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Faculty - M through Z

Christie Mann, CPCC, PCC, MA

As a coach, leadership consultant, and Director of Co-Active Organizational Transformation for CTI – Christie is in full pursuit of her quest to infuse a relationship-based, person to person approach to leadership inside organizations.  A proud member of CTIs Faculty and Organizational Coaching Teams, delivering courses and coaching leaders in over 22 countries. In 2015, Christie graduated from the University of Santa Monica with a Masters in Spiritual Psychology. Christie coaches high-performing, senior and executive leaders, designs and delivers coaching and leadership programs inside Fortune 500 companies. In addition Christie delivers a series of experiential, developmental workshops to heighten self-awareness, build self-compassion and leadership skills among the vulnerable youth in the foster-care system in Ontario and juvenile detention centers in California.

Christie is an impactful coach, dynamic speaker consultant, facilitator, designer and business development director, she inspires individuals and organizations to develop people, drive business and ultimately improve lives.

Joni Mar, CPCC, MCC

Joni excels in coaching both executives and emerging high performers to be intentional decision makers, create a Co-Active culture, generate more impactful results and leave a meaningful legacy. Focusing on leveraging capabilities, leadership presence, and relationship management, her executive clients become more influential and inspiring leaders fueled by their passion and purpose.  With Joni’s acute understanding of human behaviour, coaching with her is profound yet playful. Prior to coaching Joni was an award-winning television journalist and entrepreneur. She is the co-author of “The Inspired Business Approach: Building Your Business from Inspiration, not Perspiration”, a newspaper columnist on workplace issues, and the creator of an acclaimed business program for executives transitioning to entrepreneurship.

Nick Martin, MSc, CPCC, PCC

MSc, Management Development and Training, University of Bristol

Following a first career as a chartered accountant with one of the major accounting firms, Nick has been working in training and development since 1994.  As a trainer he works with leaders in organizations from local charities to large multinationals.  As a coach he works with owners of small businesses and with people with brains who are realizing that they have a body and emotions as well.  His vision is of a world where we live more lightly with one another and with our planet.  He is accredited to use a range of psychometric instruments, including MBTI, FIRO-B, the Leadership Circle and the Team Diagnostic Assessment.

Pamela Mattsson, CPCC, PCC

Pamela is a model for living a passionate and balanced life. She specializes in what she calls “life leadership” and is deeply committed to her clients’ success, happiness, and wildest dreams. Pamela firmly believes that life leadership is about taking responsibility for what you are creating in your life, reconnecting to your inner core or humanness, and authentically honoring your values. Pamela’s coaching style combines her immense entrepreneurial and business experience with her intense compassion and powerful intuition. She works magic with executives and teams as they realign their daily actions with their deepest desires and values in order to unleash powerful potential. Pamela currently splits her time between Sweden and the US.

Anne Grete Mazziotta, MA, CPCC, PCC

Anne Grete models the power of the feminine and brings this to her role as leader in the Co-Active Leadership Program and workshop leader for other CTI programs. Her presence fosters tremendous safety and openness to individuals and groups and deepens their personal discovery process. She is passionate about the possibilities of people coming together and forming communities to effect immense positive change in one another and the world. Prior to becoming a coach in 1996, she worked as a counselor in a variety of settings including a women's prison, secondary schools, and a mental health day treatment facility. She has also worked as a massage therapist and has held a lifelong interest in the healing arts.

Kenneth Mossman, MFA, CPCC, PCC

Ken Mossman brings three decades of leadership experience across a breadth of industries and locales to his work. His coaching clients are primarily fathers who recognize that being a winning executive, a solid leader and a great dad needn’t be mutually exclusive. Passionately committed to an unapologetically creative, expressive life, he also works with “Creative Cliff-Jumpers,” including film makers, actors, writers, musicians and visual artists. Ken’s love of coaching and teaching, and his quirky, often absurd way of seeing the world, add up to a leadership style that’s lively, intuitive, eccentric, fun and more than slightly irreverent. He lives with his wife and son—and an expanding quiver of guitars—in Upstate New York.

Jonelle Naude, MSc, CPCC, ACC

Jonelle is as much a pioneer and visionary as she is a grounded researcher and academic. In addition to coaching, consulting, training and facilitating across public, private and non-profit sectors, Jonelle also founded the No-Name Initiative (NNI): transformational dialogue for active citizenship in 2010. Born from her role as change agent and facilitator in South Africa’s journey of healing and democratic development, this movement now has an international presence. Since 2006, Jonelle has worked hard on the professional development, validity and standardization of coaching and mentoring and has presented her own research findings conferences contributing to the international body of coaching knowledge. Jonelle lives in Cape Town and London.

María Gómez Navarro, HRM, CPCC, PCC

María is an experienced executive and personal coach, and workshop leader. She has worked with individuals and teams since 2003. Prior to coaching, María spent over fifteen years in industry as a senior human resources manager, where she specialized in talent management and development. Her work is inherently global in nature involving multinational teams and business units spread across the world. Coaching with María enables her clients to move to their next level of growth and fulfillment. As a workshop leader, María specializes in training individuals and groups in personal growth, strengths, values, relationships, freedom, decisions making, sense of life, and fulfillment. In addition to being a CTI faculty member, María is a CTI certification supervisor and currently works as senior Human Resources manager in Telefonica.

