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Wim Vermaak

Wim Vermaak undertook Co-Active Coach® training as part of an IBM program focused on helping the company transition from a product to a service based organization.

“The idea was that by training as coaches, we would be able to train sales managers and coach executives to bring a coaching culture into the company,” he says. “The impact of coaching on the organization was significant, especially with middle management. They discovered that when they coached their team, instead of just trying to control and inspect them, people were more motivated and it was easier to get more out of them.”

Wim identifies the key to this increase in productivity as the impact of Co-Activity — the way of being and relating to others implicit in the Co-Active® model. “People trained in Co-Active Coaching® often seem to have a lot of charisma. But this is not something that happens by chance. It arises from the principles at the heart of the Co-Active model,” he says.

“When you are genuinely curious about what someone wants in life, they feel seen. When you learn how to really listen — and that means more than shutting your mouth and opening your ears — people feel heard. When those two things are present in a relationship, it’s much, much easier to enroll people.”

As Wim reached mandatory retirement age as a senior IBM executive, CTI® training helped him transition purposefully into the next phase of his life. Today, Wim has a successful career coaching C-Level executives and claims that training as a coach had a profound impact on his personal life, too.

“Training with CTI was life changing for me. I quickly realized that the course was not just coach training, but a profound experience in personal development. The main thing I learned was that I could connect with people without having to play a role, and that living and acting from my values would not compromise the relationships in my life.”

Wim Vermaak, Certified Professional Co-Active Coach® and 
Former Managing Partner at IBM Business Consulting Services