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Véronique Pigeon

Faculty, CPCC, PCC

Véronique is a passionate Executive and Leadership development coach, she supports both individual leaders and teams, as well as being a workshop facilitator. Through her holistic approach she supports and challenges her clients to develop their confidence through curiosity, self-awareness, mindfulness, gratitude, as well as life purpose and values. She is a proud CTI faculty member as a Co-Active coach and supervisor who supports her clients around the world through her enthusiasm, compassion and bold courage. Véronique coaches individuals on discovering their dreams; creatively walking toward their most fulfilling daring goals. She also coaches executive clients to develop their leadership and influence, while focusing on their strengths and purpose.

In parallel to her professional Co-Active coaching career, Véronique possesses more than 20 years experience in Human Resources and Corporate Communications in top Fortune 500 companies such as the pharmaceutical, telecommunications and information technology industries.

Véronique speaks English and some Spanish, in addition to her mother tongue, French. She loves skating, swimming, dancing and singing! Easy going, empathetic and joyful, she lives in Montréal, Canada with two young adults. Her mantra: Be the change you wish to see in the world” by Gandhi.