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Letter from the Co-founder

I hope that you are able to enjoy the peace and harmony of the season. Here at CTI, we are busy getting ready for a very Co-Active 2015!

2015 will be a big year for the Co-Active Leadership Program with new programs being offered in Mexico, Turkey and China. Henry and I are excited to be traveling to Istanbul, Turkey several times over the next year to co-lead the Leadership program there. 

We also have two new Co-Active books coming out in 2015. Spring will see the release of the book you’ve been waiting for: Integration: the power of being Co-Active in work and life, by Ann Betz (CTI neuroscience consultant), and myself.  In the book, Ann and I explore the Co-Active model and its application far beyond coaching through powerful personal stories and examples ranging from business to parenting, and yes, cutting-edge neuroscience! For coaches, the book will give you a far greater understanding and appreciation of the Co-Active Model and it’s also the book you’ll want to give everyone in your life so they can understand and begin to apply the Co-Active model themselves. Look for Integration on bookshelves in April/May of 2015.


In the fall, Henry and I are planning a book tour to celebrate the release of our new book Co-Active Leadership: Five Ways to Lead published by Berrett-Koehler. Look for more details on our tour in a future edition of Co-Active Global News.

There’s much to be grateful for in the coming year and in the present moment… definitely time to celebrate!

Karen Kimsey-House
CEO and co-founder, CTI



2014 has been a year of continued growth for Co-Active. Through the hard work of many, we have strengthened our position in many of our markets and have offered Coaching and Leadership training to a record number of people across the globe.

The excitement continues as we reach further beyond our existing boundaries to enter new markets in both our Co-Active Coach Training and Leadership programs in 2015.

Co-Active Fundamentals courses will be sprouting up in 10 new locations across North America in 2015. Charlotte – North Carolina, Edmonton – Alberta, San Diego – California, Seattle – Washington, London – Ontario, Halifax – Nova Scotia, Fort Lauderdale – Florida, and Raleigh – North Carolina. We will also be running a Fundamentals of Co-Active Coaching for Business Professionals course in Palo Alto – California.

With the help of strong advocates across the globe, our Co-Active Leadership program will be reaching deeper into the world as we launch 2015 programs in China, Mexico, and Turkey. To find out more about our new leadership program retreats or to register for a program, please contact:
China inquiries: Vivi Tian at or 86 186 1180 2800
Mexico inquiries: Cesar Fentanes at or 52 55 917 21464
Turkey inquiries: Debra Martin at or 415 526 1633

It is only with your help that our work continues to flourish and grow through the lives and businesses you impact on a daily basis.




Everyone is a leader – Co-Active® Dimensional Leadership™

At the 2014 Co-Active Summit, Karen and Henry Kimsey-House introduced the Co-Active® Dimensional Leadership™ model and the concept that everyone is a leader. As a follow up to that concept, Karen and Henry are hosting a free online webinar to dive deeper into the model.

Register for a seat at the “Everyone Is A Leader” free webinar.
Date: Tuesday, January 13, 2015 – 8:00am-9:00am PT
Topic: What is the impact on our world when we believe, and demonstrate our belief through action, that everyone is a leader?
Register Now >





The 2014 CTI Scholarship Program has been a great success so far. The recipients have provided us with their statements of intent and are well on their way with their coach and/or leadership training. Over the course of the next two years we’ll be following the scholarship recipients through their training and posting updates from them as they reach out to make a difference in the world. You can view the coach training recipients and leadership program scholarship recipients on our blog.

We are also starting to plan the 2015 CTI scholarship program! Over the next few months we’ll be adding information about our scholarship program to the website. 




You can enter for a chance to win a 3-Day Coaching Fundamentals course! The deadline to enter is December 14th and we’ll be contacting the winners the week of December 15th. Invite your friends to participate—you’ll receive a bonus entry each time one of your friends enters!

If you would like to stay informed about CTI’s special offers, promotions or scholarships, follow us on our social media sites (Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest) and subscribe to our newsletter and blog.




