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Michael Penney

Global Head of Business Systems, Leadership Program student

Prior to joining CTI Michael led teams in building ed-tech tools for K-12 and adult certification audiences. He has worked for range of companies including startups and major software contracts for companies such as Cisco, Google, Microsoft and Scholastic.

Michael has taught biology, programming, and web design courses in the classroom, and he has trained new programmers to work on world-class open source projects, as well as presented at major application and education conferences such as iNACOL, Educause, and Moodle software. He has led teams that built great ed-tech tools in higher education, adult education/certification, and K-12 educational technology, as well as at startups, established businesses, large institutions, and on major software contracts for market-leading technology companies such as Cisco, Google, Microsoft, Scholastic. These experiences have given Michael insight into the common tools, frameworks, and ideas that empower teachers and learners to achieve their dreams efficiently and reliably. Along the way, Michael has been called a multimedia designer, a project manager, an instructor, a managing director, a vice president, and a chief technology officer. However, the most important titles to Michael are husband and father. Michael lives in Sarasota, Florida, with his wife and two children.