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The most pressing human capital priority facing post-millennial organizations is the ongoing cultivation of workforce talent capable of meeting the business objectives of today and tomorrow. To remain truly competitive regardless of business climate, organizations must adopt a strategy for fundamentally transforming, not simply investing in, human capital.

As traditional command and control hierarchies give way to flat organizational structures, unlocking the potential of employees at every level becomes a critical factor in organizational relevance and effectiveness. Traditional employee development strategies and leadership developement programs in organizations, while necessary, are no longer sufficient to meet the talent needs of the organization. To achieve and sustain higher and higher levels of performance, organizations must positively transform how they develop and leverage human capital.

Simply focusing on developing employees' technical or functional expertise is entirely inadequate to create truly sustainable breakthrough performance. The most effective organizations will shift their focus to fundamentally rewiring how people hold themselves and engage with others in the workplace through organizational coaching, giving employees the skills and opportunity to recognize and coax the best performance out of themselves and each other.

By taking a transformative approach to human capital development, organizations will create a workforce that is able to collectively and courageously step forward, set radical expectations and achieve unprecedented outcomes.

This is where CTI® and Co-Active® Model comes in.

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