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Coach Training

Co-Active Synergy

Synergy integrates all your learning to create powerful results.

Synergy is the final course in the Co-Active  Professional Coach Training program. You’ll integrate all you have learned in previous Co-Active courses, to take your coaching to a higher level of impact, professionalism, and meaningfulness.

You’ll notice that you play a more active role as you move your coaching into Synergy. Synergy will help you fully utilize and expand your skills, so you can better respond to a wide range of clients and coaching situations with confidence and skill.

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The Experience

With Synergy, you can focus deeply on your client and trust that the direction you need to take is already inside you. Coaching from this place allows you to tap into your intuition, so you can coach with more flexibility, ease, and confidence.

Synergy recognizes that the whole is greater than the sum of the parts. In Co-Active coaching, the threads of life purpose, Leader Within and allies, Fulfillment, Balance, and Process all come together, powerfully. You’ll experience the magic and impact of the whole of Co-Active coaching.

What you'll learn

Coaching Framework

Build a coaching framework and learn how to articulate and leverage the principles, contexts, cornerstones, and skills of Co-Active coaching.

Creative Confidence

How to integrate your own creativity and ability with what you have learned in previous Co-Active courses.

Targeted Impact

How to cultivate depth and courage to increase your impact.

Unlocking Intuition

How to gain the confidence to rely on your intuition and power to create “in the moment” interactions, rather than getting stuck in preconceived techniques or rules.

Generative Interaction

How to generate coaching interactions that are dynamic and alive.

What an incredible journey this has been! I completed the 4th weekend course for Co-Active coach training and can now officially start the certification process. In all of my life, nothing has ever felt this right of a fit. I’m so excited and grateful for this experience.



Co-Active Synergy