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Relationship Agility
Create workplace relationships to deliver high performance results

In today’s highly-complex, fast-paced and often matrixed organizations, developing effective person-to-person relationships is a critical component to achieving shared goals and objectives. In fact, the ability to deliver results through effective relationships with others, including both direct and indirect reports and colleagues, is what distinguishes high-performing managers from their peers.

In order to consistently deliver strong results, managers must have the skills to create alignment and shared commitment to goals and objectives. Developing high performing teams requires an ability to find the right balance of relationship and task orientation. This is one of the greatest challenges for managers, and for those that are successful, a key differentiator.

Program Objectives and Outcomes

CTI’s Relationship Agility program is a dynamic, highly interactive two-day course that teaches managers how to develop workplace relationships that are characterized by a high degree of trust, collaboration and accountability. The focus of the course is squarely on the relationship component of achieving shared goals and objectives.

Emphasis is placed on practical experience rather than lecture, and participants will have extensive opportunity for skill practice during the two days. Upon completion of the course, participants will be able to:

  • Use skills learned in course to navigate through issues and dynamics that often make workplace relationships less than 100% effective
  • Make trust, collaboration and accountability a shared responsibility with their colleagues and direct reports
  • Design powerful working alliances and agreements with direct reports, colleagues and organizational stakeholders
  • Guide direct reports to make deliberate, empowered choices about a plan of action to achieve desired goals and objectives
  • Engender shared commitment to and engagement in support of the chosen plan of action

Who Should Attend

Relationship Agility is for mid-level managers looking for the relationship skills required to maximize performance, as well as for managers who lead cross functional, highly-distributed or virtual teams inside organizations. Individuals who want the skills to influence leadership and engender more effective collaboration with their colleagues are also encouraged to attend.

For more information please contact:
1-800-691-6008, Option 4.