Ken Oakley, CPCC, PCC

Ken is a trainer, leadership consultant, and coach dedicated to helping people achieve their full potential and thrive in all areas of their lives. With over 25 years of experience, he has worked with thousands of people worldwide to maximize joy, satisfaction, and effectiveness. Ken focuses on three areas: relationship coaching – helping people find and enhance healthy relationships; business building – using social media to simplify marketing and leverage results; and somatic learning – accessing the wisdom of the body. Ken serves director of social marketing for a company specializing in helping solo-entrepreneurs build thriving businesses.

Daniel Poch Ochoa, CPCC

Daniel is a playful, passionate and creative executive coach and leadership trainer who works with individuals and teams. His focus is to empower leadership in creative and experiential ways by helping individuals recover the connection with their authentic selves and their creative power for the sake of wholeness and wholehearted living. Daniel’s vision is to create sustainable communities grounded in a new humanity driven by love, connection and vulnerability. When he is not in the work arena, Daniel can be found playing with his three kids and his family, running marathons, or hiking in the mountains. Being in connection with his beloved ones and nature is his source of energy.

Jimena Romero Oneto, MBA, CPCC, PCC

Jimena’s mission is awakening and empowering a new generation of leaders who inspire others to lead with consciousness, clear intention, authenticity and responsibility. As a leadership development trainer and coach in the corporate world, she designs customized and experiential programs, inviting clients to walk the land of courage, growth, and accountability. Jimena holds a Marketing Degree and an MBA in business. She is certified in the use of the Leadership Circle Profile and the Leadership Development Frame. Jimena currently lives in Barcelona and was born in Argentina. She loves the connection with nature, living a wild adventure life and is a fan of photography.

Antony Parry, CPCC, PCC

Antony worked for more than three decades as a news reporter, editor and a trainer of journalists on four continents. He now coaches individuals, teams and relationships, and specializes in writers, consultants and financial experts—or anyone else who turns up with a sense of fun and adventure. He still turns his hand to writing and course design and loves working with individuals, systems and relationships facing tough and rewarding challenges.

Doug Peck, MS, CPCC, PCC

MS, Computer Science, Stevens Institute of Technology

In addition to over 30 corporate years as a senior executive, software pioneer, and engineer, Doug is a yachtsman, chef, opera-lover, diver, art historian, musician, mechanic, and world traveler. He is curious about everything, pretty good at many things, and always looking for unusual adventure—which is how he came to coaching. Doug is passionate about finding how to make things work, especially the lives of his executive clients and the teams that he coaches. He celebrates the discovery and use of your full, unique potential, and the adventure of the journey, with enthusiasm and compassion. Doug is certified in The Leadership Circle and other assessment tools, and trained in Relationship Systems coaching and Strengths Coaching.

Véronique Pigeon, CPCC, PCC

Véronique is a passionate woman in constant awareness of personal development, living in the present moment and gratitude, as well as life purpose. She is a proud CTI faculty member as a Co-Active coach and supervisor who supports her clients around the world through her enthusiasm and bold courage. Equally proficient in French and English, Véronique coaches individuals on discovering their dreams; creatively walking toward their most fulfilling personal goals. She also coaches corporate clients around the world in their purpose and leadership to develop, focus and sustain their ultimate quest. Véronique possesses more than 20 years of experience in human resources and corporate communications in top Fortune 500 companies including the pharmaceutical and information technology industries. Easygoing, compassionate and joyful, she lives in Montréal, Canada with her teenage daughter and son.

Louise Poisson, CPCC, PCC

Louise works with teams and their leaders, nurturing the concept of shared leadership and collaborative spirit and unleashing the team's agility and performance. She crowned her career in the advertising field as Creative Services Director after leading multi-cultural teams and various communication projects for 20 years. She lived in New York, Dubai and resides now in Montreal, Canada and contributed to the introduction of CTI in the Middle East and Montreal. In addition to being and artist and leading creative expression workshops, Louise loves diversity, fishing and swimming in the rivers of her beloved country.

Alberto Polloni, CPCC, PCC

Alberto is the co-founder of a multicultural executive coaching and leadership training company. He was educated in the field of architecture, commercial interior design, and branding design in Chile, Italy and the United States. He has been a creative, passionate and successful entrepreneur all of his life and when he discovered coaching, he knew he found his ultimate calling. Alberto is a spiritual adventurer, living his physical experience with joy, love and compassion.

Sue Powell, MBA, CPCC, PCC

MBA, Manchester Business School

Sue works with executives and their teams in multinational organizations, as well as with private individuals and groups. Her background includes over 15 years as a senior leader in sales and marketing for corporations. Sue designs and delivers leadership and team programs to transform awareness and behavior, create greater fulfillment, and improve performance. She is known for bringing a combination of directness, humor, pragmatism, and playfulness to her work. Sue is also a trained Relationship and Career Coach. Sue splits her time between London and Ireland, and loves to travel. When she’s not working, Sue enjoys being with close friends and family, dancing, and singing.