Since our last audition in North America and Europe, our new Front-Of-The-Room Leaders (FORLs) from all over the world have been learning more about Co-Active Leadership and Facilitation, and leading their first courses. A culmination of this process was Dance Camp at HQ (San Rafael, California) in October and Barcelona in late September where the new leaders came together with some special invitees— people from the community who are CPCCs and Leadership grads—to refine their training skills and take their leadership up a level.  In Barcelona the Camp was led by Dori Ben-Chanoch and Clark Friedrichs with 12 FORLs and 10 special invitees. At HQ we had 11 FORLs and 10 invitees with Clark co-leading with Susan Carlisle.

These training of the trainers workshops empower our leaders to go out into the world with even more confidence and insight into how to deliver our material. For the invitees, it was a way for them to deepen their own experience of Co-Active Facilitation to further empower the many different ways they are taking Co-Active out into the world. Everyone was treated to intense learning and a dinner at both locations to cap off the three days of fun, learning and camaraderie. All told now, we have some 145 FORLs all over the planet enrolling new people into Co-Activity.




On November 17th, CTI launched an internal coach training program with the Treasury Executive Institute (TEI), an entity within the United States Department of the Treasury whose mission is to provide continuous learning and growth opportunities to executives, executive development candidates, and senior managers.

Earlier this fall, CTI was awarded a contract by TEI to train leaders to serve as internal coaches for other leaders across the agency. Prior to awarding this contract to CTI, TEI had employed a piecemeal approach to training internal coaches, contracting with several different vendors to create a program that while cost-effective, did not adequately meet the needs of the Institute.  Erin Hutchins, with persistence and tenacity, successfully persuaded TEI that by contracting only with CTI for their next cohort of internal coach training they would be receiving the highest quality coach training for their leaders.

Of the 25 executives in this cohort, 16 are from the Department of Homeland Security and 9 from the Internal Revenue Service.  The Director of TEI is also in the group and said the Fundamentals course exceeded any and all expectations she had.  Each of the 25 participants completed a rigorous application and review process in order to be selected for the program.  They were chosen from among a pool 200 applicants!

The Fundamentals workshop was a great success and there are indications that the program will grow quickly from here. Below are a few testimonials from participants:

  • “I will tell others this course is personally life changing and it has the capability of changing the culture within our organization” – Regional Director for United States Citizenship and Immigration
  • “This course helps others develop communication skills that go beyond coaching. This will help others develop their confidence in the ability to succeed in the mission” – Stakeholder Engagement Director
  • “The leaders (Erin Hutchins and L.A. Reding) were so experienced and knowledgeable.  CTI are the cream of the crop!!!” – Chief of Staff, Department of Homeland Security




In addition to the Co-Active Network, over the last 5 years, CTI has actively engaged in nurturing the development of Co-Active Community in our venue cities in North America, UK and Singapore, via our Ambassador program. During this time, through the commitment, creativity and passion of our ambassadors, CTI has had the opportunity to connect with its alumni in new ways, grow new and existing markets, as well as deepen its own learning about what makes Community tick.

As is the case with every project, as the experience deepens and evolves, new direction also becomes clear. One of those moments happened this year with our experience of the local Community Summits, when over 35 Local Co-Active Communities came together on the same day to explore the same transformative learning as the 700 delegates at our in-person Co-Active Summit in Napa Valley. The depth of engagement revealed to us that there was passion to create community in areas beyond our venue cities. Building on this, we initiated a pilot project to explore the idea of a new 'CTI Community Representative' role in areas wherever there was a passion for creating in-person Co-Active connections. Over the last five months, we have worked with over 20 Community Reps in Eastern Canada (led by Kristen Bentley), Southeast US (led by Tammy Hibler) and Western Canada (led by Sue Jordon). Kristen, Tammy and Sue have been able to communicate their passion for community by mentoring our community reps to create networking, social and continuing professional development events.

The results have been so encouraging that we have decided to discontinue the role of Ambassador, and in 2015, roll out the role of CTI Community Representative throughout North America, with a view to extend the network beyond to other continents later in the year.

Our many ambassadors across over a dozen venue cities have been instrumental in spreading the word about Co-Active over the last 5 years. It's possible you, too, have been inspired or supported by one of them. Their contribution has been immense and this new broader vision would not have been possible without them.

If you are passionate about growing Co-Active Community and feel there are enough alumni in your area to make this happen at even the most basic level, please contact Nick Kettles, at to express your interest in becoming a CTI Community Representative.




