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Loren Scott

When Loren Scott, a Product Management executive for a major retailer in San Francisco, took the Fundamentals course at CTI® it had a big impact at work.

“I realized that when I used the skills at work,” he says, “I was learning how to show up more as my authentic self with my direct reports. The reaction that I got back from them was just how much more engaged in the conversation I was. In the past I would already have jumped past what people were saying to me.”

“Through the Co-Active® model, I learned to be present in the conversation instead of trying to command, control, and figure out the solution as the person’s talking. I realized that I don’t have to show up as some sort of made-up corporate front, I can just show up as myself, as Loren. The more I just show up as who I am as a person, my authentic self, the better my interactions are.”

As he progressed with CTI’s Intermediate courses, Lauren got an even bigger surprise. “I quickly realized this was something I’m really passionate about, and I started considering how I could make coaching a career once I’m done with the corporate world.”

One of Loren’s concerns became whether such a move would be financially viable. Loren has lived in the Bay Area for about fifteen years and really enjoys his lifestyle which allows for exploring the outdoors, working out, and appreciating everything about San Francisco.

“I’m used to a corporate income level of 100k plus. So I did my research and talked to people who had been in the CTI program and made a similar jump. What I found was that 100k was a very easy mark to hit, and you can even go beyond that.”

Loren Scott, Executive Project Management for a major retailer