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Carey Baker, CPCC

A self-described spiritual gangster, entrepreneur, Co-Active coach and soul-seeker, Carey is obsessed with helping people find what makes them feel truly alive. Carey believes people are capable of much bigger leadership than they ever suspect and her trademark is inspiring others to claim who they are in all their glorious, messy humanity. In her provocative, fun-seeking, intense presence, people open to the truth in full vulnerability and thrive in their authentic selves. With an extensive background as a sales and marketing executive, Carey has experienced some “dead” workplaces, making her fiercely committed to helping organizations and their people come alive.

Carlo Bos, M.Ed., CPCC, PCC

For the last 15 years, Carlo has been joyfully in the throes of his life's work as a developer of leaders and an executive coach. He believes that a person’s greatest vitality is achieved at the intersection of compelling purpose, trust and bold action. He has been working in the human development field since the early 2000's, and is known for his sincerity and reverence as much as his lightness and joy. No stranger to bold moves himself, Carlo has recently stepped into the role of Co-President of CTI, where he and his co-leaders are committed to leading the company in a way that powerfully models and expands the work of the Co-Active. Prior to CTI, Carlo worked in a variety of fields, including finance, sales and professional services, and has coached and developed leaders on 4 continents and in upwards of 14 industries.

Dori Ben-Chanoch, PCC, CPCC

Dori specializes in Executive Coaching, working closely in one-on-one settings with executives in order to hone their skills. Dori is a certified behavioral coach, who has worked in training and development for the last 15 years. He specializes in executive presence, interpersonal communication skills, and emotional intelligence using a model of open and honest communication. In the past, Dori served as a president of a successful financial services company, and has extensive experience as a top sales producer and sales manager.

Pat Carrington-House, CPCC, PCC

Pat is a coach, a leadership trainer, and an experiential and contextual workshop designer. He leads seminars and workshops throughout the world, training people to be effective coaches, better leaders, and agents of transformation. In 2002 he founded a coaching and leadership training company that works with teams, individuals, and organizations. For the better part of his life, Pat has maintained a strong connection to the natural world and earth-based cosmological systems. One of the systems he has spent much of the last decade studying is a pre-Mayan system called the Delicate Lodge Teachings. He weaves this wisdom into all of his endeavors. The idea of play is hugely important to his life, and working with Pat all but guarantees there will be as much deep laughter as there will be deep learning.

Raúl Carvajal, CPCC

Raúl Carvajal is a loving, curious, playful, and creative leader who brings heart, soul, and charm to his work. Balancing his analytical engineer’s left brain with his artist’s creative right brain, Raul has spent years studying as an actor, directing short movies, and writing scripts. As an executive coach and co-founder of Experiencia Quantum, Raúl provides customized, experientially-based learning programs to companies, universities and individuals all over the world. Raul’s approach to life is informed by his consciously-developed spiritual path and his belief in the unique mission of every single human being on the planet. Raúl loves connecting to people’s hearts and he is strongly committed to every individual’s personal best being fully expressed at all times.

Caroline Hall, MA, CPCC, PCC

Caroline is an executive coach and author who works with individuals and organizations to build leadership grounded in respect and fascination, authenticity and authority. A sunny soul who believes that laughter lubricates leading, Caroline is as elegant and fierce as she is funny and friendly. Her great joy is to move, inspire and connect human beings as they embrace and develop their authentic selves and their creative power to lead change in the world. Before becoming a coach, she was a journalist and ghost author of 13 books, mostly for psychologists and is co-author of the book The Bigger Game.

Helen House, CPCC, MCC

Helen is a fierce advocate for the notion that people are Naturally Creative, Resourceful and Whole. She brings this to her work as a coach, course leader, leader of Leadership Program, and curriculum designer for CTI. She has a passion for work that serves the disenfranchised such as bringing coaching to prisons and leadership development to non-profit leaders. Helen’s first career was in the arts where she ran a successful business as a glass blower/artist. A mother of two children, Helen makes her home on the beautiful Upper Peninsula of Michigan.

