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Matthew Montgomery

In an increasingly driven business world, Co-Active® Leadership skills helped Matthew Montgomery shift from seeing people as roles to be organized, to humans with whom he can authentically connect.

Matthew Montgomery, Business Development Program Manager for Heineken, claims that he originally decided to take the Co-Active Leadership Program to become a better manager, but discovered much more.

“The program taught me to hear feedback and not take it personally. This has made it much easier to say what I sense is not being spoken in meetings, with less fear of what people – both directors and my peers – will think of me. I’m not so worried about being shot down anymore.”

Matthew says that as a Business Development Program Manager charged with improving governance, strategic planning, and business processes, his newfound openness has improved the quality of his conversations in the workplace. “I really learned to slow down and to inquire more about what’s needed in the space and the relationships that exist there.”

“My personal connection with my colleagues is much better as a result. People listen and are engaged more, because they know there is a safe environment where they can speak up too,” he says. “And, if conflict arises, it’s easier to stay and seek a resolution that still holds both myself and others as worthy of respect.”

Matthew says the Co-Active Leadership Program has also taught him to take full responsibility for his own job satisfaction within the workplace. “I used to get angry at the organization sometimes and want to change the system rather than myself. Now I speak up for myself and don’t complain—when I don’t feel stretched for example. Instead I step up and ask for a new challenge.”

Matthew Montgomery, Business Development Program Manager, Heineken