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Letter from the Co-founder

Hello everyone,

As you will see in this spring issue of Co-Active Global News, there are wonderful things happening both here in California and around the world, and I have some of my own exciting news to share.

For some time now, Henry and I have been working to find a partner to join us at CTI who will continue to champion CTI’s mission in the world and also take CTI to the next level as a truly global organization and as thought leaders on the world stage.

So I’m completely delighted to announce that our long-time colleagues and friends Johan and Gonan Premfors will join CTI in expanded roles, lending their considerable leadership skills and business acumen to steward the organization at this pivotal time in our history — through 2015 and beyond.

The Premfors are long-time members of our CTI community who have served our work continuously as a very successful international partner in Dubai, as leaders of the core curriculum and as co-designers, along with Henry, of the Parentology curriculum.


Johan is Swedish by birth and Gonan is from Turkey. Currently they live in Pebble Beach, California. Both have long careers in banking and finance and have successfully built and operated several companies in sectors such as IT, telecommunications, post-conflict reconstruction, branding and design in countries that include the U.A.E., Afghanistan, Sweden and the United States. In 2003, they embarked on a journey of entrepreneurship and philanthropy around the world.

Thankfully, they found CTI along the way, becoming significant contributors and advocates of our work.

This news represents many positive things for CTI. As we move forward, you can look forward to an expansion of the CTI brand globally and to a much wider demographic, while we remain fierce guardians of the integrity of our work.

You’ll also be seeing quite a bit more of Henry and me, as this important change will free us to do the things we love best: leading, writing and traveling together to meet with our communities all around the world.

Please join me in welcoming Johan and Gonan Premfors!

Karen Kimsey-House
Co-founder, CTI



Co-Active Community Events in Spain
Join Karen and Henry Kimsey-House at one of these community events in Spain.

Date: April 20 from 5:30-8:30pm CEST Date: April 22 from 5:30-8:30pm CEST
Location: Madrid Location: Barcelona
Register here Register here

Spirituality & Creativity in Management World Congress
Karen and Henry will be traveling to Barcelona, Spain to co-present at the Spirituality & Creativity in Management World Congress. The Congress is sponsored by ESADE, one of the most prestigious business schools in the world.

Date: April 23-25, 2015
Location: ESADEFORUM in Barcelona
Learn more | Register here




Some six months ago, Eileen Blumenthal, CTI’s Interim Director of Certification, and Nick Kettles, CTI’s Community Director, stepped up CTI’s ongoing commitment to engage people of all abilities in our trainings via the creation of what has become known as the Co-Active Accessibility and Wholeness Project. The program had its genesis in the need to fulfill a certification scholarship award made to a student, Barton S. Cutter, who has cerebral palsy. At the outset, the objective was to explore how to make our courses accessible to people with hearing or sight impairment, or those with a physical disability. Our focus was very much logistical, with a commitment to maintain the integrity of the Co-Active model and training programs.

However, through working closely with Barton, and drawing on his expertise as an inclusivity expert, we realized that what seemed to be a simple logistical challenge was in fact an invitation to explore how all our students could learn from the unique learning experience of each individual. What happens, for example, when a non-hearing-impaired student also watches the signing interpreter originally provided for a deaf student? In what way might that enrich our experience of embodiment and/or deepen our intuition? Similarly, how much deeper might our listening become when we coach and are coached by someone with limited speech capacity? It was through exploring these deeper, more fundamental questions that our focus has shifted from the logistical to considering just how much further we can expand our understanding of competent Co-Active Coaching — hence, the inclusion of the word “wholeness” in the project title.

Today, we are continuing to map out the logistical and deeper opportunities for mutual inclusivity in all of our training programs. There is much work to do, and we would welcome being contacted by anyone who has experience in a CTI course where an accessibility challenge was present. Equally valuable would be to hear from people with expertise in this area. Please email Nick Kettles We look forward to hearing from you. Read more about Barton’s story here.