Lauren Powers, CPCC, MCC

A leadership coach and organization development consultant, Lauren supports people in initiating and sustaining significant change. With twenty years of experience in organization and individual learning, Lauren co-designs change programs with individuals, groups, and with corporations and universities worldwide.  A senior faculty member with CTI since 1998, she has taught coaching skills to thousands of people in the Americas, Europe, and Asia. Lauren is the author of “The Trouble with Thinking” a book on how our perceptions create our realities. Fun and Ease are two of her highest values, which Lauren honors every chance she gets (particularly with clients).

Gonan Premfors, CPCC

With a career that spans the airline, leisure, and financial industries, Gonan is one of the main drivers of the coaching movement in the Arabian Peninsula. The founder of CTI UAE and the Gulf Cooperation Council, she works tirelessly to bring CTI’s training and philosophy to course participants and corporations in the region. She coaches entrepreneurs, business leaders, and professional athletes, and regularly works with government entities on leader development. Gonan is also a passionate mother, and together with Henry Kimsey-House, has developed the Parentology workshop. She has spoken at both TEDxDubai and TEDxSantaCruz about relationships and trust.

Johan Premfors, CPCC

Johan is a former banker and stockbroker turned entrepreneur and coach. His background serves him well in his practice, which includes coaching entrepreneurs, bankers, business owners, and senior managers. In addition to being a CTI leader and coach, Johan manages CTI in the Arabian Peninsula. He is based in Dubai and regularly travels throughout the region. Born in Sweden but with a childhood spent in countries including Pakistan, Kenya, and Turkey, Johan loves the cultural diversity of the Middle East and the challenges and opportunities that arise from the region. Johan spoke at TEDxSantaCruz in 2011 together with Gonan Premfors.

Abigail Morgan Prout, MA, CPCC, PCC

Abigail is a spiritual talent scout.  With a background in Therapy, she has worked as a professional Co-Active coach for 16 years.  She grows leaders in the world by waking them up to their unique abilities. She also co-leads courses for women committed to creating from their vision in relationship. Abigail specializes in developing powerful leadership presence, inter-personal communication skills and emotional intelligence. Her motto is, "We are here to learn from each other".  She lives in Washington State with her husband, Clive and their two young daughters in a net-zero straw bale co-housing community which they helped build.

Clive Prout, MA, CPCC, PCC

MA, Engineering and Management, University of Cambridge, England

Clive works with senior leaders who want to have greater impact in the world while remaining true to their spiritual essence.  His work as an executive coach, helping professionals find their path, has been featured in books and national magazines, including Men’s Journal and Kiplinger’s Personal Finance. Prior to becoming a coach in 2000, Clive held VP positions in software marketing and led the marketing function for the UK’s first Internet IPO. Clive received Engineering and Management degrees from Cambridge University, and also lived and studied in a meditation ashram for 7 years. He and his wife, Abigail, live on Lopez Island, WA where they are raising two young daughters.

LA Reding, M.Ed., CPCC, MCC

L.A. has been striding down a path of leadership all her life. She is an unconventional woman with a wicked sense of humor. L.A. admits to being an intuitive introvert who works from the inside out. She takes risks while being light, caring and pushing hard. She will do whatever it takes for you to be your best and to go where you haven’t gone before. L.A. has a stately presence that creates safety and trust. Her deep passion is for people to embody mastery and knows that individual mastery is unique and shows up in fascinating ways. Not one to waste words, her career has spanned 40 years of service in the field of human relations. Currently L.A. is working with Fortune 100 companies around the world to help leaders own their own power and style from the inside out. Her mission is to identify and serve a new generation of global leaders.

Ron Renaud, CPCC, PCC

Beginning his working life as a laborer at 18, Ron realized the inertia of living the life he was born into was going to dictate his future, unless he found who he was and how he would choose to live his life.  In 2010, after more than 10 years of coaching and teaching around the world and studying countless personal growth philosophies, Ron decided it was time to stop talking and start writing a book that captured his philosophy for living an extraordinary life.  The Uncompromised, teaches anyone how to immediately live the uncompromised version of their lives. Now, after more than 15 years of coaching professional athletes, recovering addicts, international business leaders and inner city homeless, Ron works 1-on-1 with individuals committed to living the uncompromised version of their lives.

Sandra Richardson, MCC, CPCC, PCC

Sandra is passionate about unleashing the unique potential that lies within people and particularly enjoys working with people on confidence building. For the past ten years she has run her own coaching practice and prior to that worked in-house as a career coach and HR manager for a blue chip organization, having transitioned from an earlier career in public relations. Sandra has a warm and insightful style. She is open, honest and passionate about people. Sandra is an Authorized Team Diagnostic Facilitator, is MBTI qualified and has a diploma in Solutions-Focused counseling.  She also runs coaching-led retreats to help people revitalize their lives. Sandra lives in the UK.

Camilla Rogers, MA, CPCC, PCC

MA, Organization Development/Psychology, Sonoma State University

Camilla coaches those who seek a greater depth of their spirituality and want to honor their highest creative expressions in the world. Camilla has melded her exploration and understanding of depth psychology with her 30 years of metaphysical study, and developed a journal method she calls Personal Storying. In her training work within corporate and business environments, Camilla engages executives, front-line managers and team leaders hungry to embrace Co-Active coaching skills and enhance their personal communication effectiveness. Camilla is also the founder of a digital storytelling company.