Throughout 2015 we'll be presenting a series of free, content-packed webinars designed to broaden your awareness about the many applications of Co-Active, learn some new skills, grow your coaching business, and much more. Join us for a full, content-rich hour of great information, tools, and tips with some of CTI's most experienced coaches and trainers. Simply click on the register link below to sign up and reserve your seat.

Relationship Agility. January 22nd

During this webinar John Vercelli, CTI”s VP of Innovation and Strategy, and Poorni Bid, VP of Corp Sales, will introduce you to some specific skills of CTI's Relationship Agility model that focuses on establishing trust as the basis of forming effective working relationships as well as making powerful decisions in service of shared goals and objectives.
Who Should Attend: Managers or leaders working within an organization
Poorni Bid, Vice President, Corporate Client Solutions at CTI
John Vercelli, Vice President, Strategy and Innovation at CTI
Date: Jan 22 at 9 am PT  | Register Now




Explore deeply the growing body of neuroscience research which reveals that the tools of Co-Active Coaching® profoundly help clients develop positive new neural networks, respond more calmly to stress, make choices more easily, and access much more of their creativity. This inevitably leads to more effective, successful and fulfilling lives.

This webinar program offers four 90-minute pre-recorded sessions, which will include an overview of neuroscience, experiential processes, and a Q&A discussion. If you are an experienced coach and are looking to level up your performance, understanding the relevant neuroscience will make you a more effective Co-Active Coach.

In addition to revealing in-depth information about neuroscience, during each webinar, Ann will introduce you to one new coaching tool. Each session will come with recommended readings, thought-provoking questions, demos and homework. Attendees can connect with each other online to discuss and share what they have learned.

$150 USD - if you are new to CTI.
$100 USD - if you have already taken a CTI course.
Read the CTI Policies Register now.

Special price: $25 - If you signed up for the live Neuroscience webinars in Fall 2013 and would like to access these recordings, please contact Customer Service: 1-800-691-6008 option 1 or 415-451-6000 option 1 or email





As we head into the holidays we’re celebrating two very successful events in the second half of 2014. The Corporate Coaching Day held on July 11th was another landmark ECC event. It was the first time we’ve run an event focused purely on coaching within organisations and it was a raging success with over 60 coaches attending. There was a deep hunger for more - so we’re planning another Corporate Coaching Day for early 2015… watch this space!

Then just last month, our 22nd Community Day – another sell out event - saw both new and older alumni gather for a day exploring Mindfulness and Meditation.

Looking forward to 2015… we’ll be planning another business building event for early in the year, followed by the 23rd Community Day event which will be taking place on 15th May 2015. The theme for this event is Clearing Space: Clear a path and create more freedom in yourself and in your coaching… tickets on sale now!

Also in the mix for 2015 is… more social events, a Community Day in Oslo, Norway, another Corporate Coaching Day in London and more. So keep an eye on the website and make sure you join us!

Wishing you a magical holiday season and a blockbuster 2015!



Spirituality & Creativity in Management World Congress

In April of 2015, Karen and Henry will be traveling to Barcelona, Spain to co-present at the Spirituality & Creativity in Management World Congress. The Congress is sponsored by ESADE, one of the most prestigious business schools in the world. It is a very exclusive event with many high level speakers and Karen and Henry are honored to be invited. Click here for more information and to register

Date:  April 23-25, 2015
Location: ESADEFORUM in Barcelona
Learn more:

Our beloved co-founders Karen and Henry Kimsey-House have been confirmed to speak at The Bigger Game Expo 2015 in Silver Bay, NY!
Karen and Henry will share an up close and personal, behind-the-scenes look into their Bigger Game, a.k.a. CTI. Learn about the early days and what was required to turn their one-workshop-a-month dream into a worldwide phenomenon; and discover their plans for sustaining its success.

Date:  June 11-14, 2015
Location: Silver Bay YMCA in upstate NY
Learn more:

Rick Tamlyn, CTI leader, Hay House author and Bigger Game co-founder is the host and emcee.  Other speakers include Elizabeth Gilbert, author of Eat, Pray, Love, and Lee Woodruff, CBS This Morning contributor, plus 10 additional inspiring Bigger Game players.

Early Bird registration ends December 15, 2014.





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