As we mentioned in last issue of Co-Active Global News, over the past few months we’ve been actively engaged in nurturing the development of Co-Active community throughout the United States and Canada. We are pleased to let you know that 50 people who are passionate about Co-Active have volunteered to become Co-Active Community Reps. Now, more than ever, it is possible to enjoy face-to-face Co-Active interactions, connections and relationships close to home.

If you are interested in connecting in person with your local Co-Active community, check out our “Connect Locally” page and discover where Co-Active communities are taking root in your area.

If you are passionate about growing Co-Active community and feel there are enough alumni in your area to make this happen at even the most basic level, please contact Nick Kettles, at, to express your interest in becoming a CTI Community Representative.




Upcoming workshops around the world:

Palo Alto, (California), April 24-26 Register here Calgary (Canada), May 1-3 Register here
Washington, DC, May 15-17 Register here Vancouver (Canada), May 29-31 Register here
Istanbul (Turkey), May 29-31 Register here Mexico City (Mexico), June 5-7 Register here

Take a step into your child’s world and transform your relationship with them forever with Parentology: the Co-Active family workshop. During a CTI Leadership retreat in 2007, Gonan Premfors decided that she wanted to create a Co-Active parenting course together with Henry Kimsey-House. Her leadership project sparked a creative collaboration that is still going strong today. The workshops have been delivered to thousands of people on four continents and have spurred two TED talks. Visit to learn more.




CTI is incredibly fortunate to have over 220 extremely talented faculty members around the world. In this issue of the newsletter, we are featuring three members of our faculty. Please take a moment to learn more about these passionate front-of-the-room leaders.

Meet An Outstanding Co-Active Leader - MJ Cabanel
MJ Cabanel lives in Geneva, Switzerland, and has been a Co-Active Core Curriculum Front of the Room Leader since 2012. Since she joined CTI, she has led 25 Co-Active workshops and touched an estimated 650 lives. We asked MJ about her life and her journey with CTI. Here’s what she had to say.

What impact has Co-Active had on you?

Where do I begin? CTI has transformed my entire life, my work, my family, my operating system and my view of the world. Through CTI, I found purpose, mission and an even greater openness to the world. This has brought me magic, synchronicity and transformation, and my mission — Fulfillment at Work. Co-Activity is my way of life. It is the gift that keeps on giving.

What's your "aha” moment?

There were many, and I will give you two: The first was watching Antony Parry do the wheel of life demo at Fundamentals in London. I think I shouted out loud in admiration when he finished. I just knew that I wanted to do what he was doing and transform people. The second was during the Co-Active Leadership Program. There I really understood that all of me was really, really OK and that I was on this planet for a purpose. I was so relieved, grateful and excited. Then I became completely overflowing with energy and got busy!

What are you learning?

I am always learning — and what never ceases to amaze me is how rich the Co-Active model is and how it continues to evolve in my life and that of my clients. For example, I recently rearranged my values priority list. My kids are getting older and I am really aware of just how precious they are and how time is fleeting. This means that I am operating differently and making different choices that honor my children and particularly my own value around family. Subsequently, this has brought my family and me closer together.

What's next for you?

Creation. I am a writer in my heart and, when I take the time, on paper too. My goal is to create new things, new articles, maybe a book and new programs that spread the Co-Active way in the world. More collaboration is also in my future, as working with other creative people energizes me and activates my idea productivity, making just about anything possible. I was recently part of a corporate design team to overhaul the leadership program for a large Swiss company. All the participants were Co-Active and we created five robust programs in three days!

What are your hobbies?

Reading. Walking in the Alps or the Jura mountains with my dog. Going to summer music festivals, and traveling with the family. I love food and wine and come from chocolate land. Dinner is a value as well as a way of life.

What is your family life like?

Really delicious, surprising and very fulfilling at this moment. We are all rediscovering each other and having a bit of a renaissance. I suspect this has to do in part with me moving the family value into first place and taking more time at home. We also had a great vacation to California late last year and we really bonded. I am married to Pascal (19 years) and have two children, Louis, 17, and Audrey, 14, and a furry child (dog) named Cowboy. They are each and all a tremendous gift. I am loving the mindfulness of that, and it has really centered me.

