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Senior Specialist of Sales Ops

We are looking for a Senior Specialist of Sales Ops to support our Sales department in improving our customer experience.  With the aid of this position, CTI will be able to measure and report on the impact of sales and marketing initiatives, allowing us to be increasingly dynamic in our responsiveness, as well as increasing the quality of training and onboarding within the Sales teams. This position will facilitate an ease and transparency in assessing performance data and will aid in CTI’s sales processes and communications becoming increasingly consistent and simple. The Senior Specialist of Sales Ops will enhance the relationships and communication with other departments by providing organized and reliable information exchange.

You’ll be a strong candidate and great fit for this position and CTI if:

  • You possess exceptional service skills with a passion for working in a team-oriented environment.
  • You have proven problem-solving and issue-resolution skills with technical and interpersonal issues.
  • You are enthusiastic, bring a ‘can-do’ attitude and a willingness to explore creative solutions to every problem.
  • You possess and inspire a strong desire to succeed - both individually and as a team.
  • You are a great listener and are able to get to the heart of what is truly needed without getting distracted by personalities or details.

Position Overview

The Senior Specialist of Sales Ops can be located anywhere (working fully remotely) and manages, monitors and reports on the health of the global Sales operations. This includes managing and facilitating reporting and data analysis for CTI’s Sales department and providing predictive analytics to anticipate market changes and communicate the needs of Sales to Marketing, Operations and Business Systems (i.e. IT).  The Senior Specialist of Sales Ops will assist with the management and coordination of course schedules and revenue projections, train and assist sales representatives in using systems and working effectively, and provide ongoing training and support to sales team members.  This position will also support the management team with revenue reporting and identifying areas for improvement, as well as refining and developing processes and training to streamline sales funnel and ensure easy flow of information between the Sales teams, Operations, and Marketing.  Finally, the Senior Specialist of Sales Ops will suggest and implement system improvements to increase the amount and quality of customer data sales collects and uses.

Primary Objectives:

  • Supports Global Head of Sales and sales leadership team in effectively assessing and managing sales revenue reporting and communication.
  • Identify and close gaps in training and processes on the sales team.
  • Increase efficiency and effectiveness of the sales organization.
  • Measure customer success.

Initial Challenges and Opportunities:

  • Transition the current reporting process into a streamlined set of reports that effectively reflect the health of the business and provide transparency to all levels of the company using technology.
  • Partner with Business Systems Specialist to identify, prioritize and develop enhancements that streamline processes and provide greater customer insight.
  • Create a standard onboarding process for each new rep that ensures that everyone receives the same training and that reps are using processes and systems with consistency.
  • Retrain current staff in new processes and design ways to measure adoption.

Responsibilities and Duties

  • Accurate and streamlined data reporting.
  • Train staff in systems and processes.
  • Identify opportunities to improve efficiency.
  • Manage process change that increases efficiency and effectiveness of sales team.
  • Identify gaps in process flow between sales and other departments and recommend methods to close the gaps using technology whenever possible.
  • Manage projects related to cross-team integration and processes.
  • Manage and monitor course schedules. 
  • Identify areas of opportunity and risks for both products and territories.
  • Identify and measure customer success and satisfaction.

On a daily basis, the Senior Specialist of Sales Ops will meet weekly with sales leaders to assess business health and opportunities in the areas of course performance, territory performance, and team performance. They will also communicate with other departments to ensure the business flows smoothly and that there is a consistent and dynamic communication between Operations, Product and Marketing. The Senior Specialist of Sales Ops will track incoming leads and provides feedback to marketing on lead efficacy, and also ensure all business development activities are properly set up, managed, working with other departments to ensure success.

Organizational Link

The Senior Specialist of Sales Ops reports to and works in close partnership with the Global Head of Sales who functions as an executive sponsor to align on impact, outcomes, strategy, and initiatives. This position also works regularly with team leads to various sales departments (e.g. Coach Training, Orgs, and Customer Experience), as well as working frequently with sales team members and communicating regularly with Marketing, Operations, and Product teams.


  • Exceptional numeracy, literacy, verbal and written communication skills to effectively inform our team and external parts of the business.
  • Demonstrated skills in multitasking, time management & organization to effectively engage and contribute to multiple, simultaneous projects.
  • Skilled in managing details while thriving in a fast-paced, global environment.
  • Ability to work remotely and support a diverse team virtually.

To apply for this position, please provide a resume and letter of interest telling us:

  • Why you want to work for CTI
  • What you uniquely bring to the table, including your background in Operations Coordinator roles
  • What makes for the ideal company or job in your opinion
  • Salary expectations
  • If you were referred by someone at CTI, please mention who referred you in your cover letter.

Please send your resume and cover letter to Jobs@coactive.com and make the subject
Senior Specialist of Sales Ops
Thank you for your interest in The Coaches Training Institute.
CTI is committed to a policy of equal employment opportunity and will not discriminate based on a protected class or as otherwise prohibited by law.

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