Olga Romanillos, PhD, CPCC, PCC

PhD, University of Madrid, Spain

Before becoming an executive coach and trainer in 2007, Olga worked for almost 20 years in various sales and marketing management positions at a large multinational company both in Spain and at the headquarters office in the Netherlands. She easily connects with the nature of issues that managers in multinationals face and she supports them in aligning their personal vision and values with those of their teams or companies. Her positive, intuitive, and enthusiastic personality combined with an authentic championing power encourages people to grow and expand their capacities. Amongst other assessment tools and coaching models, she is a practitioner of the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator, The Leadership Circle Profile, and Presence Based Coaching. Olga coaches and trains in English and Spanish, and currently lives in the Netherlands.

Jaume Roset, CPCC, PCC

Jaume is a passionate coach, trainer and consultant. When he met CTI in 2009, his life changed forever. With a professional background of 15 years working as a manager and trainer in international top consulting firms, he started to run his own coaching practice in 2010. He works as an executive coach in a business school and is one of the founders of an organization that teaches coaching skills and provides tools for parents, families and schools.

Nathalie Rubin, CPCC, MBA, MSc, PCC

Nathalie Rubin coaches individuals to find their own expression of leadership in their work and personal lives. Nathalie is also the founder of 'life-dancing' programs designed for women to help them connect positively with their body and their life, using free-dance and movement improvisation. Nathalie is originally from Belgium, has lived in 10 countries, and loves to work with people from different cultures, in French, English, Hebrew or Spanish. Her rich background in management ranges from finance and due diligence in the private sector in Israel and USA, to managing post-conflict stabilization programs in Kosovo, Angola and Haiti. After returning to live in the Middle East in 2008, she fell in love with Co-Active coaching and leadership. In her spare time she practices yoga and continues to expand her language skills by learning spoken Arabic to better connect with her Arab clients and neighbors.

Pilar Rueda García Yakar, CPCC, PCC

Pilar worked for more than 10 years in different high-tech companies managing and leading multi-disciplinary teams before becoming a coach. Her passion for coaching comes from her belief that more than a methodology, coaching is a language, which enables a different way of being in relationship with oneself and with others based on individuals owning our freedom to choose consciously and create new realities. She coaches and trains in English, Spanish and Hebrew, all of which she speaks fluently, and her clients include executives from different companies ranging from family business to corporations. Pilar has lived in various countries across 3 continents and currently lives in Madrid with her husband and child.

Jeaneen R. Schmidt, CPCC, PCC

Jeaneen thrives on coaching female executives and professionals who are committed to realizing and achieving their deepest potential in their professional and personal lives. She holds the vision that professional success, fulfillment and sustainability can co-exist. Prior to founding her coaching practice in 2000, Jeaneen spent 15 years as a leader and executive in the corporate world productively building businesses and motivating employees to create success for themselves and their organizations. Jeaneen is a world-class sailor, having placed 17th in North America on an all-female crew. She has practiced meditation since 1991 and brings a strong intuitive sense to everything.

Lorry Schneider, CPCC, PCC

Lorry is a highly skilled facilitator and coach with a direct, caring approach. He has been affiliated with CTI since 2000 both as a facilitator and certification supervisor. Prior to that, Lorry spent 15 years in the private sector on a progressive career path within diverse businesses. As a coach with particular emphasis on leadership development, Lorry works with executives and entrepreneurs who recognize the value of having an objective sounding board they can trust. He firmly believes in total commitment to his clients’ leadership development, as well as their personal growth. Lorry also works with senior executive teams to assist them in their development and serves as a facilitator for off-site strategic planning.

Jill Schropp, MPA, CPCC, PCC

Bush Leadership Fellow, Harvard University
Master in Public Administration, University of Washington

Jill brings to coaching and CTI faculty positions a life-long commitment to inspiring individuals to realize their dreams and make a positive difference in the world. Her more than 40 years of progressive leadership in the private, public, and non-profit sectors include being a newspaper and magazine editor, spearheading major political campaigns on behalf of human rights and the environment, and special honors for her journalistic and community endeavors. A depth of spirit and playfulness infuse her many interests and she has huge gratitude for her life with her wife and varied pets in the Pacific Northwest.

Marie-Caroline Schwering, MSc, CPCC, MCC

Marie-Caroline specializes in coaching and training leaders, executives, and teams across a range of industries both multinational and international. She is fluent in five languages: English, French, German, Dutch, and Italian. Marie-Caroline’s coaching approach involves taking the client out of their comfort zone and into the area of emotional intelligence where they learn to deal with their emotions and use them as strengths rather than weaknesses. Her team coaching philosophy is based on coaching a system, not a group of individuals. The purpose is to build competency as a team, taking ownership and responsibility for its own change, in order to increase autonomy and achieve maximum effectiveness. Marie-Caroline’s classroom leading and training focuses on deepening leadership competences, skills and abilities to enhance personal effectiveness, impact and satisfaction.

