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Letter from the Co-founder

I’ve just returned from the most magnificent experience: leading the first Co-Active Leadership Retreat held in Israel. This dream was made real by persistent community members who have hope that through tools like the Co-Active Model, there can be peace among the people of the Middle East. The Model gives people permission to agree to disagree, to hold different points of view, and provides a container for that to work.

I’ve led many leadership programs over the years. . .over 30 at last count and this particular retreat was unique. Although English was the common tongue, translation was needed for some of the more complex and esoteric parts of the retreat with translation into Hebrew and Turkish, along with ensuring that our two lovely British participants were understanding. And all the while, bringing one amazing Transylvanian along for the ride.

Winter 2013



Both Turkey and Israel are story-telling cultures and this led to new metaphors and very rich conversation. For this group, the six-day retreat, titled The Leader from Within: Creating from Self was all about the power of love and the truth and commitment of the heart. Participants usually fall in love with each other in the first retreat of the Leadership Program. However with this unique and special circle, there was a dedication to each other and to the whole that was stunning and powerful.

Despite the fact that participants were very different people and personalities, they all consistently stood for each other with fierce love, bound together by a shared vision of change in their part of the world. They are powerful leaders every one, and it was a privilege to serve them and a joy to dance with my co-leader Dori Ben Chanoch, assisted by Abi Shilon and Dana Berenzon.

Love, Karen

P.S. - This photo of our boisterous group was taken at Aquaduct Beach near Caesarea Aquaduct. The history of the place was humbling. In the first century AD, King Herod built an aquaduct to import drinking water to serve the growing city of Caesarea, named for Augustus Caesar. The structure was in use, modified, and repaired for over 1200 years. Remarkable!

Karen Kimsey-House
CTI CEO and Co-founder



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Upcoming Main Community Events:



Wednesday, 22 January 2014, TIME: 10-11 AM PST/ 1-2 PM ET/ 6-7 PM UK

How do we discover, articulate and live our "Why" - our higher purpose, cause or belief? How do we help others do the same? Join CTI Leadership grad, trained coach and member of Simon Sinek's team, Stephen Shedletzky, for this interactive call. We will breakdown the roots of Simon's Golden Circle concept and find the connections within the Co-Active Model.



Tuesday 25 February 2014, TIME: 11 AM-noon PST/ 2-3 PM ET/ 7-8 PM UK

Did you attend one of CTI's Meet the New Model events in the last couple of years, or complete the bridging content online, and still find yourself with questions? Or maybe you just haven't had time yet to engage with the new material. Either way, then join us for this one hour Q and A with senior CTI Faculty member Sandra Richardson, who will help us dive deeper into the changes in the model relating to the Synergy principle of Co-Active Coaching.



Thursday 06 March 2014, TIME: 11 AM-noon PST/ 2-3 PM ET/ 7-8 PM UK

Women lead differently to men and have different leadership requirements. As coaches of women we are more effective when we can work with women's innate strengths. Women's innate leadership strengths have often been negated, ignored or stepped over. As a coach, our challenge is to tap into these strengths and enable our female clients to embody their often hidden resources. This call will give you insights into how to effectively work with women and case studies on what is possible.



CTI Announces New President

CTI announces the appointment of Mikell Rigg-Parsch as CTI’s president and a member of the Board. Ms. Parsch brings 20 years of relevant industry experience to her new role, having previously served as President and COO of Roosevelt Thomas Consulting & Training, and President of the International division and the Organizational Business Unit at Franklin Covey Company.

“Mikell has experience in positioning companies to make them world leaders within their industries,” says CTI co-founder and CEO, Karen Kimsey-House. “She has served as our Chief Development Officer for the past two years and during that time she has demonstrated energy, vision and focus. She has been instrumental in helping to guide CTI through an unprecedented period of growth and transition: we’ve expanded our international presence, doubled our growth in corporate training and development, and preserved market leader status as a coach training institution. I do want to acknowledge the outstanding contributions of our outgoing president, Karl Sniady, and thank him for his dedicated years of service.

“We welcome Mikell’s experience and leadership as we continue to grow, while maintaining the standards of excellence that CTI is known for,” says Kimsey-House. “As President, she will be responsible for delivering against our strategic plan. Her results-oriented approach will play a pivotal role in extending our track record of service and leading-edge thinking, while helping us to grow profitably.”

“CTI is at the forefront of helping individuals reach their greatest potential and has created a tight-knit global community of learners and leaders,” says Parsch.  “The dedication and talent of our faculty, coaches and staff continually impresses me. I am firmly convinced that the world needs CTI and its Co-Active approach to life, leadership, and human connection. I am both excited and honored to steward CTI through the next phase of its evolutionary journey.”




