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Letter from the Co-founder

Hello everyone,

The 2014 Co-Active Summit (April 10-12, 2014) is just around the corner. I can't believe that it's almost here and am very excited to see so many of you and to learn, play and generate amazing transformation together.

If you are planning to attend the Summit in Napa and haven't registered, you need to do that soon as there are only a few spaces left. Visit for more information or to register.

We hope you will be able to join us! At the same time, we wanted to be sure that the Summit included everyone, even those of you who are not able to make it to Napa.

Spring 2014


So we are creating local Community Summits around the world which will take place at the same time as the Summit. In this way, everyone can be a part of the conversation and contribute to the paradigm shift from Me to We. The Co-Active Summit is truly going global!  See below for more details.

Thank you for being a part of Co-Active made alive and real in the world.

Much love,




We are excited that so many of you will be coming to the 2014 Global Co-Active Summit. We also know that some of you will not be able to attend.

So we’ve designed special Community Summits to coincide with the first two days of the event, April 10 & 11.

We’re looking for Community Summit hosts. Please join us! We’ve already created everything you need: invitation, timeline and hand outs. All that’s needed is your passion and initiative.

We already have 35 events signed up worldwide, but there's room for more, especially in the following countries and regions: all of South America, India, Russia, Australia, New Zealand, France, Italy, Greece, Africa and Eastern Europe. If you are interested in this initiative (wherever you live), contact CTI Community Director, Nick Kettles, to receive further information or to link to stakeholders already signed up in your area.




The Meritage Resort in Napa, California will be home to an amazing amount of Co-Active energy.  And while 600+ people will be physically present, the energy will span far beyond that one point on the globe.

We are delighted to invite you into the experience through our official Summit broadcast partners Co-Active Live! (web tv) and Voice of Leadership (radio). They will be broadcasting live from the Summit, and they’re airing before and after the Summit too!


Web TV hosts Mike Caracalas and Lucetta Zaytoun invite you to join them through their Google+ page and its connected YouTube channel. They will be leading a small team of interviewers armed with smartphone cameras and microphones who will roam the Summit, capturing the powerful Co-Active energy as it unfolds.

In fact, they’re already broadcasting live right now with a line-up of special guests on Co-Active Live!

Tune in on Thursday, March 13 at 9am Pacific to hear Karen and Henry Kimsey-House talk about the shift from Me to We.

This is a perfect opportunity for you to join the conversation. Mark your calendar and participate live on Thursday, March 13 @ 9am PST. Be prepared to submit your questions, comments, and words of encouragement in the comments section on the Google+ Event Page or on the YouTube page, or via Twitter using #coactivelive or #coactivesummit2014. Mike and Lucetta will be looking for your comments and will share them throughout the broadcast.


The Voice of Leadership (VOL) Network is proud to be the official radio voice of CTI’s 2014 Global Co-Active Summit – and they’ve already started! The VOL amplifies the collective voice co-creating the next chapter of human evolution where connection, caring and feeling elevate the human experience. We exist so our collective "we" voice is heard.

It's Time to Turn Up the VOLume!

Tune in to VOL to hear the following guests who are among the Summit presenters:
3/13/14: Kat Koppet and Michael Burns Improv: It's not just for comedy any more
3/20/14: Leza Danly and Jeanine Mancusi Claiming Your Role in the Global Great Story
3/27/14: Chuck Allen The Hero Must Die

Stay tuned to upcoming presenters on Facebook: or other media on our website

Note: If you are on a quest, we want you on the radio!



Upcoming Main Community Events


April 18, 2014

This year, CTI is partnering with UAE Partners, Faculty members and TED Talkers, Gonan and Johan Premfors, to bring Parentology to CTI communities in North America. The Parentology workshop and philosophy is based on the principles of Co-Active coaching. This coach-style parenting is all about empowering relationships, kids and parents all at the same time. The workshops are not only for those who are parents... adults get to experience transformation in the relationships with their own parents too.  If you are curious to know more, join us on this call.


Unleash the power of your values

May 20, 2014

One of the principal powers of Co-Active Coaching is its ability to clearly identify the limiting self-talk which prevents us from making powerful choices in alignment with the values most important to us. In this interactive presentation, senior CTI faculty member and author of “The Uncompromised”, Ron Renaud, shows you how to supercharge this foundational work to identify the personal standards which can define an uncompromised version of your life.