Andrew Sheridan, CPCC, PCC

A recovering investment banker, Andrew chose to leave the corporate world in 2007, embarking on a journey that included in-depth study and research in the fields of social science, psychology, leadership and management theory. Eventually Andrew found his place back in that field—but this time, from the outside—with a mission to change the way organizations think about, and respond to, the needs of their most precious asset: the people. Joining forces with other self-confessed agents-of-change, Andrew is a founder of a company anchored in the belief that people deserve better. Currently based in Luxembourg, he is fluent in both French and German.

Mary Beth Shewan, MS, MSc, BCC, CPCC, MCC

MSc, Career Counseling, Georgia State University

Mary Beth is a dynamic teacher who inspires deep transformation with a playful, practical approach that creates both personal and professional alignment. She is an internationally known consciousness teacher, Master business/career coach, and trainer. She developed a self-coaching awareness program she calls Living Masters, combining her wisdom in expanding consciousness with her love of coaching.  Her life’s work has centered on assisting others to awaken their gifts, talents, and personal Mastery. She is a real-life example for those who are looking to expand their consciousness through self-love, compassion, and intuition. She resides in Eugene, OR.

Abi Shilon, MBA, CPCC, PCC

Master of Business Administration, University of Derby

Trained as an engineer, Abi has 27 years of experience in high tech. During this career Abi managed teams that developed equipment and software for international telecommunication companies and managed R&D, marketing and business development groups. Abi is an entrepreneur, coach and a leader who founded CTI-Israel in 2003. As a coach, Abi works with entrepreneurs, high tech organizations, executives and mid-level corporate managers, and community leaders. He also facilitates groups in effective leadership, communication skills and vision creation. Abi is a seasoned clarinet player, playing mostly classical chamber music with amateur ensembles.

Andrea Sigetich, MSc, CPCC, MCC

MSc, Human Resources Management, University of Utah

With the demeanor of a sage, leavened with a strong dose of animation, Andrea brings over three decades of leadership development experience to her work developing leadership strategies in organizations, training coaching skills in both large and small organizations, and mentoring.  She is crazy about inspiring individuals to grow and develop.  Andrea has held senior leadership positions in Fortune 500 organizations including General Electric, Digital Equipment, and Novell.  She has two published books, An Entrepreneur’s Trail Guide and Play to Your Strengths.  Andrea enthusiastically pursues hiking, kayaking, and improvisation from her home in Bend, Oregon.

Nina Simonds, MA, CPCC, ORSCC, PCC

Nina is a seasoned executive and team coach with more than 20 years of experience developing people.  In addition to training and supervising coaches all other the world in Co-Active coaching, Nina is the founder and owner of her own coaching and training firm, where she designs and leads a variety of leadership and team development programs with outcomes that range from developing emerging leaders to building trust within a cross-functional team.  As a facilitator and team coach for Microsoft’s Foundations of Management residential, Nina helped managers of managers develop new leadership capability to create sustainable and systemic change in their teams.

Inge Simons, MBA, MsC, CPCC, MCC

Inge brings close to 20 years of international corporate experience to coaching and training engagements and is currently running three companies. Passionate about bringing more diversity to the boardroom, Inge works with both Fortune 500 and leading edge companies to make a difference. She speaks English, French, German and Flemish and is the Chief Wizard of a clan which includes daughter Lola, son Louis, and her husband along with three dogs and four cats. The family is on the move in Switzerland, Austria and Belgium.

David Skibbins, CPCC, PCC

David is a life coach who specializes in working with entrepreneurs, business owners, upper level managers, and other coaches. A supervisor at CTI, he is also certified by the International Coach Federation as a Professional Certified Coach (PCC). David holds a Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology and was a psychotherapist for over twenty years. He is co-author of The Stake: The Making of Leaders, with CTI co-founder Henry Kimsey-House, and the author of “Becoming a Life Coach: A Complete Workbook for Therapists”, "Rose's Little Handbook of Psychotherapy" and “Working Clean and Sober”, as well as four published murder mysteries. David is also a playwright, actor, and director in several local theater groups on the north coast of California.

Marla Skibbins, CPCC, MCC

Marla has been coaching and training internationally since 1996. Marla is a passionate advocate for entrepreneurs, managers and leaders in organizations thriving in their work and lives. Her coaching is an unusual blend of business savvy and spiritual perspective. She knows the ins and outs of being a successful business person and the pitfalls a professional may encounter while developing their business. She is the founder of a company dedicated to coaches building a thriving coaching business. Marla resides in Sea Ranch on the Sonoma coast in California.

Pam Solberg-Tapper, MHSA, CPCC, PCC

Masters Degree in Health Services Administration, University of St Francis

As an internationally experienced coach and consultant, Pam provides the tools and spark to help her clients articulate their vision, and improve their performance as well as their quality of life. Pam provides coaching and consulting in the following areas: visioning, executive level leadership development, on-boarding, 360 administration/action planning, transition and change, and organizational development. Pam is dedicated to working with leaders who make a positive impact on humanity, the environment or with animals. Her quest has been to run a marathon on all seven continents.

David Storkholm, CPCC, PCC

David specializes in coaching and leadership training. He creates powerful spaces for learning that explores the potential, talent and self-leadership.  David combines his artistic background as a musician, his education in leadership, and his CTI training into a cocktail of hands-on experience, intuition, curiosity, knowledge and creativity. As a team leader at an organization whose aim is to create the framework where young, creative minds become leaders, David enjoys the opportunity to support young people stepping into their dreams. David lives in Denmark with his wife and two children.

