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Co-Active Leadership Book

Karen and Henry Kimsey-House, the coauthors of the bestselling book Co-Active Coaching have just published another ground breaking book Co-Active Leadership, Five Ways to Lead.


This book has been getting some excellent reviews on Amazon and The People Development Network has also provided a review that you can read here.

"I have reviewed many leadership and personal development books over the past few years. I do not always completely read every book. I have read THIS book from cover to cover twice so far, resulting in 20 pages of notes and copied quotations from a 100-page book … and I plan to read it again soon. If you are serious about leadership, coaching, and your life, this is an essential addition to your learning library.

Co-Active Leadership has given me useful knowledge, keen insight, and powerful inspiration around effective leadership and coaching. When I get this all from one book, I know I have found a winner."

--John E. Smith, Director and Coach at The Strategic Learning Group.

Co-Active Leadership can be purchased on Amazon. You may even consider giving a copy of the book to a growing leader in your life. Some leaders are not even yet aware of their potential—a gift of Co-Active Leadership can help to “activate” the innate ability that YOU know they have.

Order your copy today.

In celebration of the publication of their new book, CTI founders Karen and Henry Kimsey-House have hosted a webinar to introduce you to their revolutionary five-dimensional approach to leadership. You can view a recording of this webinar here.

Curious about Co-Active Leadership and interested in learning how you can bring it into your organization? We would love to speak with you. We have a variety of corporate leadership programs available to suit your unique organizational needs. We encourage you to call us at 1-800-691-6008.