What are you reading currently?

That’s almost as tough as the “aha” moment. I am always reading a bunch of books at the same time. For novels, I just finished The Goldfinch by Donna Tartt. In development, I am reading and working on Mindfulness by Mark Williams and Danny Penman, and for business, The Culture Map by Erin Meyer. I am addicted to the Harvard Business Review, which is loaded with coaching articles!

If you want to learn more about MJ, visit

Celebrating Sandra Richardson & Tony Barton

Tony Barton and Sandra Richardson joined CTI in 2005 and 2006, respectively. In total, these two amazing individuals have led over 217 public core curriculum courses and have touched more than 5,650 lives within their Co-Active leadership journey.

We are so excited to acknowledge Sandra Richardson and Tony Barton and spotlight their Co-Active Story in this issue of Co-Active Global News. Together, these two passionate leaders are also transforming lives in Cambodia.

Co-Activity and Living the Dream in Cambodia

Last year, while being coached in front of the room, Sandra Richardson realized that she wanted to pass on some of our amazing Co-Active coaching skills to young people in countries that didn’t currently have access to these skills. During a break, one of the participants — Daniela Papi-Thornton — approached Sandra and invited her come to Cambodia to support PEPY Empowering Youth, an NGO in Cambodia that Daniela had set up 10 years ago.

Daniela and Sandra decided to create a tailored workshop to train basic Co-Active Coaching skills to the PEPY Empowering Youth Team so that these adults could support their students to live their dreams. Sandra and Daniela also decided to create an experiential youth empowerment workshop for the students to build their confidence, give them a taste of Co-Activity and get them in touch with their inner resources so that they could move more swiftly towards their dreams.

At the beginning of 2015, Sandra asked Tony Barton to be her co-leader in these workshops, and he instantly said “yes.” Just six weeks later, Tony and Sandra flew to Cambodia to lead the workshops. Both workshops went incredibly well.

A bit of background: Cambodia was under the rule of Pol Pot and the communist Khmer Rouge between 1975 and 1979. During this “killing fields” time, more than 2,000,000 Cambodians (one-quarter of the population) were killed, with the genocide focused primarily on intellectuals and city dwellers (apparently 80% of the intellectuals were killed). Just wearing glasses was seen as a sign of intelligence and reason to be killed. Once liberated from Pol Pot, Cambodia went through about 20 more years of political tension and instability until the late 1990s. Today it is a peace-loving country that is in the process of rebuilding.

One of the things that struck Tony and Sandra was the real passion for learning that the students have and how happy the people are in spite of their recent troubled past. They know that education is key to improving their lives and the lives of their families, and they are prepared to work hard to do this. They have big dreams but often just don’t know how to make them happen. When we asked them what their dream was, many of them said that it was to be a professor, a teacher or a doctor or to work in a bank. After the workshops, some of the students’ comments included, “This workshop is very important for me and I will take this knowledge to use in my real life with myself and with my family” and “Before I felt hopeless, but after I joined this training I have more commitment.”

Learn more about Sandra Richardson (Mountain Lakes International) and Tony Barton (Red Kite) by visiting their websites. Feel free to also visit the PEPY Empowering Youth website.




The Wisdom Disciplines of Leadership: Advanced Professional Training

An experiential immersion in the Wisdom Disciplines™, bridging the worlds of leadership development and time-honored wisdom traditions. Provides a comprehensive and holistic internal operating system that puts wisdom at the center of leadership. Practical tools that help leaders approach their lives and work with a sense of sacred responsibility.

Who should attend: Coaches, consultants and leaders who want to be more powerful catalysts for wisdom-centered leadership.

Learn more and Register here.

Workshop Details Presenters
Toronto, May 19-21, 2015
San Francisco, August 4-6, 2015
FREE Self-Coaching Guide and Intro to the Wisdom Disciplines
Burke Miller, Founder, Executive Wisdom Institute
Sam House, Senior Faculty, Coaches Training Institute

Neuroscience, Consciousness and Transformational Coaching

A four-module training for the advanced* coach, covering the latest research in the neuroscience of human development, as well as innovative, brain-based coaching tools and a road map for conscious evolution.

