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What is Your Intention?

By Marla Morein Skibbins

Intention is a word that is getting thrown around a lot lately. But what does it really mean and what does it have to do with having a thriving business? Webster's says that intention is determination to act in a specific way. Does your determination to be successful or to have a particular out come make a difference in your outcome? Here are three exercises that will test your intention.

Exercise 1 - Unconscious Intention

Think about prospecting to get a new client. What comes up as you think about going to a networking event or calling someone you know for referrals? Do you feel excited and curious to see how you will create a new client? Or do you feel resistant and scared to engage and ask for the business? If you answer that you feel resistant and scared, journal about how you think that will serve you getting clients. What you are uncovering in this exercise is what may possibly be your unconscious intention. How do you think it is serving you in your business building?

Exercise 2 - Conscious Intention

I did an informal study of two groups of people who were making phone calls. Both were given a total of 25 prospecting phone calls to make. One group was told that as they made their phone calls they were to make each phone call with the idea that this call would be their next client. The other group just made their calls as they usually did. The group that approached each call as if each call was going to be their new client got twice as many clients as those that did business as usual. So, try this exercise yourself. Set your intention before you engage in the next business building event. If you are going to a networking event decide what you want out of it. Maybe it is to schedule three sample sessions with the people you connect with there. Maybe it is to meet the CEO of a company that you want to work with. Hold onto your intention as you walk into the room and see what happens.

Exercise 3 - Intention and the Power of Two

Spend some time making a list of your short term and long term intentions. An example of a long term intention would be to be able to retire and have passive income from the product you have created through your coaching business. An example of a short term intention might be to schedule three sample sessions from the networking event you are attending this evening. Take some time and write out what you intend for your business. This does not have to be an exhaustive list, just start with a few items. Now find a person that you know and trust, someone who you know is in your corner, maybe your coach or a trusted peer, and share your list of intentions with them. What happens when you share them? Do you notice that they get more real? Does your critic come in and try to make them seem foolish? Now ask that person to intend with an intention teammate. You can even ask them what intentions you can keep in your mind for them. Notice what you feel and what thoughts come up as you allow the experience of having some one holding your intention with you.

The more clear and conscious you are about your intention, the more you will be able to realize your goals. Your thinking effects reality and the way reality unfolds. So get clear about how YOU want to unfold the reality of your thriving coaching business!

Marla Morein Skibbins, CPCC, MCC is a CTI faculty member and co-founder of, a coaching business which is committed to helping coaches build their coaching businesses. Marla was a nationally recognized sales person, sales trainer, and Director of Marketing and PR and has been an Emotional Intelligence practitioner for 15 years.