Sam House, CPCC, MCC

Since he was an 11-year old captain of the Campus School crossing guards, Sam has actively engaged in guiding people across the street and beyond for many years. Sam provides customized, experiential-based leadership development programs and coaching to executives, managers, teams and individuals around the world. Sam has trained people in coaching skills on three continents, from such diverse settings as corporate boardrooms to federal prisons and everything in between. Formerly a psychotherapist and social worker, Sam has extensive experience in multiple settings, specializing in individual, family and couples therapy. When not engrossed in his work, Sam can be found enjoying his family, messing around in boats, biking the back roads or playing his guitar.

Henry Kimsey-House, CPCC

Henry Kimsey-House, Co-Founder of CTI, is the main designer of the coaching course curriculum, including the leadership program. Today, Henry continues to develop and refine the CTI coaching curriculum, leveraging his creative insights and experience as an actor. He is also co-author of the industry best-seller, Co-Active Coaching.

An actor since age nine, Henry brings that experience and understanding of human process and development to CTI. His acting career includes appearances in Woody Allen's movie, 'Stardust Memories,' soap operas and regional theatre productions. According to Henry, his acting experience contributed greatly to the creation of Co-Active coaching and to the creation of language used in CTI courses that addresses the core of who we are.

After acting for several years, Henry joined the Actors Information Project (AIP), in New York City, a career counseling service for actors. As Vice President of Curriculum Development, he created a variety of workshops and programs to help new actors succeed in their craft and in the business of acting.

In the 1980s, Henry became one of the first professional coaches, with a specialty in coaching artists and actors. In 1992, he turned his creativity to co-founding and co-designing the curriculum for CTI.

Henry studied acting at Lewis & Clark University, University of Wisconsin (Eau Claire), University of Tennessee (Chattanooga) and in New York City.

Karen Kimsey-House, CPCC, PCC
President and Co-Founder

Karen Kimsey-House, President and Co-Founder of CTI, brings her entrepreneurial and business experience insights to CTI. She is at the forefront of the coaching profession as a well-known keynote speaker, workshop leader and co-author of the industry best-seller, Co-Active Coaching.

A successful entrepreneur, she founded The Learning Annex San Francisco adult education program in 1986, and helped develop it to become one the most admired programs among the Learning Annex city programs. According to Karen, she has always been an entrepreneur, from starting a cleaning business while working as an actress, to founding the Learning Annex San Francisco, to co-founding CTI. Karen brings to CTI a powerful blend of business expertise and human insights from her acting career and training.

A founding member of the Personal and Professional Coaches Association, Karen continues her work as a professional coach, specializing in entrepreneurs and start-up companies, helping them with innovative business practices and no-nonsense strategies to move things forward quickly.

Karen has a B.S. in English from Idaho State University and MFA in Communications and Theater from Temple University.

Jeff Jacobson, CPCC, ACC

Jeff coaches and plays with people who yearn for bold, Technicolor lives. He has been involved in coaching and human growth work since 1994. Prior to coming to the world of coaching and leading for the Co-Active Leadership Program, Jeff worked in the field of language teaching and Chinese/English interpreting. His experience living in East and Southeast Asia ripped apart his world view and taught him to love things like seaweed, good directions and fine, fine storytelling. In addition to his own coaching practice, Jeff travels internationally for CTI leading coaching workshops.

Jimena Romero Oneto, CPCC, PCC

Jimena’s mission is awakening and empowering a new generation of leaders who inspire others to lead with consciousness, clear intention, authenticity and responsibility. As a leadership development trainer and coach in the corporate world, she designs customized and experiential programs, inviting clients to walk the land of courage, growth, and accountability. Jimena holds a Marketing Degree and an MBA in business. She is certified in the use of the Leadership Circle Profile and the Leadership Development Frame. Jimena currently lives in Barcelona and was born in Argentina. She loves the connection with nature, living a wild adventure life and is a fan of photography.

Daniel Poch Ochoa, CPCC

Daniel is a playful, passionate and creative executive coach and leadership trainer who works with individuals and teams. His focus is to empower leadership in creative and experiential ways by helping individuals recover the connection with their authentic selves and their creative power for the sake of wholeness and wholehearted living. Daniel’s vision is to create sustainable communities grounded in a new humanity driven by love, connection and vulnerability. When he is not in the work arena, Daniel can be found playing with his three kids and his family, running marathons, or hiking in the mountains. Being in connection with his beloved ones and nature is his source of energy.

