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What Is The Tangible ROI Of Coaching?

Businesses are discovering that coaching and relationship management are critical leadership skills. Organizations recognize that coach training and coaching are transformational skills.

If you train people managers how to coach, they can then use the skills of coaching to develop their teams to be more fulfilled in their work, to take more responsibility, to communicate better, and to live up to their highest potential. Integrating a coaching culture into an organization is what fosters collaborative relationships and unlocks high performance at every level.

Many leaders know, from their lived experience, the value of coaching. However, it is powerful to also consider the quantifiable benefits of coaching, derived from official studies.

Here, we offer some highlights from the research to help guide your investment decision.

In a study by MetrixGlobal LLC, coaching produced:

529% ROI

There were also significant intangible benefits to the business. The study provided powerful new insights on how to maximize the business impact from executive coaching.

Booz Allen Consulting invested $414,310 in a coaching engagement and saw

bottom line benefits of

$3.3 million (689% ROI)

A Cambria Consulting Study of participants from Wachovia Bank, Credit Suisse, and Deloitte found that:

90% of participants estimated the future value of their Coaching at over $50,000

An action research by the President of Human Resources Solutions Inc, Dr. Gerald Olivero PhD, found that there had been an:

88% increase in productivity

among managers who received personal coaching rather than the traditional managerial training program.

A study published by the Manchester Review stated that 100 executives from Fortune 1000 companies reported benefits to themselves and their companies after completing an executive coaching program. These benefits included:

Individual Benefits

These benefits are focused on teamwork, job satisfaction, and personal fulfillment.

Organizational Benefits

These benefits are focused on the company’s profits, savings, and productivity.

CareSource, one of the nation’s top nonprofit managed health care providers, found that:

attributed an increase in confidence to working with a coach

reported that coaching accelerated their transition into a new role

credited coaching with lower employee turnover


of companies that hired a coach said
they were “satisfied or very satisfied”


of companies that had hired an executive coach said
they would repeat the process

A survey of HR executives from 760 corporations conducted by Bersin & Associates found that out of 62 ways to improve talent development:

Coaching is their #1 choice.

As the evidence shows, coaching reliably produces a tangible ROI.
Both individuals and organizations benefit greatly from the coaching experience, and these benefits are defined and quantifiable.

If you would like to learn more about how our coach training programs can support your business goals, please reach out to our Corporate Enrollment Team. We’d love to chat with you!

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