Jeremy Stover, CPCC, PCC

Jeremy specializes in developing leaders and helping organizations get the most from their teams. From corporate giants to high-tech start-ups, from seasoned executives to engineers transitioning into leadership roles, he identifies inherent strengths and skills that can be amplified and developed for success.

Jeremy believes that today's organizations face rapidly shifting challenges and that the most successful leaders focus on increasing productivity through fulfillment rather than control. By recognizing each team member as naturally creative and resourceful, organizations can learn to evoke strengths that serve the individual while creating more productivity and success for the whole.

Eva Szita-Morris, PhD, CPCC, ORSCC, PCC

Eva brings to her coaching a rich variety of personal and international business life experiences. Eva has an international clientele and leads a group of associates. She coaches on mid-career reviews and changes for both newly appointed and established leaders. She has delivered top level corporate assignments in leadership training. Eva is particularly skillful in creating learning, and then supporting actions using her real, authentic coaching style – where she evokes her clients’ inherent leadership qualities, while operating within codes of strong professional ethics, integrity, and a commitment to excellence.

Rick Tamlyn, MFA, CPCC, MCC

Rick Tamlyn inspires people to be their best. His compelling purpose is to encourage and assist others so that when they reach the end of their lives they can say, “That was a great life!” rather than, “I wish I had done more.”

In 2001, Rick co-created The Bigger Game: a tool that inspires people from all walks of life to get out of their comfort zones and invent the lives they want. Rick is the author of Play Your Bigger Game: 9 Minutes to Learn, a Lifetime to Live published in 2013.

As a trusted advisor for Fortune 100 companies, small businesses, nonprofits, and churches, he has built a global audience, speaking and conducting workshops in more than 17 countries. His current bigger game is “to activate millions of people around the world to play their own compelling bigger games.”

Bassem Terkawi, CPCC, ACC

With over 18 years experience in the field of communications, Bassem has gained profound insight on building media relations, initiating crisis management strategies, elevating brand awareness, and implementing innovative and successful strategies for companies with multi-billion dollar portfolios. In addition to his management, mentoring and interpersonal skills, he is committed to comprehensive training programs in leadership, protocol and coaching. Bassem has been instrumental in building and driving community engagement initiatives as well as in supporting various individuals – from groups of fresh graduates to well-established professionals – excel in their professions. Bassem is based in Dubai, UAE.

Evelyn Thomas, CPCC, PCC

Evelyn is passionate about awakening individuals to the opportunities that help them realize more of who they are and what they want in their lives. She loves coaching her clients to come out from the places where they have been hiding and claim their place in the world. Evelyn has been a volunteer leader with Girlguiding UK for over 30 years, working with girls and adult leaders to help them reach their potential. After a 20-year career in IT, Evelyn decided to focus on the development of people and received her BA in Psychology from the University of Wales. Becoming a Co-Active Coach built on her experience and she is especially committed to the professional development of other coaches. Evelyn is an accredited Coaching Supervisor and a member of the Association for Coaching Supervisors.

Anat Treister-Goren, PhD, CPCC, MCC, ORSCC

Anat specializes in executive, team, and relationship coaching, as well as individual and collaborative leadership development. Her diverse background includes an academic career in the field of brain and language processing with a focus on schizophrenia; executive management in R&D, marketing, and business development for the high-tech industry; and professional acting and singing. Anat created the Hebrew version of the book Co-Active Coaching and adapted the model to fit the local culture. She is a full-time coach and leader, and in her private practice focuses on organizational coaching, women in leadership positions, and personal and system development.

Brian Tucker

Brian’s passion is waking up the leader inside each of us. His down to earth nature and no-nonsense approach help people see their true potential, step into their leadership and lose the many masks they have created over the years. Cutting through the years of ingrained learning about perfectionism and getting things ‘right’, Brian masterfully helps others to find their unique brilliance and authentic voice.

Currently serving as a Co-President of CTI, Brian is a firm believer that, whether you are an entrepreneur, an executive, or a great parent, relationship is what makes us successful. Brian currently leads team development workshops, the Co-Active Leadership Program, and CTI itself, with the foundational principle that all people are leaders on a journey of self-discovery and the biggest obstacle in that journey is ourselves. When not working to transform lives at CTI, he loves spending time in the tropics, with his son, reading, and being out in nature somewhere on or near the water.

Gülruh Turhan, CPCC, PCC

Based in the beautiful city of Istanbul, Gulruh works mainly with executives, teams and coaches in training. Her style ranges from fierce and calling forth to friendly and playful. She has a curious and passionate personality and enjoys sharing her knowledge and experience with other people. Prior to becoming a coach, Gulruh worked as a private banker in major financial institutions. Gulruh is a keen traveler, yoga practitioner and contemporary art lover. She is grateful for the life she has with her husband and two children.

