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Coaching Skills for Business Leaders

Managers at all levels of an organization are charged with the responsibility to recognize and develop the talent potential in each of his or her direct reports.

The manager-employee relationship presents an inherently rich, but perpetually underleveraged, opportunity for inspiring transformational development throughout the organization. Meaningful manager-employee interaction has become an unintended casualty of the inordinate number of demands on the time of chronically overwhelmed managers. Unlocking the potential power in the employee-manager relationship does not add to this burden, but fundamentally transforms how the manager engages her team through day-to-day interactions.

CTI has developed a training curriculum, rooted in Co-Active coaching techniques, that works to fundamentally reconstruct the relationship between a manager and her team. The manager does not serve as a formal coach, but rather she uses the techniques to help employees see themselves as fully resourceful in meeting the demands of the business. Managers learn to shift modes from command and control to one that enables them to successfully elicit the talent potential inherent in each of her team members.

Participants attending this two-day, in-person, experiential workshop will work closely with CTI’s master coaches and facilitators to:

  • Use best-practice coaching skills to expedite people development and co-create development plans.
  • Create powerful alliances based on a set of shared agreements.
  • Develop coaching as a core competency of their leadership style.
  • Use the Co-Active® approach to develop and strengthen executive presence.
  • Utilize the Co-Active® Coaching roadmap.

For more information on our Coaching Skills for Business Leaders training program, please contact: corporate@coactive.com or download this information sheet.