With the maturity of the coaching profession, it’s time for a coaching program designed specifically for experienced coaches, offering depth and rigor, and addressing both the art and science of coaching.

BEabove Leadership’s “7 Levels of Effectiveness” is a powerful road map to consciousness and higher levels of effectiveness in all areas of life. Co-founders Ann Betz and Ursula Glunk bring in cutting-edge neuroscience to ground this theory scientifically, drawing on their combined 30 years of coaching and training to make it all real, applicable and highly useful for coaches.

This program powerfully weaves the three strands of coaching, consciousness, and practical, irrefutable neuroscience together, taking you through an inside-out process so that you understand it deeply in your core. This series is transformative in nature, giving you both highly effective new tools as a coach and deepened personal awareness as a human being. Classes are Co-Active and highly experiential, with many multi-sensory techniques for learning and remembering the complexities of the brain.

If you’re a science geek, you’ll love the rigor and applicability of the information. If you’re a creative type, you’ll enjoy the opportunity to play right in the brain and the easy-to-use tools. Even as an experienced coach, this program will blow the roof off your effectiveness, both with your clients and in your own life. If you are a trained and proficient coach who is interested in truly advanced coaching training, this is perfect for you.

Join us for an upcoming 2015 Module 1 in a city near you**

April 10-12 — Vancouver, Canada — Register here
June 26-28 — Mexico City, Mexico — Register here
September 11-13 — Boston, MA — Register here
October 23-25 — Los Angeles, CA — Register here

*Prerequisite: classroom trained by an ICF-accredited coaching school.
**Modules are consecutive, and subsequent modules are offered in most cities if you choose to go on and complete the series.

CTI Is a Proud Sponsor of the Bigger Game Expo

Join Karen and Henry at the Bigger Game Expo in June!

Karen and Henry Kimsey-House will share an up-close and personal, behind-the-scenes look into their Bigger Game (the creation of CTI), along with featured keynote speaker Elizabeth Gilbert, author of Eat, Pray, Love, Cynthia and David Darst, and many other Bigger Game players.

CTI’s own Rick Tamlyn (Hay House author and Bigger Game co-founder) is the host and emcee. Imagine combining a TED Conference and the Ellen Show. It’s going to be a blast!

Date: June 11-14, 2015
Location: Silver Bay YMCA in upstate NY
Learn more:



In July: Integration: The Power of Being Co-Active in Work and Life, by Ann Betz, CTI neuroscience consultant, and CTI co-founder Karen Kimsey-House. Ann and Karen explore the Co-Active model and its application far beyond coaching through powerful personal stories and examples ranging from business to parenting and, yes, cutting-edge neuroscience. For coaches, the book will give you a far greater understanding and appreciation of the Co-Active model. It’s also the book you’ll want to give everyone in your life so they can understand and begin to apply the Co-Active model themselves.
In September: Co-Active Leadership: Five Ways to Lead, by CTI co-founders Karen and Henry Kimsey-House. Co-Active Leadership offers a new model of multi-dimensional leadership that expands beyond top-down, hierarchical approaches to harness the possibility of many rather than relying on the power of one. This model evolved from countless conversations with faculty, staff and program graduates throughout our global Co-Active community. It is based on the belief that everyone is a leader regardless of role or title by choosing any one of five different ways to lead: Leader Within, Leader in Front, Leader Behind, Leader Beside and Leader in the Field.




Free webinars to help deepen your learning.
Throughout 2015 we'll be presenting a series of free content-packed webinars designed to broaden your awareness about the many applications of Co-Active, learn some new skills, grow your coaching business and much more. Join us for a full, content-rich hour of great information, tools and tips with some of CTI’s most experienced coaches and trainers.

Simply click on the links to sign up and reserve your seat.

