with left brain application to co-create visionary solutions.

Eric Kohner, CPCC, ACC

Eric is an internationally recognized executive coach, trainer, keynote speaker and pioneer in the coaching profession. He is currently a senior trainer for the Coaches Training Institute. He and Cynthia Loy Darst have the distinction of being the first Front of the Room CTI leaders outside of the founders. Eric enjoys icon status in the business due, in part, to his fearlessness in calling people forth for the sake of their learning and leadership.  Prior to becoming a coach and leadership trainer, Eric worked for 20 years in the entertainment industry appearing on stage as well as in film and television. His latest endeavor is the 5 Knowledge Centers which he has co created with his partners Pim Harder and Krister Lowe of the Team Coaching Zone. Eric was born in NYC and was a taxi driver in the Big Apple early on in his acting career. He still carries a New York edge from those days, which he uses in service of his clients’ transformation. Eric currently lives in Pasadena, California with his wife and daughter.

Arzum Akduran Koseoglu, CPCC, PRSCC, PCC

Arzum is passionate about conscious, intentional leadership and relationships, and believes that this has the power to change the world. To fulfill this dream, she works as a leadership development and relationship systems coach, as well as designs and facilitates experiential workshops in Turkey, Europe, and the Middle East. She also incorporates into her work how to balance the feminine and masculine energies in one’s leadership style, and has developed a civil movement called “courageous conversations” that she leads to support peace in her land. A business owner since 2003, she is an entrepreneur in the coaching and consultancy sector, has a degree in Economics, and speaks English and French besides her native language Turkish.

Jayson Krause, CPCC, ACC

Jayson is a former national champion bobsled pilot, author of the book titled 52 People and Co-Active coach who works with emerging leaders and executives. Jayson joined CTI after his time working as a management consultant for the oil and gas sector in North America. An entrepreneur at heart, Jayson has managed three start-ups since 1998 and brings his entrepreneurial energy to both his corporate and individual clients. In addition to being a CTI leader and coach, Jayson manages the sales team for CTI. He lives with his wife and two children in Okotoks, Alberta.

Ute Kueffner, MBA, CPCC, PCC

MBA, University of Nuremberg, Germany

Ute worked 15 years as a senior leader in the software industry. She holds a global perspective as a result of her worldwide engagements and a long term business assignment in California. Ute has coached executives of multinational organizations and professionals outside corporations. She works with clients who want to make a life rather than just a living. She supports her clients in creating a meaningful life that is inspired by the heart and aligned with unique capabilities in the pursuit of creating value. In her coaching Ute integrates arts such as dancing, painting and singing. Her style is intuitive, visionary and goal-oriented. Ute coaches in English and German.

Emmanuelle Langlois, CPCC, PCC

Emmanuelle brings a wealth of commercial and international corporate experience that enables her to understand, connect and positively impact the executives she trains, facilitates and coaches. This is due to 20 years as a senior management consultant and leadership development executive. Emmanuelle has a long-standing track record of success in designing and facilitating sessions to drive individual and collective engagement through authentic and effective human interactions. She is known for her engaging and energetic facilitation style that contributes to create a unique learning experience.

Hope Langner, MS, CPCC, MCC

Hope is a seasoned trainer, manager and master coach who lives in upstate New York, and works with clients all over the world. Known for her huge heart, calm presence, and laser-sharp clarity, Hope believes that inner alignment is the path to personal, organizational and cultural change. In addition to her private clients, Hope is responsible for training and supervising CTI’s worldwide cadre of certification supervisors and assessors. Hope offers customized program design, coaching and mentoring to business leaders and professionals in other fields who want to incorporate coaching skills into their repertoire.  She also creates retreats and teleclasses open to people who want to reconnect to themselves and the natural world in these chaotic times.

Roxane Loiseaux, MA, CPCC, PCC

As a coach, Roxane mostly works with senior executives in multinational corporations, professionals and coaches-in-training. She brings focus and rigor together with warmth and lightness to serve her clients’ self-awareness, empowered choices, and full presence. As a trainer, Roxane specializes in leadership development. Her approach is a surprising and fun combination of co-activity, her philosophical background, the study of the Enneagram and body awareness through the practice of Nia™ and Leadership Embodiment. Just as she does whilst cooking, in her work Roxane loves adapting recipes and adding spices and colors!

Fernando Lopez, CPCC, ORSCC, PCC

Dual degree in Management and Technology from the Wharton School and the School of Engineering at the University of Pennsylvania.

Fernando Lopez is president of an executive coaching firm that specializes in helping clients create the space for powerful collaboration. Motivated by discovering innovative coaching approaches and sharing them with others, he has presented at the Toronto OD Network, the London ICF, the Growth Edge Network (GEN), and the ORSC Summit.  His mission is finding often-surprising solutions to leadership and relationship challenges.Previously, Fernando worked at Medsite Inc. (now part of WebMD) where he bridged technology and business teams. Having lived in Mexico, Toronto, New York, Hawaii, Munich, Brazil, and Chile, Fernando enjoys operating across different cultures.

Stephanie Lovinger, CPCC, PCC

Stephanie has been coaching, training and inspiring individuals and organizations to be better communicators since 1993. Her work has taken her everywhere from the cutting edge tech companies of Silicon Valley to Government Agencies. She currently focuses on individuals and leaders born between 1954 and 1965, also known as “Generation Jones,” and she finds that her clients want to create meaningful work and make powerful transitions from traditional employment to entrepreneurial livelihoods that are viable for the future. Her clients are drawn to her special blend of incisiveness, creativity and humor. Stephanie often combines image consulting with her coaching for powerful internal and external transformation.

Leslie Lupinsky, CPCC, MCC

Leslie has provided over 5000 hours of professional coaching to small business owners, solo entrepreneurs and coaches for over 14 years.  Her passion for business development from the heart has inspired her to develop five successful business development programs.  Her most recent popular program is called Inspired-On-Demand and she has co-facilitated over 500 participants in this fun approach to growing a small business. Leslie is the co-author of The Inspired Business Approach: Building Your Business From Inspiration, not Perspiration.