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Co-Active Balance

Balance is about realizing you can choose your life, not just react to it.

Co-Active Balance

People always say they want more balance in their lives. What they usually want is to feel they are choosing their life, not just reacting to it. Balance coaching is a way to guide clients toward making powerful life choices and selecting the experiences they want most. Balance coaching also guides clients away from moving through life mindlessly, at the mercy of circumstances, or trying to “have it all.”

In this course, coaches learn how to assist their clients in developing new perspectives and how to create a plan of action grounded in commitment to what is most meaningful.

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The Experience

Balance coaching is designed to create flow, restore alignment, and regain control of life.

When conversations focus on what you have control over and what choices are possible, you help people gain new perspectives. Balance gives you the tools to empower clients to define and pursue the experiences they want most, resulting in action that is alive, effective, and empowered.

What you'll learn


How to help people make choices from a place of flow and alignment, rather than reacting out of urgency.

Perspective Building

How to help your clients realize many new perspectives.

Forwarding Action

The 5-step process for moving from feeling stuck to embracing possibility and from possibility to action.

Power of Choice

How to coach clients to make conscious choices, rather than allow themselves to be controlled by circumstances.

Self Affirmation

How to coach clients to create an exciting, life-affirming strategy for action that arises out of the perspective they’ve chosen; and how to make their most resonant choice.

Balance is designed to restore flow. The degree to which there is consistent flow is a direct reflection of a person's leadership.

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Co-Active Balance