3 Ways to Find Your Niche
Wed, Apr 22, 2015 9:00 AM - 10:00 AM PDT
Register here.

CTI Master Class Webinar on Life Purpose
Wed, May 27, 2015 11:00 AM - 12:00 PM EDT
Register here.

The Neuroscience of Integration with Ann Betz and Karen Kimsey House
Tue, Jun 9, 2015 9:00 AM - 10:30 AM PDT
Register here.




As we head into a new season we’re hoping that you’re full of the joys of Spring! Here at ECC HQ we’re looking forward to two upcoming ECC events in the first half of 2015. The first of these is in Oslo, Norway on 17th April 2015. The theme for this event is “Vårrengjøring av egen coaching” - “Spring Clean your Coaching”. This will be the 4th Co-Active Community Day held in Norway and with two great speakers and a fantastic organising team it’s going to be another superb event. For full details and to book your place, go to:

Then on Friday, 15th May 2015 we have the 23rd Community Day event in London. The theme for this event is “Let’s Get Naked!: Clearing Space – For Someone New To Emerge." Join us for fresh inspiration and a means to make that inspiration happen. Walk away with new processes and tools for you to help your clients let go and make space for something new to emerge… We have a great line up of speakers, including renowned author and speaker, Nick Williams. Tickets on sale now!

Also in the mix for 2015 is… more social events, another Corporate Coaching Day in London and more. So keep an eye on the website and make sure you join us!

Wishing you a joyful and productive spring season and a blockbuster 2015!




What could lure CTI Senior Faculty member L.A. Reding across six time zones to the warm shores of Hawaii in winter? Was it the weather, surf lessons, or perhaps Hawaii-Five-O re-runs? Or could it have been the chance to work with some of the most inspired and forward-thinking change agents in the Hawaii community, i.e., members of the Hawaii Leadership Forum? For one week in February, L.A. and Sydney Wiecking, a CTI leader who lives on the Big Island of Hawaii, brought CTI’s Organizational offering, Relationship Agility, to the Omidyar Fellows, a program of the Hawaii Leadership Forum.

The Hawaii Leadership Forum was created by the Omidyar Group, which represents the philanthropic, personal and professional interests of Pierre and Pam Omidyar. Pierre Omidyar founded eBay as a young entrepreneur and currently serves as Chairman of the Board for the company. The Omidyars view leadership development as essential for Hawaii’s continued prosperity. They created the Forum to advance leadership in and for Hawaii.

The Omidyars’ work and activities are wide-ranging, united by a common set of values — a deeply rooted belief in humanity, the conviction that every person should be treated with respect and dignity, and a vision for positive change powered by the individual. Because Pierre’s work ranges from business to philanthropy to the government — across all geographies — he sees the many challenges that executives from different sectors face. It is his belief that effective leaders are those who will harness the changes now sweeping the world for the benefit of everyone. 

The Omidyar Fellows is the cornerstone program of the Hawaii Leadership Forum. The Fellows program is designed to enhance the capabilities of emerging leaders who can mobilize other individuals and organizations to create positive and lasting change.

Over a 15-month period, Fellows participate in a rigorous program that’s designed to build stronger leaders, more effective organizations and cross-sector connections that are necessary to collectively affect community change. The first cohort of the Omidyar Fellows program was convened in the fall of 2012, and the third cohort is currently completing the program.

Co-Active is the perfect marriage for what is emerging through the Omidyar Fellows program and in Hawaii. Thanks to the hard work and relationships that Sydney has been building and maintaining locally, she along with L.A. and Christie Mann, CTI’s Relationship Account Director, delivered a powerful experience focusing on bringing together participants from different cohorts. Relationship Agility taught Fellows how to develop workplace relationships that are characterized by a high degree of trust, collaboration and accountability. The focus was squarely on the relationship component of achieving shared goals and objectives.


At the completion of the program, participants had deepened their connection to themselves, to one another, to their community and to their shared vision for Hawaii. The CTI team completed the week feeling inspired by the experience and by the vision and integrity of the Fellows, and left committed to growing Co-Active Hawaii.




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