LA Reding, M.Ed., CPCC, MCC

L.A. has been striding down a path of leadership all her life. She is an unconventional woman with a wicked sense of humor. L.A. admits to being an intuitive introvert who works from the inside out. She takes risks while being light, caring and pushing hard. She will do whatever it takes for you to be your best and to go where you haven’t gone before. L.A. has a stately presence that creates safety and trust. Her deep passion is for people to embody mastery and knows that individual mastery is unique and shows up in fascinating ways. Not one to waste words, her career has spanned 40 years of service in the field of human relations. Currently L.A. is working with Fortune 100 companies around the world to help leaders own their own power and style from the inside out. Her mission is to identify and serve a new generation of global leaders.

Rick Tamlyn, MFA, CPCC, MCC

Rick Tamlyn inspires people to be their best. His compelling purpose is to encourage and assist others so that when they reach the end of their lives they can say, “That was a great life!” rather than, “I wish I had done more.”

In 2001, Rick co-created The Bigger Game: a tool that inspires people from all walks of life to get out of their comfort zones and invent the lives they want. Rick is the author of Play Your Bigger Game: 9 Minutes to Learn, a Lifetime to Live published in 2013.

As a trusted advisor for Fortune 100 companies, small businesses, nonprofits, and churches, he has built a global audience, speaking and conducting workshops in more than 17 countries. His current bigger game is “to activate millions of people around the world to play their own compelling bigger games.”

Brian Tucker

Brian’s passion is waking up the leader inside each of us. His down to earth nature and no-nonsense approach help people see their true potential, step into their leadership and lose the many masks they have created over the years. Cutting through the years of ingrained learning about perfectionism and getting things ‘right’, Brian masterfully helps others to find their unique brilliance and authentic voice.

Currently serving as a Co-President of CTI, Brian is a firm believer that, whether you are an entrepreneur, an executive, or a great parent, relationship is what makes us successful. Brian currently leads team development workshops, the Co-Active Leadership Program, and CTI itself, with the foundational principle that all people are leaders on a journey of self-discovery and the biggest obstacle in that journey is ourselves. When not working to transform lives at CTI, he loves spending time in the tropics, with his son, reading, and being out in nature somewhere on or near the water.

Angelique van Dam, Drs, CPCC, PCC

Angelique will call you forth in your unique leadership. Coaching has been part of all Angelique’s professional life: first as a medical doctor and an acupuncturist and now in her own coaching and training company. This professional experience combined with her life experience as a mother of three, who has lived abroad for many years with the family, come together in her coaching and leadership training for corporations and individuals. A Dutch CTI leader, Angelique is multilingual and has extensive international experience. She believes that connecting soul, body, heart and mind will give you endless possibilities, whatever comes your way.

John Vercelli, MA, CPCC

MA, Education, Stanford University

John is adept at translating complex ideas into easily understood and applied models or tools that have a “practical wisdom” to them.  He designs and delivers corporate leadership development and training programs, conducts team development off-sites, and provides executive coaching. He has worked with manufacturing companies, financial institutions, health care providers, research institutions, government agencies, and defense contractors. John brings a broad academic background and 17 years management experience to working with clients. He holds Bachelor’s degrees in Human Biology and Electrical Engineering, and a Master’s degree in Education. His management experience includes design engineering, manufacturing engineering, quality, and production. He is certified to use the Leadership Circle Profile© and is an active member of the International Coach Federation. John lives with his wife in the mountains of northern California where he enjoys hiking, skiing, and kayaking.

Gulsun Zeytinoglu, PhD, CPCC, MCC, ORSCC

Gulsun is passionate about awakening and inspiring executives, teams, and couples toward unfolding their natural potential. She enjoys integrating and using a wide range of tools that supports beauty and wholeness of human experience. After working at IBM for 10 years, she listened to her heart’s calling and founded her own training and coaching company in 1995. Since that time, Gulsun is one of the main drivers of coaching in Turkey. She is also an authorized Team Diagnostic facilitator and certified in The Leadership Circle Profile. When she is not coaching, mentoring, or leading, you can find her reading about life sciences and dancing Nia.