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Letter from the Co-founder

At CTI, we are truly a global community, diverse in our expression of Co-Active and united by a shared Global Cause.  This cause was co-created using word clouds and input from over 1,000 people from every corner of our Co-Active World.  The words from the word clouds are in gold below.

Our shared Global Co-Active Cause:

“We are a global Co-Active community that inspires action and connects people to the power of one and the possibilities of many.”

We love it.  Clear.  Simple. Accessible. Though we revealed this Cause at the Summit in Napa and in local Summits, it is a statement that can continue to guide us, inspire us and unite us for many years to come.

Summer 2014


Now that the excitement of the Summit itself has passed, we want to continue the important conversations that were generated.

The Co-Active® Dimensional Leadership™ Model continues to evolve.  We’d love to hear your thoughts and gather your input.  Please join the conversation here.

We’ve also created a series of free webinars, hosted by Henry and myself to keep the dialog alive.  Here are upcoming dates:

Date: Tuesday September 9, 2014  4:00pm Pacific time (1 hour)
Topic:  Me2We

Date: Tuesday January 13, 2015  8am Pacific time (1 hour)
Topic: Everyone is a Leader

Together, Co-Activists can continue to hold powerful conversations that inspire responsible, inclusive, and compassionate leadership that will change the world. 

Karen Kimsey-House


A note from CTI president, Mikell Parsch

I extend warm greetings to CTI’s global Co-Active community. I am delighted to be speaking with you for the first through this newsletter.

CTI is truly at the forefront of helping individuals reach their greatest potential and creating a tight-knit global community of learners and leaders. The dedication and talent of our faculty, coaches and staff continually impresses me. I am firmly convinced that the world needs CTI and its Co-Active approach to life, leadership, and human connection. I am truly honored to be stewarding CTI through the next phase of its evolutionary journey.

We have a wonderful lineup of stories and information to share with you in this latest issue of our global newsletter and we look forward to hearing your comments and ideas.



Co-Active® Dimensional Leadership Model™

Our new Co-Active® Dimensional Leadership Model™ centers around creating room for many expressions of leadership beyond our current understanding of “leader from the front.”

The evolution of the model began with the recognition that there were groups of people starting to gather together in circles looking at leadership in new and different ways. They were intensely curious about how everyone could show up as a leader and they were starting to ask how they, as individuals, could bring themselves fully into a circle of leadership and yet not be dominating, controlling and all the things normally associated with leadership. There was a hunger to expand their personal range, contributing at the highest individual level for the common good.

This prompted us to look for a way to have leadership be a fluid and flexible system where everyone could assume the role of leadership and yet everyone could have a different role. As a species, if we are to evolve to the next level we are going to need to learn how to work together and leverage the resources of everyone in the community.

The model (which is still evolving) was sourced from countless global conversations, both virtually and in person. We talked with our faculty, with community members and with people who had never heard of CTI.  We talked with anyone who was willing to talk with us!

We’re still talking and eager to hear your thoughts and input.   To learn more about the model and to participate in the conversation, please visit here.

We will continue to keep you posted about developments to the Co-Active® Dimensional Leadership Model™ as we go!



Co-Active Network – exciting news!

2015 A new year, a new platform - the best Co-Active conversations in one place.

Work is well underway in our quest to upgrade our Co-Active Network. We've had many conversations with stakeholders throughout our communities, staff, international partners, faculty and alumni, and it’s clear this move is a welcome one. By “upgrade” we simply mean that a new, more contemporary version of our existing social networking platform is available from our current vendor.

This newer version will have a much more user-friendly interface, whereby it will be possible to make your personal profile your home page, and where an 'activity stream' feature - like those we are familiar with on other platforms - will allow you to see what's new in the discussions you are signed up to. The discussion forums on our current Network will be retained, with added functionality that allows for the sharing of images and video, as well as sharing points of interest with other social media such as Twitter and Facebook.

At this stage, we welcome your interest in this project in one of two key areas:

1.  Heading up a group. If you would like to head up a group on the new platform, for a subject area which you are particularly passionate about, please contact Nick at:

2.  Beta Testers.  In November this year, we will be actively testing the new site - which will not be live yet - and will need people to step forward to help with this process. You'll be first to see the new site, and will automatically be a live user (our wider community will be invited to join in January 2015). If you would like to be a beta tester, please contact Nick at:



Angeles Arrien – a tribute

Angeles Arrien   1940- 2014

Angeles Arrien, world renowned cultural anthropologist, educator, mediator, and award-winning author, passed away on April 24th.  She fully lived her life purpose and left a lasting legacy of wisdom for generations to come through her teachings, books and the lives she touched and transformed through her work around the world.  She was consistent in walking the talk of her teachings and practices, and was always a champion for the authentic self and a fierce opponent to life-negating patterns that got in the way.  A dear member of the CTI family, we are so grateful for her contribution to personal and professional leadership and relationship.  May we all continue to nourish the seeds she planted in us with her wisdom, love and teachings, and may we always steward the good, true and beautiful in ourselves and in all the lives we touch.



