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Letter from the Co-founder

Hello everyone:

Here in Northern California, spring is bursting forth! The fields that line my drive into the office are carpeted with bright yellow flowers and cherry trees are bursting with color once again. The weather is doing it's usual tango; warm sunny days followed by chilly fog and high winds but I do think spring is finally here!

The light is changing and dawn arrives earlier with each passing day. The evenings are golden and delicious after the dark of winter with plenty of space for sunset hot tubs and conversations on the deck. I know there are the same number of hours in each day and it FEELS longer to me, as if there is a vast amount of time and opportunity.

Spring 2013


I love the springtime! The air feels so fresh and alive with new life and possibilities. As the days stretch out and lengthen, I can feel my internal energy uncurl and stretch and reach, opening to new possibilities. I love moving in concert with the seasons and spring is a great time to shake things up and let go of old “stuff” that doesn’t serve. After the depth and introspection of winter, spring is a time to Carpe Diem! Seize the Day!

What is wanting, needing to be reborn in your life? What are the old patterns and habits that you need to drop and what is the new life that you will nurture in place of parts of yourself that you have outgrown? As Nature is being reborn all around us, what will you birth?

Lots of love,

Karen Kimsey-House
CTI CEO and Co-founder



Lost in (Virtual) Space
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In order to help make sure that your email service provider or spam filter is not screening out messages that you want to be receiving, you will want to add the “From” email address for the daily digests to your address book or whitelist.

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Upcoming Main Community Events:




The Co-Active Model is generally taught and experienced in the context of the coach/client relationship. In this call, Chuck Roppel will explore what is rarely addressed: the Co-Active Model as a framework that holds all the elements for a vital and profound spiritual practice for each individual on a very personal level. Free.




Deborah Gallant of Bold Business Works has worked with hundreds of professional coaches, helping them create healthy and sustainable businesses. Using real-life examples, Deborah will demonstrate how to choose and develop various programs, products and income streams that will boost your profitability and grow your business. Free.




When the dialogue runs dry, you need non-linear tools to jumpstart your life and coaching. Join CTI Faculty member and author, playwright, and musician, Nancy Conger, to learn creative strategies and ideas, which engage the whole brain and body in to eliciting quantum leaps in our transformation. Free.




Did you attend one of CTI's Meet the New Model events over the last couple of years, or complete the bridging content online, and still find yourself with questions? Or maybe you just haven't had time yet to engage with the new material. Either way, join senior CTI Faculty member, Hope Langner to dive deeper into the changes in the model relating to the Fulfillment principle of Co-Active Coaching. Free.


If you have questions on a Co-Active Network technical issue or comments on other Network topics, please email



Prepare to Succeed as an Executive Coach

If you are serious about coaching executives at a high level and earning commensurate fees, CTI's new Co-Active Executive Coaching Program, presents a not-to-be-missed opportunity. We want to help you succeed, so register now for this program in any of the following locations:

Toronto, ON: April 26-28, 2013
San Francisco Bay Area: June 11-13, 2013
Washington, DC: September 6-8, 2013
London, UK: TBD in November 2013

The value in this 2.5 day program is the direct access you will have to Ken Goldstein—an active, high-level CEO who will share his real-life experience—paired with John Vercelli, a senior CTI faculty member who focuses on corporate engagements. The one-to-one interaction built into this program prepares you to stand toe-to-toe with the executive facing rapid change, unpredictability, and conflicting demands from all directions.

Bonus: A follow-up group conference call for Q&A approximately one month after the course.
Optional support: on-site one-to-one strategy sessions with either Ken or John in half hour increments are available the afternoon of the third day for an additional fee.

Two Perspectives, One Workshop
Ken Goldstein is a former senior executive from a Fortune 100 company who has also been a venture backed CEO. Ken acts as the content expert who can help you make a powerful connection between the coaching skills you already practice and the practical, specific, and time-pressured results demanded by the workplace. Hear what it is really like to live the life of an executive and what he or she needs and expects from a coach.