Presenting the 2014 Global Co-Active Summit Presenters

Check out this lineup of Summit presenters and their diverse, yet sublimely interrelated, topics. To learn more about the presenters and their sessions, visit
ICF CEUs are available for keynotes, breakout sessions and general sessions led by Karen and Henry. Visit

And please note that WE'VE EXTENDED THE SPECIAL PRICE DEADLINE TO JANUARY 10, 2014 ($1095 USD, a savings of $200).

CONCURRENT SESSIONS – Thursday, April 10, 2014 – 1:30-4:00pm
The Magic of Enchantment with Leza Danly & Jeanine Mancusi
Discover a new operating system to awaken spiritual intelligence.

The Hero Must Die with Chuck Allen
Shift from dependence on singular genius to answers generated within diverse groups.

Collaborative Design Thinking with Caitlin Toombs & Carlo Bos
Explore the inherent links between Design Thinking and the Co-Active Model.

Exploring the Tribal Mind Through Masculine/Feminine Energies with Pat Carrington House, Ken Mossman & Mike Bornhorst
When Masculine and Feminine energies are freed of historical wounds, we can access the wholeness of ourselves and the joy of partnership.

CONCURRENT SESSIONS – Friday, April 11, 2014 – 2:00-4:30pm
There is Enough for Everyone with Lynne Twist
Open your heart and mind to a new way where people all around the world escape the lie of scarcity.

Collaborative Leadership with Angeles Arrien
In today’s world, strong leadership calls for collaboration and cross-cultural wisdom and understanding.

The Power of Performance with Kat Koppett & Michael Burns
Use the power of improvisational theater and storytelling to generate a universal and unifying experience.

The First People had questions and they were free. The Second People had answers and they were enslaved. Are we the First People or the Second People? with WhiteEagle & WindEagle
Learn a structure for communal organizing and decision-making, based on the ancient medicine wheel.

Systems Inspired Leadership: Moving from an Ego System to an Eco System with Marita Fridjhon
Imagine a new paradigm - a systems-oriented leadership model - and be inspired to engage clients in a new way.

For more information about the 2014 Global Co-Active Summit, please visit



CTI Expanding Across The Globe

By Clark Friedrichs, CPCC, MCC

With all the community excitement about new training locations in North America and expanding International locations, I wanted to let you know about the Dance Camp—that’s CTI’s name for the new course leader training process—we held in Shanghai, China in late October. Co-Active training is entering new cultures and will be taught in new languages. We’re in the process of assembling a worldwide, world-class faculty. Check out the picture of this amazing group.

This was truly an international affair with all leaders aligning around the Stake of: We’re World Class. Ready, Set, Co!

We had one Aussie living in Dubai (Steve Jeffs), three of our Turkish Goddesses (Ozlem Kiyat Berber, Aysen Ozcanoglu Gunduz, Gulruh Turhan), our Norwegian partner and leader (Grethe Deinoff), our Malaysian living in Singapore (Elfarina Zaid), our Korean singer/leader (Joo Won Park), a Polish leader living for a time in China and soon back to Poland (Agata Kuflewicz).

Eight Chinese fire-dragon and heart-filled leaders (Rebecca Hou, Vivi Tian, Vivian Jiang, Sally Li, Jane Zhang Riess, Connie Fu, Jessie Feng, Michelle Liu, as well as Jing Ye who lives sometimes in Canada, sometimes in China), our Mexican partner and leader (Cesar Fentanes), our sex dancer from Japan (Hiroki Hasimoto or Hassy), two American leaders who traveled far to be there (Sharna Fey and Sidney Wiecking), as well as Dori Ben-Chanoch danger with a heart from Israel, Jeff Jacobson, the multi-tongued American living in Shanghai, and myself, Clark Friedrichs from Barcelona leading this international group, all of us dancing away and learning the ways of being the best in the world.
I’m incredibly proud of this group of leaders standing on the shoulders of many who have come before and the many who will follow.

Thanks to all for an incredible Dance Camp. Special thanks to Henry Han who works for our Partner in China, Schouten China, and went way beyond his duty to help organize the event in Shanghai.



Co-Active Sales for Coaches

By David Evans

Imagine if you hired a six-figure Director of Sales? What would the impact on your coaching business be?

I began the CTI Co-Active Sales course with my usual dose of hubris. I’m an experienced entrepreneur you see; I’ve coached entrepreneurs from zero to six-figure monthly sales in six months; fresh out of school I topped company-wide sales in my 4th month at Australia’s largest telco; I know how to sell.

Except I didn’t know how to sell in alignment with my values. I didn’t feel comfortable with the intersection between the Co-Active model and commerce. I felt like I was selling myself - a recipe for saboteur driven ego trips.