The Leadership Way

A program for Co-Active Leadership® alumni

The Leadership Way is a four-day retreat program, designed for Leadership Program alumni, focusing on expanding both your presence as a Co-Active Leader in the world and your ability to apply Co-Active Leadership principles more effectively in real-life situations.

“We were all hungry to lead, eager to learn. The Leadership Way went beyond my expectations in supporting my development. It was a perfect extension of the Co-Active Leadership program in taking my leadership to the next level.” – Melanie Scott, participant

You’ll be looking deeply INSIDE with lots of time spent in contemplation and internal work, and OUTSIDE with conversation and activities to empower you in day-to-day situations.

In The Leadership Way program, you’ll have the opportunity for lots of front-of-the-room practice and pointing by two masters of Co-Active Leadership.

Upcoming date: September 24-27, 2014
Location: North Carolina
Leaders: Karen Kimsey-House and Pat Carrington-House
For more information, please visit: or contact



Co-Active Skills Training for HR Professionals

CTI offers a range of programs and services for organizations around the world. In this issue we will feature Co-Active Skills Training for HR Professionals.

Increasingly, organizations are recognizing the power of coaching, and a coach-approach, to drive transformational change, develop leaders, and foster employee engagement and contribution at every level. Moreover, internal coaching has emerged as an effective, high-return vehicle for unlocking intrinsic human potential.

HR professionals who serve as strategic partners to the line have a measurable impact on driving successful business outcomes.

This experiential 2.5-day learning program provides participants with practical experience to
integrate best-practice coaching skills into their leadership style. The workshop includes exercises based on current situations that participants encounter in the workplace

Key concepts and principles

  • Distinguishing Coaching from Other Conversations
  • Levels of Listening
  • Powerful Questions
  • The Coaching Roadmap
  • Designed Alliance
  • The Co-Active Model
  • Identifying Values
  • Holding Multiple Perspectives
  • Development Conversations
  • Applications in the Workplace

CTI provided Co-Active Coaching Skills workshops to a team of HR business partners. The
expected outcome was for them to serve as strategic partners to their internal clients,
possessing a credible voice with business leaders. The program, with its focus on building
relationship skills through deep experiential learning, provided an excellent forum for HR
business partners to raise their leadership profile.

After completing the program, HR business partners were able to:

  • Articulate and engender commitment to high-leverage strategic goals and aspirations
  • Explore options from a range of perspectives enabling them to make effective choices
  • Take a new approach to recurring issues, moving beyond self-limiting patterns of behavior.
  • Integrate the skills of Co-Active Coaching into their own authentic leadership style.
  • Shift between a problem solving and a coaching approach, applying each as needed.
  • Apply the Co-Active Coaching Model to design powerful working alliances with colleagues,employees and organizational stakeholders.
  • Use Co-Active Coaching skills in a range of situations, including difficult conversations, performance reviews and team meetings.

For more information, please contact Poorni Bid,



ICF Credentialing Changes

The International Coach Federation (ICF) has made several changes to their credentialing requirements. For the most up-to-date information, please click here. 



Institute of Coaching Professional Association – special offer!


You are invited to join the Institute of Coaching Professional Association (ICPA)
Special annual fee for CTI community members and newsletter subscribers: $100 USD (reg. $150)

CTI is a proud sponsor of the Institute of Coaching (IOC) at McLean Hospital, a Harvard Medical School affiliate. The Institute’s professional association (ICPA) offers a wealth of resources, educational and networking opportunities. As an ICPA member, you will have access to:

  • The entire website
  • A monthly coaching report
  • Self-study master classes —10 per year (webinars, articles, videos)
  • Learning tours in Leadership Coaching, Health & Wellness Coaching, and Positive Psychology
  • Access to journal subscriptions
  • A comprehensive library

Whether your goal is to become a professional coach, or you are interested in the latest research in the field, or you want to become a better leader by adopting a “coach approach” in the workplace, this membership will support your personal and professional growth. Continuous learners will delight in the variety of resources available. Added bonus: If you plan to open your own practice, or want to introduce coaching to your organization, being able to link science to coaching provides powerful marketing and business case support!