John Vercelli is a senior CTI faculty member and Director of Corporate Programs; leading program design and delivery inside organizations. John is a brilliant facilitator and adept at translating complex ideas into easily understood and applied models or tools that have a “practical wisdom” to them.

Meet the Instructors
Join a full hour’s live discussion focused on Building A Career as an Executive Coach with Ken Goldstein and John Vercelli. This is an opportunity for you to get to know the instructors and ask any questions you may have about the Co-Active Executive Coaching Program. This free informational teleclass will be on Friday March 22, 2013, from 10 to 11 am PST. Please reserve your seat.

To register for or learn more about the Executive Coaching program, contact a Program Advisor at 1-800-691-6008 option 3 or 415-451-6000 option 3. You can also email Or in the UK call +44(0)845 299 8199.



Global Co-Active Summit - Spring 2014

We’ve got it marked on our calendar. Do you have it in yours? The next Global Co-Active Summit will take place April 10-12, 2014.

Join us at The Meritage Resort and Spa in Napa, California wine country for the 2014 Summit. Set against rolling hills with its own private vineyards, the Tuscan inspired complex features beautiful meeting spaces and farm-to-table cuisine. (While we’re excited too, don’t book your room just yet. A discounted room rate will be announced later.)

CTI staff is planning and designing and dreaming of all the possibilities. We hope you are doing the same. The Summit 2014 will be an incredible Co-Active learning experience combined with time and opportunity to connect with the wine and world-class food of Napa. The Co-Active community will be the only group/activity on the Meritage premises, which gives us a unique opportunity for creating connections, both personal and professional.



Make Your Marketing Co-Active

CTI is offering a dynamic new training program, called Co-Active Marketing. This course will show you how to follow the lead of successful coaches who engage in ongoing marketing by leveraging your Co-Active coaching skills to attract clients you want to work with, who align with your values, and want what you offer. This program will help you create a marketing system designed to make it easy for you to continually build and nurture the new contacts and relationships you need to build your business.

According to participant Erika Rogers, “Co-Active Marketing is a program that provides you the understanding and structure to make your marketing a vehicle for being of service versus a means to get customers/clients. I attribute the launch of my coaching business to participating in this class. It put me in the level of action I so needed.”

The Co-Active Marketing Program is not just another set of content-filled webinars you passively receive. Small-group Accountability calls alternate with content such as marketing perspectives, defining your target market, learning to speak your target market’s language, and generating ongoing referrals. Susan Stitt emphasized that “the accountability groups and homework were brilliant. Exactly what I needed! I felt supported and stretched outside of my comfort zone. I’m so excited about what I’ve created and what’s possible for my business!”

In addition to the marketing learning and re-frame, CPCC Kristen Bentley found the course personally transformative. It helped her stretch and grow into areas necessary to grow the coaching business she so deeply wants to create. “I am excited to see where I go with what I learned from the Co-Active Marketing Program! I feel I am jumping into a niche—very excitedly and with gratitude—that I was avoiding before the course,” said Kristen. “I love that I found my target market’s words which, at the same time, feel authentic to me. This has me feel really settled in my niche; like I am home!”

For three months, instructors David and Marla Skibbins will provide the support you need to insure that these techniques and systems become habits you will use every week to build your practice. “This class provided the structure I needed to get into action. Coaches know about the need for accountability for our clients. We need it, too, to be successful in our businesses,” explained Mary Stultz, MA, CPCC. “Marla and David demonstrated remarkable skill and grace in calling us forth to step into action to realize our full potential as coaches.”

Contact a Program Advisor today at 415-451-6000 option 3 or 800-691-6008 option 3 with any questions or if you are ready to register. The next Co-Active Marketing program begins April 24, 2013. Ask your Program Advisor how to get a combo discount when you pair this course with Co-Active Sales.

