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Nick Kettles

After many years of personal development, the Co-Active® Leadership Program represented an opportunity for creative consultant and coach, Nick Kettles, to finally put his inspiration powerfully into action.

“As a professional writer I’ve never really struggled with conceiving ideas,” says Nick. “I’d often have at least five projects on the go at the same time, but instead of making headway with one I’d procrastinate by moving to another. What was missing was the ability to put those projects powerfully into action.”

In a creative career, this was something that had become increasingly frustrating. “I was like a rudderless boat, reliant on the wind blowing in the right direction,” Nick explains.

“Over nearly two decades I had spent thousands chasing that elusive breakthrough in personal development trainings, which had become like a carousel of one seminar high after another. You realize after a while, that more new information isn’t going to make a jot of difference.”

“So, by the time I first encountered Co-Active Leadership I was loathe to invest more, and yet from the first moment I met a graduate of the program, I recognized a self awareness and ability to calibrate new direction which I knew I wanted for myself.”

“It was inspiring, but it was also really annoying. I remember thinking, 'why didn’t I find this sooner?' At first I tried to convince myself that what I’d learned so far was the same, but I realize now, having completed the program, why I was called so strongly,” reveals Nick.

“Co-Active Leadership takes emotional intelligence to the next level; it’s like going from learning to walk, to learning how to run, leap, and fearlessly freefall,” he says. “You move beyond simply learning to respect yourself and honor your values, to learning how to truly form equitable relationships with others, where the power to create new direction from the relationship itself is always present. This above all is the key to getting things done.”

Nick believes that by definition this is not something you can pass off unless you are authentically centered in your heart and the purpose you have—from there, anything is possible.

“The course has paid massive dividends since graduating. I’ve learned the power of having a clearly defined stake for a project, and how to use that to propel myself into action.”

“Not only is my career as an author now flourishing, but I am also able to recognize how my inspiration can form the basis of more far reaching projects which will ultimately have a bigger impact on the world.”

Nick Kettles, creative consultant and Co-Active Coach®

Update: The All Seeing Boy and the Blue Sky of Happiness, a book by Nick Kettles, published by Snow Lion publication is now available in all good bookstores.