Susan Valdiserri, MS, CPCC, PCC

MSc, Managerial Communication, Northwestern University

Susan Valdiserri is a dynamic business professional with extensive years of executive coaching, leadership development and learning design, combined with engineering, sales and consulting experience. Susan’s passion is unleashing the power of teams through collaboration, and revealing the heart of leaders through authentic connection. She believes that when people show up fully present, expressing their passion and owning their purpose, anything is possible. Susan partners with coaching and consulting firms to roll out leadership development and coaching programs for high potential professionals; leveraging certifications in Co-Active Coaching, Co-Active Facilitation and the Leadership Circle 360 Assessment. Susan earned her MS degree in Managerial Communication from Northwestern University, and her BS and BA degrees in Engineering and Italian from the University of Notre Dame.

Angelique van Dam, Drs, CPCC, PCC

Angelique will call you forth in your unique leadership. Coaching has been part of all Angelique’s professional life: first as a medical doctor and an acupuncturist and now in her own coaching and training company. This professional experience combined with her life experience as a mother of three, who has lived abroad for many years with the family, come together in her coaching and leadership training for corporations and individuals. A Dutch CTI leader, Angelique is multilingual and has extensive international experience. She believes that connecting soul, body, heart and mind will give you endless possibilities, whatever comes your way.

Barb Van Hare, CPCC, PCC

Barb has a contagious enthusiasm for change, and an eye for finding and promoting positive deviance.  She is wired to connect in a meaningful way with individuals, teams, and corporations.  Barb has two decades of corporate experience as an organizational change consultant, organizational development leader, and executive coach.  As an executive coach and leadership consultant, she helps organizations clarify their vision, transform their leadership capabilities, and deliver results with a positive impact.

Judy van Zon, MSc, CPCC, ORSCC, PCC

After living and working in several countries, Judy speaks the language of people who are crossing a border, physically as well as emotionally. In short, she works with people who are going through personal or professional change. She has extensive experience in life, executive and team coaching. Her skills as a compassionate, no-nonsense listener also support her role as a trainer, facilitator and mentor. Her work shows people how to unleash their powerful potential and create opportunities for growth. Her key word is depth, both as in living life fully as well as in taking full responsibility; for self as well as for collaborating with others.

Alex Verlek van Tienhoven, CPCC, MCC

Alex has a background in HR and Management Science. After working in various companies in both of those fields, coaching found him. He now leads all the courses in CTI’s coaching curriculum and is a Certification Pod Leader. Working in three different languages and using those skills to translate CTI’s course material into Dutch, his mother tongue, Alex was instrumental in introducing CTI’s first Dutch Intermediate coaching program. Alex considers himself an awareness builder and a transformation evoker, working with professional service providers and higher management with an additional passion for coaching CTI Certification students.

John Vercelli, MA, CPCC

MA, Education, Stanford University

John is adept at translating complex ideas into easily understood and applied models or tools that have a “practical wisdom” to them.  He designs and delivers corporate leadership development and training programs, conducts team development off-sites, and provides executive coaching. He has worked with manufacturing companies, financial institutions, health care providers, research institutions, government agencies, and defense contractors. John brings a broad academic background and 17 years management experience to working with clients. He holds Bachelor’s degrees in Human Biology and Electrical Engineering, and a Master’s degree in Education. His management experience includes design engineering, manufacturing engineering, quality, and production. He is certified to use the Leadership Circle Profile© and is an active member of the International Coach Federation. John lives with his wife in the mountains of northern California where he enjoys hiking, skiing, and kayaking.

Laurent Vuibert, MBA, CPCC, PCC

Laurent is intentionally creating the world he wants to live in with the people he loves. He is insightful, courageously provocative, and believes in challenging rules and stories to serve our creative evolution. In his coaching practice, he supports his clients to purposefully lead societal changes with integrity and audacity. Prior to coaching, he played senior roles with game-changing entrepreneurs in distribution, shipbuilding, and natural resources in Europe and Asia. French born, after three years in China, he has been living in Singapore since 2007 where he is a permanent resident with his wife and two daughters.

Emma Wheat, CPCC, PCC

Emma blends her past experiences as an educator, British Embassy commercial officer, senior manager, and corporate ambassador with powerful coaching to create transformation within people at all levels of life experience. Her background as a leader and facilitator of workshops allows her to work easily with senior executives and teams to insure synergy and change. Using a variety of tools and assessments, Emma works with both teams and individuals in the corporate world to coach and develop personal leadership styles, identifying strengths that will result in outstanding performance. She helps clients to manage change, enhance performance, discover solutions, and create their own sustainability. Her insight and understanding of a wide range of cultures stems from over 16 years living and working in the Middle East, Europe, and Asia.  She is currently based in France.

Sydney Wiecking, CPCC, PCC

Sydney works with her clients as a catalyst for change, bringing forth insights and elements perhaps unseen, enabling them to feel and experience their lives and careers in new ways. Foremost in Sydney’s process are the intentions and aspirations of her client, shaping her work around the whole person.  Sydney’s home is in Hawaii where she feels inspired and energized by nature. Sydney joined the Co-Active community as a student in 2009, became a CTI faculty member in 2012 and is also a certification program leader.  She uses the Co-Active Coaching and Co-Active Leadership models as a foundation for her work as an executive coach, the design and facilitation of teen leadership programs and as a coach in the health and wellness field.