Meet the Co-Active Sales and Marketing program instructors, David and Marla Skibbins, on an information teleclass: Why You Can’t Sell Coaching on March 28, 2013 from 12:30 pm to 1:30 pm PDT. Please RSVP.



European Co-Active Coaching Community

By Kyle Newman

It’s been a busy time here in Europe with a very successful community day in October 2012, and the second year of our new Business Building Intensive event in Feb 2013 which went down a storm. A superb event was also put on by Monica and Jimena in Barcelona last Autumn. Now on to plans for the rest of 2013. The team are in place for our Autumn 2013 event, there are whispers of another event in Spain... watch this space, and our 19th Community Day in May 2013 is now open for registration. Join fellow Co-Active Coaches for a spectacular community day of connection and development on 17th May. The theme is ‘Ordinary Heroes, Extraordinary Lives’ and here’s a few snippets of what’s in store:

  • Storytelling – using narrative to powerfully create the life we want for ourselves and for our clients.
  • Connection – with your deeper purpose and developing an authentic vision from this
  • Commitment – to action to align your purpose and vision
  • Archetypes – exploring archetypes and expanding your range in service of your own and your clients’ journeys

Do come and join us! Immerse yourself in a supportive community, using experiential exercises that will stimulate, expand and challenge your thinking. Pick up new tools and techniques you can use in your life and work and reinvigorate yourself through the energies of fellow Heroes.

Our aim for the day is to help each of you call forth the Hero within by bringing mindfulness, courage and confidence into your life and to build a network of coaches, so you can help each other grow during the community day and well beyond.

This is a golden opportunity for you to connect with like-minded souls and we have secured a great line up of renowned speakers and facilitators with a range of philosophies, from both inside and outside the Co-Active community.

We look forward to welcoming you! Click here for event details.



Fundamentals for Men Only?

By Mike Bornhorst

We are a group of passionate men with a quest to open and connect men’s hearts through creating an all-male CTI Fundamentals Course. We believe many men live with having minimal authentic connection in their relationships, and as a result they often feel isolated and disconnected. We believe that a CTI Men’s Fundamentals course is a way to help them start down the path of growth and connection.

Brought to you by Mike Bornhorst and Pat House, the first-ever Men’s Fundamentals course will be led by Pat House and Ken Mossman with support from Sam House. For more information or to register, visit the Mens Fundamentals website.

What: All Men Fundamentals Course
When: April 12-14, 2013
Where: Portsmouth NH
Note: This course does matriculate for those interested in taking the remaining CTI core curriculum courses.

In our experience, a significant reason many men have been hesitant to sign up for a typical Fundamentals course (75% women and 25% men) is that there can be a level of insecurity and restraint when it comes to being vulnerable around women. Many men miss excellent opportunities because of these concerns.

An all men’s course offers them the opportunity to connect with other like minded/hearted men who have the courage to pursue growth and are ready to take a step into vulnerability with the support of others. When men are empathic with one another it is a powerful building block for developing friendship and trust.

The outcome of an all men’s group is that more men’s hearts will start to come alive as a result of learning and connecting within a Fundamentals course. This in turn will allow them to more comfortably take risks, to enter into vulnerable situations, and to experience the benefits that come along with risking vulnerability and connection.

We also expect that this will ignite many men’s desires to continue down the path of personal growth and authentic connection. The impact will be evident as they live more fully in their roles as fathers, husbands, leaders and coaches.



New to CTI?

CTI is the world’s oldest and largest in-person coach training school in the world and a global leader in experiential leadership development. CTI is passionate about changing business and transforming lives.

The Co-Active® Model is the foundation of all our offerings:
Co-Active Coach Training

Co-Active Leadership Development

Customized training within organizations for executives, managers and others in coaching and leadership skills as well as Co-Active culture change

To learn more about CTI, visit our website or our International partner page.



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