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Co-Active Global Newletter - Winter/Spring 2017 - CTI Stories of Transformation

Choose Leadership, Choose Love

Changing your world from the inside out

A lot of people are asking themselves these days what they can do to have a meaningful impact on their world. Our answer: Choose you.

In all of the work we do at CTI, we hold that you don’t need to change who you are. Rather, you need to give way to more of who you are. YOU — the unique being that you are — are the answer to creating the life you want and the world you want to live in.

This is why our Co-Active Leadership model begins with self-acceptance and self-authorship. We call it Leader Within. The idea is that you are the center of your world, and the degree to which you know and love yourself is the degree to which you are able to choose leadership. Leader Within sits in the middle of our model and represents the aspect of leadership that is a lifelong journey of uncovering all of who you are, fully appreciating and accepting who you are, and creating your life from that place.

Let’s get real about what this means. When we talk about self-acceptance, it often gets collapsed with notions about greatness and strength. It’s often misunderstood as just the parts of us that we like or admire or aspire to be. The trouble is that this only accounts for part of who we are.

If you are human, it means that while you have strengths, you also have weaknesses. You are made of light, and there is also darkness in you. You have habits that are both life affirming and life diminishing. Leader Within asks us to stand grounded in all of who we are, loving unconditionally all of the parts that make up the whole of our being. If we can’t do that, then we cut off access to the totality of our power, we have less capacity for our humanity, and we limit the dynamism of our leadership.

When we are grounded in Leader Within, then we are able to choose the other dimensions of leadership with more power and agility. When we hold ourselves with this kind of devotion, we are able to step into Leader in Front and be completely confident in our vision and completely accessible to the people we are connecting with that vision. When we can be with all of who we are, we can step into Leader Beside and be with all of our co-leaders and let our co-leaders be with all of us. When we are our biggest fan, we can step into Leader Behind and champion and empower others. When we can be with the wholeness of who we are, we can step into Leader in the Field and open ourselves to the intangible realities of life and offer them over without hesitation. This is all to say: Co-Active leadership happens from the inside out.

Sound interesting? Resonating deeply? Want more?