Karen Kimsey-House discusses Dimensional Leadership™ and the leader within

June 25, 2014

Building on our introduction to Dimensional Leadership™ at the 2014 Co-Active Summit, Karen Kimsey-House will outline why the leader within is foundational to other dimensions of leadership.




CTI’s corporate programs support transformational growth. Organizations hire, measure and reward people based on what they do. Less time is spent focusing on who people are – the human being behind the role. Organizations whose leaders engage with employees’ beliefs and aspirations will have a highly engaged and empowered workforce – a clear advantage in today’s dynamic business climate. CTI believes that Coaching and Relationship Effectiveness are core leadership competencies that will give organizations this competitive edge.

Our valued clients span the globe in diverse industries. Bring CTI into your organization!


Co-Active® Skills for Business Professionals
This experiential 2 ½-day program dramatically enhances the relationship between leader and team
members, providing participants with practical experience to integrate self-awareness and coaching skills into their authentic leadership style. This program is designed for HR professionals, senior leaders, high potentials, high performers or managers across business units. Individual coaching sessions post-workshop sustain the learning and foster behavior change.

Co-Active® Executive Coaching
Co-Active executive coaching can help broaden a leader’s skills — their ability to influence in the organization, build coalitions, listen carefully and develop the people who work with them. Leaders who engage in a Co-Active coaching relationship can expect to experience fresh perspectives on challenges and opportunities, enhanced decision-making skills and heightened interpersonal effectiveness. An excellent resource for helping leaders onboard successfully, navigate through change, handle increased responsibilities, and foster high performance.

Relationship Agility
This interactive two-day program teaches managers and intact teams how to develop workplace relationships that are characterized by a high trust, collaboration and accountability.


Certified Professional Co-Active Coach® Certification (CPCC)
CTI’s five-module core curriculum (Fundamentals through Synergy) can be delivered on-site, followed by CTI’s virtual Certification program. Ideal for organizations that want to build an internal cadre of professionally certified coaches.

Co-Active® Coaching Skills Training
Designed for the corporate environment, this customized three-module program develops a pool of individuals who model a coach approach in their day-to-day interactions. Suitable for those who informally coach in organizations and want to enhance their skills or for departments that want to create consistency in language and approach to coaching.

For more information, please contact Poorni Bid,  or 800-691-6008 Option 4.




SPEAK with a program advisor:

READ about our programs:

LISTEN to CTI graduates:

Coach Training Loren Scott

Leadership Retreat Program Celeste Schenk

ATTEND a complimentary webinar:

Leadership Retreat Program

Coach Training




With over 40,000 people trained in Co-Active coaching and leadership skills, CTI supports the growth of its alumni community through a team of Ambassadors. This passionate team of Co-Active learners and leaders provide opportunities for our alumni to deepen their learning, maintain friendships and expand their personal network through continuing professional development and social events. At all times there are many opportunities for people new to CTI to experience the transformative power of Co-Active coaching, leadership and human connection.  Connect with your local ambassador!  Visit




For their Leadership Retreat Program in-between project, Sergio Blancafort of Spain and Maria del Mar Machado of Columbia who are members of the Búho (Owl) Tribe, trained 2,400 soldiers of the Columbian Marines in January, 2014.

Their objective was to influence the lives and work of the soldiers who came from all levels of the military command, drawing upon Leadership from the Co-Active model. Four 4-hour workshops, with an audience of 600 each, were conducted over the course of two days at the Marine base on the Caribbean coast, during which Sergio and Maria del Mar helped the troops discover the values that would motivate them. They came from the perspective that “A leader is someone who consciously chooses what they think is best for a group or community, engaging for mutual benefit."

The sincerity and openness was palpable as the Marines embraced and received that part of their authentic selves to connect to their inner authority.  With this ambitious project completing with much success, who knows what will come from these two when they graduate in April!



European Co-Active Coaching Community

European Co-Active Coaching Community Day May 9th, 2014, London, UK

The ECCC invites you to join other Co-Active coaches for a day of playing bigger, uncovering your inner courage and stepping out to be more daring in your life and coaching. Plus all the usual opportunities to play with your Co-Active pals and make some new ones.

The day will include a series of empowering workshops that will help you to explore, deepen and expand your impact and tap into your innate potential.



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