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Anna Baréz-Brown

Completing the Co-Active® Leadership Program taught Anna Baréz-Brown to honor her feelings and listen to her heart, rather than trying to be perfect and wanting it all now.

Learning to accept our instincts and feelings as a creative resource is a key theme of the Co-Active Leadership Program. For Anna Baréz-Brown, now a professional executive coach, this meant learning that what we truly want doesn’t always match what we think we are after. This is how a surprise unfolded for the former Sales and Marketing Director in the Bertelsmann Group.

“I took the Leadership program after my first child was born to invest in myself, learn new skills, and do something for me. I went into it for all the right business reasons, but during the program I felt a strong desire to have another child,” she says. “Previously I would have buried this desire beneath lots of pragmatic reasons, but the Co-Active Leadership Program taught me to honor my feelings and listen to my heart, rather than trying to be perfect and wanting it all now.”

Anna says it is the deeper acceptance of everybody’s strengths and weaknesses which makes the Co-Active Leadership model so human. “Being completely real about who you are changes the impact you have on others. This is especially true in front of a group, where the tendency can be to over rehearse and gear yourself up from the fear of having to do a ‘good job’.”

“I’ve learned to relax more and focus on the people I’m speaking to, rather than what I look like. I know that even if I mess up, there will be something happening that I can create learning from, even if it’s demonstrating failure to the group. Being able to say, ‘You know what, I just got that wrong. Isn’t that funny? And look how I react to it. I don’t mind.’, can deepen the connection with the people you are speaking to.”

Anna Barèz-Brown, Professional Executive Coach and Leader