To request CTI’s special $100 USD annual membership rate, email

For FREE one-month access to the entire ICPA website or to learn about ICF-approved CEUs, email



Thank you again to our Summit sponsors


The Leadership Circle offers best-in-class 360-degree assessment and development tools. These tools are used by individuals, groups, and organizations to enable leadership transformation—change that evolves authentically from the inside out.

The Leadership Circle Profile™ is a breakthrough among 360-degree profiles—the first to connect a well-researched battery of competencies with the underlying and motivating habits of thought. Ultimately, it addresses the source of behavior to better leverage change. Seasoned consultants and coaches consistently report that The Leadership Circle Profile is the most powerful leadership 360 available (and the easiest for clients to use and understand), enabling them to have the most productive sessions of their careers.


Satori is the software that savvy coaches use to do less of the mundane and more of what matters. They automate the details so you can focus on doing your best work.

Coaching is all about empowering others. But that’s hard to do when you’re bogged down in the minutiae of running a business, such as opening accounts and issuing invoices. That’s why they made Satori a system that manages for you—not a system that you have to manage. So you can create a rewarding and impactful business that serves you, your clients, and the world. If you’re ready to start enjoying more ease, flow and freedom in your business, take Satori for a spin!


The World Business and Executive Coach Summit is the world’s largest event for coaches. Last year over 13,000 coaches from more than 150 countries tuned into the Summit.

This on-line Summit, now in its fourth year, provides access to a line-up of world-class speakers, including: Karen Kimsey-House, Marshall Goldsmith, John Maxwell, David Rock, Jim Kouzes, Ann Betz, Shirzad Chamine and many more!

”The WBECS provided a fantastic variety of great training content suitable for all business and executive coaches from struggling to successful! The training provided was done completely online and allowed for all time zones to share in a variety of topics and as well catch the recordings if they weren’t available for the live versions. I highly recommend WBECS.” – Chris Allen, 2013 participant



European Co-Active Community

It’s been a year of landmark events for the European Co-Active Community (ECC).

Ten years ago we began as a group of enthusiastic pioneers who were committed to taking Co-Active Coaching out into the world. We had a strong sense that we would be more likely to succeed if we collaborated – and so the first European Co-Active Community Day was born. From the ECC’s conception back in the autumn of 2003, we’ve now run 24 events which have attracted more than 1,600 attendees in total, and supported more than 650 Co-Active coaches as they ventured out into the big wide world of coaching.  

Our events are filled with the usual mix of learning, community and Co-Active magic! Join us at some upcoming events in London:

We’re going social… no, not the online kind – the real in-person kind. If you’d like to hang out in the Co-Active space just for fun, join us for our Community Dinner on July 10th!

Corporate Coaching Day on July 11th is a landmark ECC event. It’s the first time we’ve run an event focused purely on coaching within organizations and it’s already proving very popular with over 40 coaches registered.

In the autumn, we’ll be running our 22nd Community Day event. The theme is The Mind Spa of the Present: How mindfulness will transform your coaching and more. We’ll be taking time out of your busy life and coaching business to detox your brain, uncover your deepest wisdom, and regenerate from the quiet of a different space. Click here for full details

We look forward to welcoming you at an ECC event soon!



The Impact of CTI's Scholarship Program

Two years ago, our senior UK program advisor, Rachel Suckle, received an email from a potential student named Baillie Aaron, in which Baillie shared her vision for using coaching to address the issue of persistent reoffending by young people who have been through the criminal justice system.  Baillie needed CTI's help to make this real by supporting her coaching education. Rachel nurtured this conversation until the next time our scholarship program was ready to receive applications. Our scholarship program committee was similarly impressed with Baillie's vision, and an award was made to support her through our coach certification program.

Fast forward to this year, and Baillie's charity 'Spark Inside', was officially launched at the Houses of Parliament, in Westminster, London, following funding by the UK government to roll out the program into several prisons and young offenders institutes. Rachel was able to attend the event on behalf of CTI and said: "It was a real honor to be part of seeing a vision being born, then grow into reality and then become a success."

Special visitors to Spark Inside last fall. From left: Baillie Aaron (Executive Director), Lola Fayemi (Program Manager), Nicole Berg (Office Manager), Ezekiel Koleosho (Youth Advisory Board Chair).

Photo copyright ©Martin Finnegan.



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