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  • Intellectual Property

Intellectual Property

How to Spread Co-Active together, with integrity.


Co-Active Training Institute (CTI) is known for the quality of our courses, course materials, proprietary models and other learning programs, including how we create the context for learning. We are also known for the unique skills and expertise of our CTI-trained, front-of-the-room leaders and certification faculty (“Faculty”).

With over 20 years of experience in designing and delivering powerful experiential programs, CTI’s students and organizational clients have come to expect standards of excellence that are uniquely associated with CTI products and our Co-Active brand. CTI has invested many years in successfully building the Co-Active brand and its identifiable products and wants to partner with you in respecting that investment.

People who experience CTI’s content are often inspired and may wish share it with others. Although we understand these desires, CTI students, faculty, alumni and others must act as a partner in the Co-Active movement by only using the CTI content in a way that is permitted and intended by CTI; for this reason we have established these CTI Intellectual Property Guidelines.


Using Co-Active IP

IP Inquiries

Thank you for respecting our work and helping make Co-Active real in the world! CTI welcomes the opportunity to have a conversation with individuals who want to utilize it’s intellectual property in alignment with these guidelines.

All contents related to our programs is considered Intellectual Property (IP) of Co-Active Training Institute (CTI). Use of intellectual property outside of one-to-one sessions is prohibited without the specific written approval of CTI.

To learn more about what is included in CTI’s Intellectual Property please read the IP Policy.

Contact us with questions, or to request written approval for use of specific IP.