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House of You Guided Inner Journey

Audio recording of House of You Guided Inner Journey with Karen Kimsey-House
Runtime: 10:44 minutes


Debrief for Coaches of House of You by Karen Kimsey-House
Runtime: 1:47 minutes

Transcription of House of You Guided Inner Journey

Take three deep breaths and let each one go with a little sound. Let your breath move easily in and out and let your body Now imagine that you are someplace in nature...someplace that you really love. Perhaps it is the ocean, or a cool mountain forest or a meadow filled with wildflowers. Whatever place fills you with joy and happiness, go there now.

It is a beautiful day and the sun is shining brightly, kissing your skin wherever it touches. Ahead of you, you see a little path that looks completely inviting and you begin to walk along it.

There is the slightest breeze blowing and it ruffles your hair slightly and brushes across the back of your hands as you walk. All around you, you hear the sounds of nature. Perhaps it is the long roll of the ocean waves, or the rustle of the trees. Or maybe the lazy hum of insects in the shade.

It smells so GOOD...fresh and clean and delicious.

Just ahead, you see a little clearing with a house...This is the House of You. Take a moment to create The House of You in whatever way is most pleasing to you. Is this House of You small and cozy or stately and grand? In your mind’s eye, create the House of You. (Pause)

The house is so inviting and enticing that it draws you closer and as you approach, you see over the doorway a sign that says “The House of...” and there’s your name.

You easily and effortlessly move inside of this House of You. As you are standing inside, you notice that there are so many areas or rooms for you to explore. You could spend a lifetime exploring this House of You and never know it fully. Completely unique and totally inviting...The House of You.

Just off to the left, you notice an area or a room called “The Room of My Emotions”. Oh, that sounds interesting...and you slip inside to explore. What do you find here? Is it light or dark? Is there furniture or not at all? Take a few moments to explore. (Pause)

You move out of this room now, knowing that you can come back any time you know the way. Just off to your right you find another area or room... “The room of my Body” and you slip inside. What are the sights and sounds and sensations that await you here in the Room of your Body? Take a little time to explore. (Pause)

And now you move out of the Room of your Body and just off to your left you see another room or area... “The Room of my Heart Mind”...that place of courage and action from the heart. So you slip into the Room of your Heart Mind. What do you sense and see and smell and feel? (Pause)

Now you slip easily out of this room and off to your right you find another area... “The Room of My Spirit.” And you move inside this room to discover and explore. What do you find in the Room of your Spirit? (Pause)

Moving back into the central part of the House of see so many, many rooms waiting to be explored and discovered...the unique complexity of you...there is no other on earth quite like you.

One more room to explore before you go... “The Room of My...” and you choose the name. The Room of My ________...and you fill it in. (Pause)

It’s almost time to go...before you leave you might want to say a little blessing or a prayer of thanks to this incredible House of You. Or you might want to leave a little gift behind. Do whatever feels right to you now. (Pause)

And so you turn to go, knowing that you can come back any time you wish to visit and explore this House of You. You slip outside into the waiting sunshine and began making your way along the path...walking.

Returning now to the present moment, take a deep breath and wiggle your fingers or toes. You might want to stretch and move your body a little and when you feel ready, open your eyes.