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We are the Co-Active Training Institute

About CTI

We believe everyone is a leader, and leaders take responsibility for their world.

The Co-Active Training Institute (formerly the Coaches Training Institute) believes everyone is continually moving on a journey of transformation. Founded as the Coaches Training Institute, for over 25 years, CTI has used the paradigm of coach training to support humanity on that journey. We have now chosen the paradigm of leadership development as our best chance at this time in history to empower all of humanity on the journey of opening consciousness.

Our Philosophy & Framework

What Is Co-Active?

Co-Active is the philosophy of wholeness that provides a framework for people to experience the infinite possibilities of life. Co-Active grows you as a leader through conversation, actions, and awareness—and gets you outside your comfort zone, exploring your own boundaries and becoming aware of the impact you’re having around you.

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it all started 30 years ago

Our Story

Thirty years ago, the world had never heard of individuals striving to be better versions of themselves by leveraging a coach—unless you played sports. It was through the discovery and ingenuity of our founders Henry and Karen Kimsey-House, and Laura Whitworth, that the coaching industry was born.

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Changing the Leadership Paradigm

The New Language of Leadership

The old paradigm of top-down hierarchical leadership has expired. We are creating a new language of leadership that changes the conversation and will ultimately shift the leadership paradigm to one of self-authorship, self-authority, and relationship.

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The Faces of CTI

Meet Our Team

Learn more about our Executive Team and leaders.

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The Power of Co-Active

Founder and Lead Designer, Henry Kimsey-House, discusses the power of Co-Active.

Founder and Lead Designer, Henry Kimsey-House, discusses the power of Co-Active.

Accreditation & Affiliations

As a ground-breaking organization in the training industry, CTI has rigorously developed coaching and leadership programs that have earned the most trusted accreditation and respected affiliations around the world.

Through these renowned accreditation and affiliations, CTI’s programs set the industry standard for quality, global recognition, college equivalence, and scientific efficacy. Our trusted partnerships enable us to deliver Co-Active experiences around the world.

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Join Our Team

Careers & Course Assisting

More than 62,000 coaches, consultants, managers, and new career explorers have been trained through CTI, with more awareness and interest awakened every day through our global network. While many go on to focus in a specialty segment and use their training as an additional skill set in their current roles, others take on formal in-house coaching or leadership roles. Others begin or enhance a practice devoted to coaching and leadership development. All are considered vital members of the community that works toward growing the Co-Active movement worldwide.

A select few make the decision to apply their learning and love for Co-Active by joining our team or volunteering to assist in one of our courses. Being a graduate of one of our programs is not a prerequisite of employment, but we find that those who have experienced the work welcome the opportunity to express it fully by exploring what being in a Co-Active culture means.

Accessibility & Inclusion

In recognizing that everyone is a leader, we also recognize that some leaders thrive with additional accommodations to supplement our safe and courageous learning environment.

Accessibility at CTI