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Wim Vermaak

As Wim Vermaak approached mandatory retirement age as a senior IBM executive, attending the Co-Active® Leadership Program helped him transition from a career built around salary and status to a life built around his passion.

“When many people retire they lose their purpose, and that’s when they stop living and mentally start waiting for death,” says Wim. “I am a retiree from IBM, but I do not feel like a retiree because the Leadership Program at CTI® has given me such energy and new purpose.”

“The Leadership program was like a shower for my soul. I’m not ashamed to say that, in spite of being 59 at the time, I began to see things about myself I had only glimpsed previously. I discovered my true impact on people and how to take feedback about how others see me.”

Today, Wim has found his purpose in a successful career providing leadership coaching to C-Level executives in some of Europe’s largest corporations and banks.

“While understanding the challenges of corporate life allows me to relate to my clients, I’ve learnt to drop the corporate facade and instead be authentic about who I am. That openness invites others to be open about who they really are too, which ultimately leads to a more fulfilling life.” 

Wim says that his experience in the Co-Active Leadership Program has helped him act in true alignment with his core values, and be a more effective leader in his local community as Chairman of his Rotary Club representing many different groups and vocations.

“The Leadership program helps you develop a wider view that embraces the needs of others beyond your immediate family. It’s easier to be more at peace with taking responsibility for the needs of others.”

Wim Vermaak, C-Level Executive Coach