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Internal Co-Active Coach Training & Certification

The need for transformational employee development has never been greater. In good times, the competition to attract, retain and engage talent can be fierce. The imperative challenge in uncertain times is to attract and keep top talent fully engaged and performing at peak levels.

Increasingly, organizations are recognizing the power of coaching to drive transformational change, leadership development, and employee engagement at every organizational level. Moreover, internal coaching has emerged as an effective, high-return vehicle for unlocking intrinsic human capital potential.

To learn more about our Accelerated Internal Co-Active® Coach training program, download this information sheet.

CTI® has developed a series of training curricula accredited by the International Coach Federation (ICF) to help build internal Co-Active Coaching® skills inside organizations. Intensive, highly-interactive workshops are complimented by a series of telephone based Learning Labs and one-on-one coaching sessions. This blended approach delivers a comprehensive learning experience to ensure rapid and effective application of new skills to day-to-day activities. Each participant will experience the transformational process of Co-Active Coaching while acquiring the skills to precipitate similar positive change within their clients and colleagues.

Co-Active Coach Training for HR Business Partners

CTI’s ICF-accredited curriculum has been designed to train HR business partners and internal learning consultants in foundational Co-Active Coaching skills.

Research has shown that HR professionals who serve as strategic, rather than administrative, partners to the line have a disproportionate impact on driving successful business outcomes.

  • An HR professional's impact as a strategic partner is rooted in his or her leadership ability, not in operational excellence.
  • Co-Active Coach® training provides HR professionals with the skills to better respond to a variety of business and talent management situations with creativity, confidence, professionalism, and a high degree of strategic impact.
  • Co-Active Coach training brings about transformative change in HR professionals and in the way they interact with the line, providing them with the leadership profile to truly "claim a seat at the table."

Co-Active Coach Training for Certified Internal Coaches

CTI has also created ICF-accredited curriculum to provide internal coaches with a set of comprehensive skills to coach effectively within their organizations while simultaneously preparing them for certification.

  • At a time when external coaching is coming under increased scrutiny, organizations are successfully developing an internal infrastructure of coaches as a high return vehicle to drive change and transformational development throughout the organization.
  • Training and deploying Co-Active Coaches to drive transformation in the individual is an effective method to unleashing the untapped potential of human capital within the organization.
  • Internal Co-Active Coach training provides coaches with the skills to teach clients to develop several perspectives for a particular situation and to use these perspectives to set productive, sustainable and effective action into motion.
  • Training internal Co-Active Coaches guarantees a consistent approach across the organization, and ensures that newly acquired skills and experience does not "walk out the door" but is reinvested in the cumulative process of transformational development.