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Customized Solutions

As businesses try to stay ahead of the talent game and adapt to meet the demands of an ever-changing world, so must the way we engage with developing our people. Given this rapid pace of change, organizations need a solution that creates transformational impact today, and continues to produce results through the powerful acquisition of skills and behaviors, leading to sustainable results.

CTI’s customized Co-Active solutions help organizations develop the behaviours, culture and mind-set needed to meet the challenges unique to your organization. Whether you’re interested in fostering employee engagement, building skills and developing leaders, or influencing culture, CTI can help. CTI faculty and course developers will work with you to:

  • Design a solution specific to your unique vision, work force and business challenges
  • Build an integrated approach that addresses organizational goals as well as the growth and development needs of individual contributors to achieve business success
  • Use contextually based, experientially driven, transformative learning as a platform to foster sustainable and authentic growth

While programs can be customized from the ground up, focus areas may include:

  • Emotional intelligence
  • Team effectiveness
  • Leadership and influence
  • Employee engagement
  • Personal leadership development
  • Building Co-Active coaching and mentoring competencies

Our programs also reflect the core belief that everyone is a leader. Traditional leadership programs take a top-down approach, providing training and coaching to only small subset of the organization. The emphasis is on developing skills and behaviors and, generally, overlooks the opportunity to identify and foster inner leadership gifts. CTI’s approach is grounded in the Co-Active Dimensional Leadership model, which holds that we all have leadership potential—not just the handful of individuals at the top. This model aims to empower the leader in everyone and bridges the gap between skills training and cultivation of the inner wisdom, instinct and intuition needed to meet the challenges of a world in flux.