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Ashok Ramji

Ashok Ramji didn't take the Coaching Fundamentals course at CTI® because he wanted to build a coaching practice, but because he wanted to learn how to communicate better.

This research analyst at a hedge fund in Sausalito, California soon discovered that he would gain more than just a series of techniques to create better rapport. Ashok learned that better communication only really begins when we stop trying to solve other people's problems.

“I'm one of those people who say, 'Aha! I know how to diagnose the problem. Now let me go ahead and solve your issue,' " he says. "But in the course I really learned to hold back and ask the right questions so people could find their own answers.”

During an exercise in the workshop, Ashok had the opportunity to coach a friend struggling with an issue she hadn't considered discussing with anybody else. Ashok asked questions then listened quietly despite his urge to outline solutions.

“We were able to have a very authentic discussion in a very short period of time. When she gave me permission to discuss that [issue], she came up with her own solution internally. It was very healing, and it was a great way to improve our communication together. Our relationship is better because of the experience.”

“The framework of the Co-Active® model allows people to delve into deeper issues and do it in such a way that's not intrusive, and without coming across as if you have all the answers. You can create a healthy dialogue where both people come away feeling like they've taken ownership of the ideas that have emanated from the conversation.”

Ashok Ramji, Hedge Fund Research Analyst