Cat Williford, CPCC, MCC

Cat was one of the first coaches that CTI certified in 1994, one of the first CTI leaders and one of the first coaches to receive the MCC designation from the International Coach Federation. In addition to offering programs designed for pioneering breakthrough women leaders, as well as customized individual retreats, Cat offers coaching programs that include ceremony and ritual, physical wellbeing and healing and strategic business savvy. Clients include executives, managers, and entrepreneurs based across the UK, Europe, Australia and North America. Also passionate about deliberate and authentic communication, Cat trains individuals and groups to speak with vision, inspiration and authority.

Megan Jo Wilson, CPCC, PCC

Megan Jo Wilson is a coach, trainer, mom and professional singer/songwriter based in Cape Elizabeth, Maine. In her coaching and consulting practice, she is committed to supporting new coaches in developing visionary businesses through spiritual entrepreneurship. Standing firmly in her belief that “there is nothing more expensive than boredom,” she also partners with small businesses and organizational teams to support them in expanding fulfillment, creativity, and humanity in the workplace. In addition to performing and recording her own original material, Megan also sings regularly with The Fogcutters Big Band, Birdland Jazz Quartet, and a gospel choir in Portland, Maine.

Signy Wilson, MIR, CPCC, PCC

Masters of Industrial Relations and Human Resources, Queen’s University, Kingston ON

Signy brings her dynamic enthusiasm and focused directness to her work as a coach and workshop leader. Placing high value on honoring people and their life paths, Signy has developed diverse experience in identifying and working with human potential, drawing out excellence in all people. A visionary, Signy has presented illuminating workshops in an authentic and engaging way for over 10 years. In speaking from her heart, she encourages and inspires both groups and individuals to see how they are capable of amazing things. Signy’s passion for people coupled with her survival of cancer, sparks her fiercely held perspective that every human life is precious. She combines the power of fun, faith and ease to create and re-establish focus and balance in people’s personal and business lives.

Elizabeth Woodbridge, CPCC, PCC

Elizabeth’s specialty is working with individuals and teams to develop effective communication and leadership skills to consciously create their desired results using practical tools for a fast-paced and rapidly evolving world. She has been developing and leading workshops in personal development, wellness, leadership and coaching for the past 15 years. Her professional experience includes Executive Director of non-profit organizations, board development, special events coordination, sales and public relations. She is grateful to her own coach for his support in going forward to fulfill a dream of moving from the USA to Paris where she is joyfully based.

Sabina Wyss, CPCC, MCC

Sabina has been coaching individuals, couples, and teams for over two decades and inspires them with her fire, gentleness, soul-depth, and laughter into living their higher purpose. She trains new coaches and leaders, delivers workshops worldwide, and leads two schools that she founded. She also guides groups by camelback for vision quests into the Sahara Desert and on foot for life changing coaching/nature adventures into canyons of the U.S. Southwest. All of her work is in service of transforming how people are with themselves and others on this planet. Sabina lives in Switzerland at the foot of the Alps, Colorado in the Red Rock Sand Canyons, and near the ocean in San Diego.


Jing is a seasoned leadership and team coach, workshop facilitator and business consultant. She has more than 20 years of global working experience in the fields of law, IT, business, coaching and training. Jing is known as “Quiet Storm” for her gentle yet courageous style. Deeply rooted in her Chinese heritage and the desire for connectedness, Jing is passionate about integrating the theory and practice of coaching and team/system work to address organization and leadership development challenges. Fluent in both English and Chinese, Jing is one of the first generation Chinese CTI leaders.

Elfarina Zaid, CPCC, PCC

With a focus on Asia, and blending innovation, leadership and engagement into her work, Elfarina believes in the courage to be ‘Creators of Value; Leaders of Impact for a better age’. Her diverse career spans hospitality, brand, events and organizational management across Europe, Australia and Middle East over 10 years. A pioneer in many fronts, she holds a BBM with her alma mater and an MSc in Innovation with Singapore Management University. As a coach and facilitator, she injects courage, fresh perspectives and determination to push boundaries for change. Elfarina is the first Singaporean CTI faculty based in Singapore.

Gulsun Zeytinoglu, PhD, CPCC, MCC, ORSCC

Gulsun is passionate about awakening and inspiring executives, teams, and couples toward unfolding their natural potential. She enjoys integrating and using a wide range of tools that supports beauty and wholeness of human experience. After working at IBM for 10 years, she listened to her heart’s calling and founded her own training and coaching company in 1995. Since that time, Gulsun is one of the main drivers of coaching in Turkey. She is also an authorized Team Diagnostic facilitator and certified in The Leadership Circle Profile. When she is not coaching, mentoring, or leading, you can find her reading about life sciences and dancing Nia.

Juhree Zimmerman, RN, BScN, MEd, CPCC, ORSCC, MCC

Juhree is a passionate coach, trainer and international consultant. She facilitates teams and leadership development in a variety of organizations, including health care, finance and Fortune 500 companies. Her company is based on the concept that all individuals and organizations can create a synergy to exceed their own expectations. Juhree calls on her work in strategic planning, policy development, systems work and coaching to support individual and organizational change and find new ways to manage conflict, while increasing productivity. She is an associate faculty member of the UBC School of Nursing and teaches coaching skills to undergraduate and graduate nursing students.