First: the Co-Active Sales course connected my selling efforts with my purpose - to unleash the force within that liberates the universe from mercenary work.

Second: it shifted my perspective. I now sell from service and fun. Yes, service is the purpose connecting part. And the Co-Active Sales course has turned selling into a fun game. When we allow ourselves to play, our world becomes more generative. Co-Active Sales is literally a game in which we get to create new clients!

Third: I had a team with whom I could celebrate the wins and process the losses. Selling is a numbers game. You get the numbers up and you will get yes’s. You will also get lots of no’s, probably more no’s than yes’s - if you’re anything like me, by a factor of 2 to 1. Having a team, led by coaches who create a safe and courageous space, amplifies the wins and provides a learning cushion for the losses.

Finally: accountability. Ninety days is an ideal amount of time to ensure the formation of new habits. Being held accountable to the structures we committed to as part of the Co-Active Sales program has created new habits for me.

I really do feel like I’ve outsourced my sales effort. All I have to do is show up as the CEO of Jedi Trainers and be Co-Active in all the situations my ‘Director of Sales’ has set up for me. Play the game, get the points, I win, my clients win!

Editor’s Note:
The next start date of the virtual Co-Active Sales course that David Evans received such value from is April 16, 2014. Learn more about Co-Active Sales here.



New to CTI?

CTI is the world’s oldest and largest in-person coach training school in the world and pioneers in positioning coaching and relationship management as core leadership competencies. CTI is passionate about changing business and transforming lives.

The Co-Active® Model is the foundation of all our offerings:

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Bigger Game Workshops

Invent the life you want through The Bigger Game 2-day experience!

The Bigger Game is a tool coaches can use with clients and themselves. The Bigger Game is for anyone who yearns to do bigger things in life. Co-created and led by popular CTI leader and Hay House author, Rick Tamlyn, The Bigger Game is a playful, easy and fun metaphor.

You were born with an innovative spirit, and possess the unique ability to create positive change in your own life and the lives of those around you. If you are unable to access your most creative innovative spirit, the Bigger Game shows you how.

New York Metro Area - March 7-8, 2014 ($395 - ACT NOW! (reg $495. Offer expires February 7, 2014)
San Francisco Bay Area - May 30-31, 2014 ($395 - ACT NOW! (reg $495. Offer expires April 30, 2014)

Core Competencies 10.25
Resource Development 5.00

The Bigger Game has proved to be life changing for players around the world, and if you truly embrace the Game Board, it will be for you too. Register now.



Celebrating 10 years of the European Co-Active Community

By Tony Barton, CTI Front of Room Leader – founder of Red Kite World Ltd.

November 8th 2013 saw over 80 Co-Active coaches attend the 20th European Co-Active Community Day (check out the photos), followed by a celebration dinner for coaches to dance the night away in true Co-Active style – 10 years on from its inception by Co-Founders Kyle Newman and Antony Parry in Autumn 2003.

I remember that first community day in 2003 with surprising clarity – the sense of excitement and aliveness – the sheer joy of being part of something so worthwhile.

I can picture Antony Parry standing so tall and confidently in the middle of a big circle (we love our circles don’t we?) as he outlined the vision of establishing a community for Co-Active Coaches based in Europe.

The event hosts on that day were Jim Patterson, Andy Denne, and Lori Shook – all superheroes in my eyes, they had been so much a part of my own nascent coaching journey – we had all drunk the elixir and wanted more! With Jim, Andy and Lori guiding us, we painted the picture of the future for the Co-Active Community – we formed groups, we brainstormed, we drew on flip charts, we assigned tasks and we started the journey that led to where we are today – 10 years on.

This is an amazing achievement and it wouldn’t have happened without the dedication of all the people who stepped up to the plate to lead the 19 subsequent community events that have become a regular fixture on the Co-Active calendar.

One person who deserves special acknowledgement is Kyle Newman, who along with Antony Parry, started the whole thing off back in 2003. Kyle has been there every step of the way. His tireless efforts to keep the community alive are testimony to how passionately he feels about the importance of supporting Co-Active Coaches way beyond their passing-out parades for core curriculum, certification or leadership – his insistence that we stay together is leadership in action – thanks Kyle!

The ECCC continues to go from strength to strength as a leading example of Co-Active Community. A new annual Business Building event was launched a couple of years ago and we are launching a new Corporate Coaching Day in July 2014 – aimed at connecting Co-Active Coaches who are working in organisations – click here to see the upcoming events.

As for what the next decade holds? Who knows! Aspirations include events in more European cities, bigger attendances, and more… watch this space!




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